30 April 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting of 28th April

Something of a record-breaker this meeting! We had 96 apologies! Mind you, in hindsight it was perhaps only to be expected that the London Symphony Orchestra would turn down a gig at the Berwick Inn. Nevertheless it was our best attended meeting this year.

Tad gave a briefing on the extensive work recently done on the T R T Project. Tad has been in regular contact with a relative of one of the crew (Leslie Francis) and developed a growing relationship. Contact has been made with a maritime historian who has provided us with copies of the plans for the ship, something we have been seeking for some time. Tad played a recording of a BBC interview with the relative which was quite touching. It's clear that the TRT Project work has helped fill some gaps in the relatives knowledge and I think that will have a lasting impression upon him. It has been a positive experience for all. Tad advised the meeting that he expected more information on the wreck to be published soon.

Forthcoming dive trips have been extremely well supported. Trips to Looe & Lundy are all but full (and all places are likely to have been taken with a few days). Dive trips to Lundy are usually booked up over a year in advance so we are fortunate to get such good dates for our trip.

Those on the Looe Trip may want to break their journey to Cornwall at Swanage. Simon is planning to do so, he aims to squeeze in a dive on the pier! He will circulate a rendezvous time for any other pier diving enthusiasts!

A new date for the Selsey Pier Dive hasa been set for 25th May. More details to follow.

The meeting heard updates from the 'Girls Night In (water)' arranged by Debbie and the Curry Night organised by Matt.

Dive planning for 2009 has started with Tracey leading on the France 2009 Trip, Tad will look at a Teneriffe trip (to dive the TRT Sister Ship!)

Next followed, Social Events, a BBQ on the Newhaven West Beach is planned for 8th June (fingers crossed for good weather). And a second BBQ to take place in Seaford will be planned by Debbie & Stuart for a date to be arranged in July. Provisonal plans to return to NEMO 33 before Christmas 2008 have been aired. Since the first Meridian Divers trip to NEMO there has been increased interest in this venue.

Tad will be contacting Rother Diving Club to organise a joint social.

The next MD meeting is planned to take place on Wednesday 28th May and it will be at a different location and involve a dinner!

With a full , active and varied diary for Meridian Divers we continue to make the news - no news there then!

France August 2009

Hi all,

Just had email from Steve. If we want this we need to give deposit by mid May latest as he is getting booked up and has others wanting the boat!

I need confirmation (and cheques! Amount dependent on numbers) from those saying a definate Yes, but would also like a guide to any maybes that could confirm within next 2 weeks and any that will need a little longer to think about it!

Really want to get this one going.

Confirm names on comments or email me direct (think most of you have my email!)

28 April 2008

Copperhead II ~ Littlehampton Dive RIB Up & Running!

Sean White has contacted Meridian Divers to let us know that Copperhead Diver II, is now back in the water, tested, trialled, re-equipped and now Ready To Go again !!

Littlehampton is just a short run down the coast and there is some good diving to be had there from this well equipped and well run boat.

See Sean's web site:- www.copperhead-diving.co.uk

Selsey Pier / Brighton Shark Dive

Hi all,
Firstly thanks for making my family feel so welcome and it was nice to meet you all! Right,there is a Selsey Pier dive on Sat 24th May, dive time 17.48pm meet at 17.00pm . This is organised by Mulberry Divers and anyone can turn up and dive plus they know where all the good places are, I propose a dive and if any are up for it curry after?

PS. there is also another Shark/Turtle dive at Brighton Sea Life centre on the 18th May after my experience on sunday I can`t recommend it highly enough to book on contact Mulberry Divers

Marsa Alam

My first visit and blogg article thanks to Chris P 's invite. Well a belated couple of pictures from our dive trip with Lancing Dive Club to Egypt in March 08. These pics were taken in a large shallow bay where you normallf find the Dugon (seacow) and giant turtles. On this day just the turtles I'm afraid but impressive enough with the Ramoras and Guitar Shark around us. I missed the curry night (see article below) which from the looks of things was a hoot.
Paul Richardson

26 April 2008

Sea Zones Dive 5th May ~ T R Thompson Dive

Meet and dive times for Babk Holiday Monday 5th May with Sea Zones

Meet 08:45 , Ropes off 09:30

Dive 1: TR Thompson on the 11:35 HW slack (35m max depth)

Dive 2: Drift dive on way back in (Remember 2nd cycinder if required)
Return to Marina 15:45 approx


1. Ernie
2. Tad
3. Chris P
4. Steve L
5. Andy
6. Jim H

There maybe spaces left. If interested, please now contact Mick at Sea Zones direct



25 April 2008

MD Secret Diving Society Find Cash on Pier Dive

Report from Simon and Ernie: Nipped out of Brighton Marina on Channel Diver for a skive dive.

