22 July 2008

What a GREAT Day! TRT DIve & Dinner 22nd July

L to R: Tad & Mr Norman Jack

L to R: Stuart, Simon, Ernie, Norman, Sean, Tracey (sitting), Trez, Chris, Tad

Watching You, Watching You, Watching You!

There will undoubtedly be a lot more posts to mark the occasion of todays dive & dinner. Probably the most memorable days diving I have done. Taking a leaf out of Sean's book I'll keep this post quite short and we'll elaborate over the next few days.

The Meridian Divers dive team assembled at Brighton Marina about 11.15am this morning and were accompanied by Mr & Mrs Jack. Dive kit was loaded aboard Channel Diver , skippered by Steve Johnson. As the kit was loaded were joined by BBC Reporter John Young and a BBC Cameraman. The same BBC crew that had gone to sea with us back in April when we conducted the 90th anniversary dive.

The day was beautiful, with blue skies and strong sunshine, there was a fresh breeze that kept us cool and gave the sea a few wavelets. On the 90min steamn to the site of the T R Thompson wreck the BBC filmed the boat and Mr Jack. Shortly after coming on station nine Meridian Divers entere the water , with Ernie carrying a memorial wreath that was handed to him in the water by Mr Jack. The wreath was taken down to the wreck and fastened to the remaining upright railing amidships on the wreck. The dive was videod by Tad . The viz was about 8m and there was excellent light due the string sun. After 40mins of nitrox diving we surfaced along side Channel Diver. Back on board by the lift we removed the salt from our mouths with tea & donoughts!

Ernie fastens the wreath to the T R Thompson's railings (amidships)

After a quick run back to Brighton we cleared th eboat and headed back for quick changes before the TRT dinner aty Alfriston. During the quick change the BBC South East news played the emotional story and included Tad's video of the wreath laying. First class coverage , again.

Pre-Dinner drinks in the Garden!

At 7.30pm we gathered in the garden of the Tudor House Restaurant for pre-dinner drinks with our honoured guests. The NAS's representative Ian Barefoot was present as was boat skipper Steve. The restuarant, which we had booked entirtely served us a three course dinner in style. Speeches were made and a video of the TRT played in the background. It was a totally successful day , truly first class and apprecaited by all , not least Mr & Mrs Jack who were presented with a signed & framed photograph of the ship.

Who ordered the Goats Cheese ?

Well that's scratched the surface. Watch this space for much more!


Tad said...

nice pics chris and a nice write up.
Will write up a piece about the actual dive and when I get the videos back will post on here.
I definately had a good day even if it was a little emotionsl at times.

Simon-T said...

A great dive heightened by the developing history and emotions that Mr Jack evoked. And topped off by a wonderful evening, that truly was a golden day. Well done to everyone.

sheilab said...

What a memorable two days. Having Norman and Mary here with us all brought the TRT Project to life and opened up to us the fact that we are dealing with peoples lives as well an interest as divers.

Can't wait to see more pictures from Chris and the DVD when Tad gets it back from the BBC.

All in all this was a great team effort and so pat on the back to everyone.

Ernie & Sheila

matt said...

What a cracking evening!
thanks for letting myself & Tina come along last night and be apart of the T.R.T project and share in a moment i doubt is repeated many times,very humbling.
Really nice venue can`t wait for the xmas do!
Congrats to everyone involved i don`t think it could of gone any better