10 April 2008

Another Westoll line ship off of Sussex?

Just discovered that there is a possible sister ship of the T.R.T sunk off the coast of Hastings.
I say possible because there appears to be some confusion with this wreck. Some reports say that this is the SS Umber sunk on 30th April 1918 otherwise known as the gun wreck but other reports say it could be the Roecliff . My thoughts are that it must be called the gun wreck for a reason but if you look at the date the Roecliff sank there would have been no reason I can think of for the ship to be armed.

James Westoll; 1894; Short Bros.; 3,263 tons; 315- 7x45-1 X
16-2; 286n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.
The British cargo ship Roecliff sank after a collision off Hastings
on June 4th, 1897. She was carrying a cargo of grain from Odessa to

Looks like a bit of investigation may be in order.

Has anyone in the group dived this wreck?


Chris-P said...

I've not dived it Tad and I don't know of anyone who has.

Jimbob said...

I've dived something referred to by Mike on the Sussex as the "Gun wreck" Will have to check and see if it's the same one.