First was the Steam Trawler. Pitch black and poor viz, but with the reassurance of cucumber cool Ernie and my new Metalsub torch I managed to stay down for 35 mins.

Second was the Palace Pier, surprisingly good with about 5m of viz, lots of life and 20p. Quite calm when we went down and very choppy when we came back up.

(Bet you held on to your swag though Simon, Tad)

T.R.T Project ~ Or Tad Really Teases!

Will give a full update on the project Monday evening at the meeting but I had a phonecall this morning from the relative who we are now in contact with after the recent BBC coverage.

He is sending more info on the Thompson and Westoll lines. Amongst this info will be something exciting, which I won't go into now but obviously will share on the next Monday MD meeting.

This information will add to the growing portfolio of the history of the wreck its crew and the owners J Westoll. It will enable us to finally start putting together some kind of booklet, DVD on the wreck and the project.

Exciting times ahead watch this space.

SinkOne4Seaford Project ~ Competition

For all you chocolate lovers out there - Sweet Moments, the Belgian chocolate shop located in Broad Street, Seaford are currently running a free competition, in conjunction with the SinkOne4Seaford campaign. The SinkOne4Seaford campaign is ultimately aiming to promote tourism and regeneration for Seaford and Newhaven by sinking a vessel off shore to create an artificial reef which will be a haven for fish and divers in the near future.
For more information on the competition please contact Sweet Moments 01323-873388 www.sweetmomentsuk.co.uk

24 April 2008

Muddy Puddle Outing [Vobster] 10th May

Hi all,
There a few divers wanting to try out/set up new kit and, as the weekend weather God's are conspiring against us, I thought we'd play safe and go to Vobster, the date for this is 10th May, the time will be 08.30am as the car park gets full quick. If you don't know the way we'll met before then and drive in convoy [10-4 rubber duck! ] to the site as it isn't sign posted at all!!
Tor more info on site http://www.vobsterquay.co.uk/

22 April 2008

News from Rother Diving Club

The network is working well in linking divers to diving opportunities...Rother Diving Club have sent in a copy of their 'News' from which the following are items:-

a). From 28th April RDC will have access to their training pool. RDC are happy to have MDers use the pool (pools are expensive so a small charge can be reasonable expected). I will get some more info to post in due course.

b). Try dives in the pool are available at £10. Good for introducing new divers!

c). At 8.30pm on April 21st Rother Divers will be at the Bell Hotel and giving a briefing on their boat 'Rother Diver' , MDers who are interested add a comment and we'll organise a link up.

d). Rother Diving offers training , see their website for furher information.

21 April 2008

PADI 'Around the Globe' News ~ T R T Project

PADI have given the Meridian Diver T R T Project a further boost by including it in their 'Around the Globe' news section on the PADI web site. PADI have written to MD with support for our project which compliments PADI's Respect Our Wrecks and Project Aware work.

You can see the PADI article on the following link:-


20 April 2008

Brighton Marina Murk...

I recently bought myself a new drysuit. Having spoken to people about diving in the UK and every bodies response being you will need a drysuit summer or winter , I thought it would be a good idea. So popped in to Ocean View and purchased one, at the same time put myself down to do a PADI Drysuit speciality course...

Well last Sunday was the day for the drysuit christening in Brighton Marina. I drove down from London to Lancing to meet up with my group of fool hardy divers also braving the weather in pursuit of warmth and adventures below the waves! We loaded up Eric's (our instructor) trailer with bottles, kit and enough weight to sink a battle ship and set out for the Marina.

