12 July 2008

And He's Off! ~ Olympian Steve

I would just like to say take care and good luck to steve for the next 6 weeks in China for the Olympics [I don`t know why I bother after the blonde comment!!] . You may ask what is Steve competing in? The most canned dives ? The longest drive for a shore dive? Well the answer is work, when your watching the coverage it may well be Steve filming.

So stay safe and we`ll see you when you get back, fancy going for a Chinese on your return? And keep in touch!


sean g said...

Hi mate have a good one hope the air is ok maybe you should take your own

Tad said...

Steve make sure your not late.
Can I get a job like yours?

Chris-P said...

Good Luck Steve! I'm sure that you'll bring back the Gold (tax free?) !! I see this post has been labelled 'Socials' but the must be SOME work involved surely!! We'll expect a quality debrief when you get back!

Steve L said...

Thanks all for your kind words. I will try and fit some work in, and Tad you can have mine! Think we are putting in the underwater camers at the swimming so i might get to dive in the pool for that. See you when I get back for more under sea adventures. Have fun in Lundy and have a pint for me.