12 April 2008

Curry Dive ~ Sat 19th April

If anyone would like to dive the Far Mulberry on the Sat 19th April, Mulberry dives are running a trip. Cost of the dive is £18. The boat leaves at 1430 and it will tie in nicely with the OV curry night happening on the same day at 1930. Myself and Chris P are booked up to go and there are five more places. So anyone who fancies getting wet you can book onto the boat by calling Mulberry Divers on 01243 601 000.

Click on the link for Mulberry Divers website: Mulberry Divers
[Update 19/4: Dive CANCELLED by Mulberry Divers - Bad Weather Anticipated]


chrissiewells said...

Looking forward to Curry night. I have managed to get a lift from friend to Pub in Sompting and arranged to be picked up later. If anyone lives around me or along the rout from Brighton and needs a lift, let me know.

matt said...

me and sean booked on see you there