On the way thinking 'whats wrong with Horsea and where are we going to dive in Brighton Marina?' When I got there I was surprised to see that we would be diving from a pontoon in the locked part of the Marina. I helped unloading the kit and stepped onto the pontoon. looking down into the water I thought 'vis is good and I can see the bottom very clearly' only to realize that the reason for that is that the bottom is only about 3 metres below!!! Oh well I thought, a puddle is better than nothing and slipped into my new drysuit. Great! Under suit is nice and warm, the drysuit is easy to get in to with the front zip setup, hood fits well, neck seal feels a bit tight but no problem been told "that is quite normal it will slacken up with time, don't cut it yet" stepped back down onto the pontoon slipped into my BCD which i had already rigged, bent down to put on my fins stood up. Oh, I can't Breath! At which point Eric noticed that I'm starting to go blue and rushes over to help me. I de-kit and manage to pull the neck seal away from my wind pipe enough to breath again... After regaining the colour in my face I  spend the next 10 mins cutting away the first ring from the seal having taken advice from Eric as how best to achieve this using a Stanley blade and the plastic lid of a mask box!

Having now a new improved drysuit I put it back on and found I could breath and stay warm at the same time. I jumped in with the rest of my trainees and spent 30 mins kicking up the silt as we all tried to practice our skills. At one point we even managed to get down to a heady 4.3 metres! After two dives like that I emerged from the silt to the pontoon a fully fledged still dry (inside that is) and warm dry suit diver ready for the open water of the south coast and all it can offer... that is if this weather ever allows it!

Meridian Divers 'Dates At A Glance'

'Cos there is SO much going on , MD have added a panel to the right of the screen (scroll down to find it!) that just lists the diary dates of forthcoming events. Hopefully a convenient reminder!

Marsa Alam Reunion Curry Night !

The weather conspired against us to put an end to the pre-curry dive but not much can come between a diver and his or her curry! It would of course be rude not to top and tail a curry with some refeshment (glass of white wine or fruit based drink for the lady ... and all that!) . So it was that we choose the Alishaan with a convenient pub just fifty metres away! Great evening, loads of laughs and more divers on more trips . Well done to Matt for putting it all together!

19 April 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ MONDAY 28th April

The next Meridian Divers meeting has been shifted to Monday 28th April . It will be held at 7.30pm at the Berwick Inn, Berwick (next to the railway staion for our eco-friendly divers seeking to reduce their carbon size twelves!)

This meeting will be a good opportunity for anyone on the booked dives to meet-up and discuss details (arrival times, accomodation, meals-out! etc) and also for Tad to give feedback on the extensive media coverage we have had in relation to our project (see Links on right hand panel of screen). Needless to say there is plenty more already in the pipeline and we fully anticipate another tranche of media interest coming along very soon!

MD is doing its bit to raise the profile of UK diving and an interest in maritime heritage , we are also having a very positive effect on raising the popularity of UK dive sites.The responsibility is awesome - we were going to announce a diving trip to the Sahara Desert on the 1st April but decided not to in case others actually followed our recommendation!

15 April 2008

T.R. Thompson Project on BBC Website

BBC Wear have been kind enough to put the Meridian Divers and T.R.Thompson Project blogs on their local history website along with a brief account of the ship. Their web pages features a selection of images taken of the wreck by Meridian Divers.
BBC Wear also interviewed the relative that contacted Meridian Divers on the radio, yesterday morning. I have a copy of this which I will bring to the next meeting.

Clicking on the link below will take you to their website:-


13 April 2008

Looe Diving Trip 5th & 6th July ~ Update

This trip will also be taking place, at present their are eight confirmed MD divers on the week-end. Accommodation has been booked. Dive places & rooms are still available. The boat will take 12 divers and it would be nice (as ever) to hav ethe whole booking. If interested contact Sheila or me or add a comment.

1. Ernie (+Sheila)
2. Chris (+Sue)
3. Debbie
4. Stuart
5. Therese
6. Tracey
7. Simon (+Linda)
8. Tad (+Nicki)
9. Steve (+Laura)
10. Matt (+Tina)
11. Sean (+Barbs)

National Diving & Activies Centre ~ 17th & 18th May

Just a reminder that this dive trip is "ON" !

Four MD divers have confirmed (and some others still contemplating!) . We have identified a Hotel which all the confiremed have now booked into. There are still rooms available so if you are interested let me know / add a comment and I'll send you the details.

Their address is the National Diving & Activity Centre, Tidenham, Chepstow, Gloucestershire NP16 7LH.


