01 April 2008

Lundy Dive Week-end ~ Update

The Lundy week-end dive trip (as below - follow 'Lundy' link) is now looking VERY positive. A deposit on a charter boat has now been sent!

We have (as per previous post) a long list of interested divers and I am aware that the list is not complete as Matt & Sean have more names to add.

It is likely that we may be over subscribed (but, no doubt , some interested divers will not be able to make the dates when confirmed!)

When I have the full details available I will email them out FIRST to all those who have intimated an interest. I will need all the email addresses to achieve this! If you haven't personally sent me your email address or replied to one of mine assume I don't have it!

It will be first-come-first-served when the starters gun is fired! Divers will need to have UK boat diving experience and possess and know how to use DSMBs & Reels for these dives.


matt said...

hi chris just to update you steve called me tonight to let me know that the trip is overflowing with keen divers so i`ve let the 6 divers from ov know and they will contact you in due course with begging emails and offers of backhanders!

Chris-P said...

Good man Matt - always works for me ....I've update the expressions of list ...and am looking forward to the curry!