[Update 15/4: There are now SIX divers on this trip]

1. Simon
2. Tad
3. Chris
4. Ernie
5. Tracey
6. Trez

12 April 2008

Curry Dive ~ Sat 19th April

If anyone would like to dive the Far Mulberry on the Sat 19th April, Mulberry dives are running a trip. Cost of the dive is £18. The boat leaves at 1430 and it will tie in nicely with the OV curry night happening on the same day at 1930. Myself and Chris P are booked up to go and there are five more places. So anyone who fancies getting wet you can book onto the boat by calling Mulberry Divers on 01243 601 000.

Click on the link for Mulberry Divers website: Mulberry Divers
[Update 19/4: Dive CANCELLED by Mulberry Divers - Bad Weather Anticipated]

10 April 2008

Another Westoll line ship off of Sussex?

Just discovered that there is a possible sister ship of the T.R.T sunk off the coast of Hastings.
I say possible because there appears to be some confusion with this wreck. Some reports say that this is the SS Umber sunk on 30th April 1918 otherwise known as the gun wreck but other reports say it could be the Roecliff . My thoughts are that it must be called the gun wreck for a reason but if you look at the date the Roecliff sank there would have been no reason I can think of for the ship to be armed.

James Westoll; 1894; Short Bros.; 3,263 tons; 315- 7x45-1 X
16-2; 286n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.
The British cargo ship Roecliff sank after a collision off Hastings
on June 4th, 1897. She was carrying a cargo of grain from Odessa to

Looks like a bit of investigation may be in order.

Has anyone in the group dived this wreck?

HMS Hazardous ~ Dive Talk

Ocean View are playing host to some divers who have dived and recovered some artefacts from HMS Hazardous. HMS Hazardous is from the Mary Rose era and lies in very shallow water off Bracklesham Bay but it is usually covered in silt.

The divers are going to be holding a talk and showing a short film as well as bringing along some of their 'treasures' . OV are providing the raffle and the buffet for £3.50. It is to be held on Friday 9th May at 8pm in their club room at Lancing.

I'll be there. Anyone else interested please contact OV direct on 01903 767224

09 April 2008

Lundy Dive Trip ~ 9th & 10th August ~ Places

This post will track the ALLOCATED PLACES on the Lundy Dive Trip. The boat, Obesession II can accommodate 12 divers. Places will be allocated only on receipt of the boat charter fees (as per circulated email) if you want a place send your cheque to me (if you missed the email, let me know and I'll send it to you! Allocated places:-

1. Chris-P
2. Simon-T
3. Trez
4. Debbie
5. Stu
6. Nicky-H
7. Tony-S
8. Ian-S
9. Mike-T
10. Sean-G
11. Gary S
12. Terry
Res. LucyB
Res. Mark M

[Update 2/5: Twelve cheques received ... all places booked! Will take 'Reserve' details for any drop-outs]

Lundy Dive Trip ~ Boat 'Upgrade' !!!

Good news, I've just spoken with Andy our boat Skipper on the Lundy trip and we have been 'upgraded' to the Obsession II the twin-hulled fast hard boat! There is plenty of room for 12 divers on this boat ....oh, and it has a diver lift! How nice is that!

T.R.Thompson Look-a-Like

Whilst trying to track down more info on the T.R.T I came across this picture of the Westburn.

The Westburn was a British steamship built in 1893 by Short Brothers at Sunderland, England for the James Westoll line. She was 351 feet in length and 3,300 tons with a speed of 7 knots.

Does this sound familiar? This looks almost identical to the TRT
The better quality photo enables us to see what the T.R.T would have looked like.

The Westburn is sunk just outside Santa Cruz harbour in Tenerife in about 30m.

I can almost feel a trip coming on . See DIVER magazine (2002):-



Lundy Dive Trip ~ 9th & 10th August 2008

I have emailed all MD registered authors with information about the above trip and the link below that will allow for detailed information to be downloaded (when you reach the download site , click on the downward pointing arrow on the right of the screen alongside the document titles).


I will SOON start the process of converting expressions of interest into places on this trip. The information will be circulated to registered authors of this blog, then posted then emailed to any other interested people. It's free to register on this blog , if you are not registered add a comment with your email address (this will NOT appear on the blog).

Use the Labels (botom right of this post) to find related Lundy posts.

08 April 2008

Channel Diving spaces available

Channel Diving

Spaces available over the weekend of the 24th & 25th May,

we will be diving
Saturday 24th TR Thompson 34mtrs 13.00 away
Sunday 25th City of Waterford 36mtrs 13.30 away

To reserve a space call Steve 07970 674799


Sea Zones ~ City of Brisbane ~ Saturday 12th April

Just received this from Mick Luff at Sea Zones if anyone is interested

Hi All,

I have 4 spaces.
DATE OF DIVE-Saturday 12th April 2008.(Only £30)
WRECK- City of Brisbane
DEPTH- 24m to bottom of wreck 18m to top (LW slack) followed by a drift dive.
ROPES OFF- 09:15 and back in by 3.00pm (approx)

If you want to come ring or text Mick on 07729 277651 or drop him an e-mail.



07 April 2008

Meridian Divers and BBC at the wreck of SS.T.R.Thompson.

A little tribute to the T.R.T

T.R.Thompson Commemorative Dive 3rd April 2008

After a very early start to get to Brighton Marina for 7am to meet the other Meridian Divers and BBC crew, I wasn't hopeful that underwater conditions would make the T.R.Thompson commemorative dive a particularly good one especially after all the recent bad weather.

On leaving the Marina aboard Steve Johnson's spacious Channel Diving hard boat, the surface conditions looked perfect, although the sky was a little dark and overcast. With nearly an hours trip out to the wreck site there was plenty of time to chat to the BBC crew about the TRT project and what we are trying to achieve and also check our equipment.

The gods were smiling as we arrived at the wreck site and the sky brightened with the clouds parting it had become almost a perfect day.

Any of you who have dived with Channel Diving before know Steve is an expert when it comes to placing the shot on the wreck with perfect precision you tell him where you want it and he places it exactly there with no fuss.

Looking into the water waiting for slack tide we could see the shotline disappearing into the depths which promised surprisingly some visibility.

After kitting up it was time to enter the water and as always with my first sea dive of the year there were a few butterflies but on hitting the water and starting the journey down to the wreck they soon disappeared.

I was diving with Sara and Jim from East Sussex Fire & Rescue who had joined us for the day.

On reaching the wreck we were surprised that although dark we had at least 2-3m viz and looking up you could see daylight which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

The TRT couldn't show us all her glory today but we could see enough of the wreckage to make the dive worthwhile and we did pick out a massive capstan . I had taken the video camera down but wasn't expecting any success but later BBC footage clearly showed the the capstan and other bits of wreckage.

All too soon it was time to head for the surface and say goodbye to the T.R.T and the ghosts of her crew with a promise we will be back again soon to continue to tell their story.

Dive statistics:

Total dive time 32 minutes , Max depth 32.6m , Water temp 9.c , Viz 2-3m with torches .

Dive Team:

Jim H
Ernie (Safety Diver)

Surface Cover: Chris-P


06 April 2008

Girls Night In !!

On Saturday 5th April, the ladies of Meridian Divers took advantage of the fact Stuart was 'Up the Amazon' and met at Debbies for a Girls Night In.

Few drinks and the invite of a nice warm pool was too good to resist. It was decided that in the event of future dives being called off, the girls would form a sister group - The Meridian Syncro Swimmers! Fun was had with the floats and these are just the publishable pics!

The true star of the evening though has to be Puppy Parsley. Thank you Debbeie for your hospitatility and Congratulations on your new arrival! The most well behaved male I've seen in a while.

T.R.Thompson Crew Member Relative

After the BBC showed the T.R.Thompson report on their Look North Programme I was contacted by a descendant of Lesley Frances Jack (17 years) who was an apprentice on the T.R,T at the time she sank. Lesley was killed during the sinking.

I have arranged to speak to him next week to get further information but he has told me that Lesley's father who was a master of a ship also died on a ship that went down with all hands that was owned by the Westoll line who also owned the T.R.T

The story continues and I will post more info as soon as I have it.


05 April 2008

TRT Crew Relative ~ Contact is Made

After footage of the TRT dive was shown on BBC Look North lunchtime and evening programmes a relative of a crew member who lost their life on the T.R.T. has contacted Meridian Divers

The TRT project has always regarded finding a relative as an important objective and now with help from the BBC we have.

More details shortly.

Watch this space


04 April 2008

More TV Coverage ~ BBC Look North

BBC Look North ran a revised 'edition' of the BBC South East "Meridian Divers T R Thompson Project" story on their News programme tonight. Excellent coverage - this clip was closely focussed on finding relatives of the crew.

[Update 13th April : Sadly the BBC link to the broadcast has now expired!]

Congratulations to Alex, Nick and Amelia

While some of us were enjoying a dip in the channel , two of our friends were busy bringing a new baby into the world.

A big congratulations to Alex and Nick Parsons on the birth of their new baby daughter Amelia.

I am sure that all of us would like to wish both Alex, Nick and newby Amelia all the best for the future and send them our love.

I expect they already have a mini wet suit sorted for Amelia.

A big teddy bear will be starting the journey down to Seaford as soon as possible to meet its new owner.

Tad x

03 April 2008

BBC South East Coverage of the T R Thompson Dive

Click on the link to watch the BBC SE Today coverage:-

Curry Night with OV Buddies

Hi all,

Matt posted details of a 'Post Marsa Jolly' on 19th April. Everyone in MD is welcome whether or not you were on the Marsa Alam dive trip!

Anyone wishing to go, just add a comment or let me know and I will email Matt.

It will probably be held in the Lancing area.

Meridian Divers, BBC South East & the T R Thompson Project

More by luck than judgement the weather today was superb and having such good weather made a good day great. It was a great day because Meridian Divers teamed-up with BBC South East Today and Channel Diving to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the sinking of the SS T R Thompson (see the 'Links' section , top left of the homepage to go to the T R Thompson Project) .

Five divers with surface support cover made a dive on the wreck lying in 33metres of water off the East Sussex coast. The dive and the Project was subject to a BBC feature with interviewer John Young. The three minute feature was broadcast just before 7pm this evening in the East Sussex & Kent areas. It will also be broadcast in the Newcastle area to raise awareness of the wreck of a ship built in Sunderland in 1897 and headed for Middlesborough from Algiers in 1918. The ship was sunk by a torpedo from German U Boat UB57 .

The bright sunshine , clear skies with reasonable underwater visibility make the dive a useful addition to the projects fact finding dives. It also provided the setting for Tad to place flowers on the water in tribute to those merchant navy seamen who gave their lives supplying Britain with vital supplies during World War I.

The broadcast will be backed up with further radio broadcasts on BBC local radio in the Newcastle area. Meridian Divers are aiming to bring the history of this wreck to the attention of any relatives of those who served on board.

We hope & anticipate that the MD enthusiasm will motivate local divers and divers visiting East Sussex to contribute to the fact finding. The T R Thompson Project blog has been running for four years and we publish all of our findings. It would be great to think that others will add to this growing public resource.

02 April 2008

Meridian Divers Through the Looking Glass at Nemo 33

Video reposted due to a technical error

Another Sunday at Wraysbury for Meridian Divers

A few video clips from Meridian Divers trip to Wraysbury on Sunday 31st March

Meridian Divers Photo Competition

To help manage this competition (winner to be announced at the Christmas Dinner, December 2008) I have added 'Labels' to photos on the blog . Any author wanting his or her images to be entered needs to have the images on the blog and to have them Labelled (bottom of post, as below!) as "Photo Competition 2008" . Only images on the Blog will be counted , this does NOT include images that only linked to the blog (by albums or other websites). This should mean we post our best photos!

If anyone wants a 2008 photo 'labelled' and is not sure how to do it - drop me a line and I'll do it for you!

01 April 2008

Lundy Dive Week-end ~ Update

The Lundy week-end dive trip (as below - follow 'Lundy' link) is now looking VERY positive. A deposit on a charter boat has now been sent!

We have (as per previous post) a long list of interested divers and I am aware that the list is not complete as Matt & Sean have more names to add.

It is likely that we may be over subscribed (but, no doubt , some interested divers will not be able to make the dates when confirmed!)

When I have the full details available I will email them out FIRST to all those who have intimated an interest. I will need all the email addresses to achieve this! If you haven't personally sent me your email address or replied to one of mine assume I don't have it!

It will be first-come-first-served when the starters gun is fired! Divers will need to have UK boat diving experience and possess and know how to use DSMBs & Reels for these dives.