29 May 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 2nd June

Just a reminder that the next meeting will be at the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 2nd June at 7.30pm. The agenda is being sent out! Let me know if you don't receive a copy!

This will be an opportunity to share Malta Dive Trip photos! So bring your memory sticks / drives!

26 May 2010

More Malta Images

Just a few photos from our Malta Trip.

OOOHH !! I do like a good picture show

HMS Moari

This ones for Trez

El Un Faroud
Hope you enjoy these

24 May 2010

Bloom monster alert

On Sunday 23rd May, Ernie & I looked at the perfect weather, perfect flat calm sea and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to do a perfect shore dive at Newhaven West Arm.

After a perfect entry we found arhh !!! the bloom has well and truly started. The viz was perfectly awful, couldn't even read our gauges and after 10 minutes made a perfect exit.


Buddy please 29th May

Hi guys. Anyone fancy buddying up with me on Saturday 29th May? Ropes off 10:15 from Shoreham for a 30m dive on the Cairndhu. Places are available with Ocean View £30.00.
Please let me know soonest as I have been granted a pass!!

23 May 2010

Meridian Divers Malta May 2010 1st Day Dives.mpg

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 8th June

Can you please post a comment or email with names and numbers by the 26th if you are coming to the Laser Quest/Bowling night at 19.30 on Tuesday 8th June at the David Lloyd Lanes, Eastbourne.

Many thanks

Sandals/Beaches 2 for 1 offer

The Mail on Sunday is again carrying a 2 for 1 promotion for Sandals/Beaches 2010 and 2011 holidays in the Caribbean.

These resorts are fully inclusive and allow you 2 boat dives per day and all watersports.

We went to Turks and Caicos last year and had the most fantastic holiday and 20 pefect dives.

We have booked to go to the Bahamas next February. Why not get your credit cards out and join us !

For further information please see the Sunday Mail or log onto www.sandals.co.uk or www.beachesresorts.co.uk or give us a ring.

Sheila & Ernie

MD Girlies Night

The MD Girlies Night is 'on hold' pending a new date as it seems they all have very full diaries and need to find a 'free' evening.

21 May 2010

Brighton Boat Dives ~ Sussex Scuba

Club members have now booked up for the hard boats and there are still a few places left. Once again we will be sailing from Brighton on the Brighton Diver with Paul Dyer. As we have booked a few RIB divers for novices we are hoping that we will be able to go to some different and slightly more challenging dives this year.

The cost is the same as last year and we will need a deposit to secure a place.

Dates are as follows:-


Sail times

Total Places


8th Aug




12th Sept




17th Oct




7th Nov




Times quoted are times to be on the boat.

If you would like to book on any of these could you please get back to us as soon as possible.

Derek Lancaster

01342 312622


20 May 2010

Malta Dive Trip ~ Marine Life

A few of our Malta Dive Trip marine life members:-

Oh, and lets not forget the Maltese Swimming Spaniel!!!

Diving Malta with MD ~ The Dives

I am sure we are going to see a lot of posts on the Malta Dive Trip (12th to 19th May 2010) which was a great week with plenty of good diving (despite the Med's attempt to blow Malta away) and good company. So this post is just the tip of the iceberg and just sets the scene!

The nine strong MD Team (with two non-divers) :-
Sheila & Ernie
Tad & Nicki
Simon & Linda
Chris & Sue

The MD Dining Team (Photo by Ernie)

The Deep Blue Dive Centre Crew:-
Johnathon & John (Owners)
Sid & Neill (Instructor/Guides)
Bruce (Dive Centre Hound)

Sid points in the general direction of the Um El Faroud wreck!

Neill pretends to enjoy Tad's animated singing

The Dives (and illustrative details):
1). The wreck of the ROZI, Max depth 36.3m , 43 Minutes
2). Cirkewwa Reef & swim-throughs , Max depth 20.1m, 53 minutes
3). The 'Two Tugs' Wrecks , Max depth 21.6m, 50 minutes
4). The wreck of the Barge @ Valleta, Max depth 22.6m, 56 minutes
5). Reef near Um El Faroud , Max depoth 28.7m ,35 minutes
6). Wreck of HMS Maori, Max depth 14.3m, 59 minutes
7). Wreck of Um El Faroud , Max depth 26.8m, 42 minutes
8). Reef near Um El Faroud ( Stern & single deck penetration) Max depth 29m, 39 minutes
9). Wreck of Um El Faroud (Three Deck Penetration) , Max depth 30.2m, 44 minutes
10). Wreck of Um El Faroud (Bow) , Max depth 26.2m, 46 minutes

19 May 2010

MD Malta Dive Trip ~ May 2010

The MD Malta tour is over and we are on the way back. Watch this space for the hottest news, gossip, film and pictures from the tour!

09 May 2010

Wreck Dive ~ Blanefield (Early Morning) ~ 9th May

It's 4 am and I have just got up from a perfectly warm bed to find a a dark grey overcast sky stiff North-Easter and I am questioning my sanity in that I am heading down to Newhaven to join the TWSAC RIB for a jaunt out to the wreck of the Blanefield due to leave at 7am. Jools had reported that there had been great vis on the Braunton and Ashford earlier in the week so hopes were high that it had been worth the early start this morning.

Arriving at Newhaven its deserted apart from Rob and Jools preparing the RIB and their kit,
kit loaded we head out of the harbour for the very bumpy and cold ride out to the wreck site.

With the wreck located Rob and myself kitted up and down the line to the wreck in crystal clear water around 15m vis but the overcast skies and the early hour meant that the water was a little dark though you could get away with out a torch.

We tied off just below the bow and set off to explore . Massive shoals of bib & pollack parted like a living curtain as we meandered across the wreck. I hadn't seen the bow of the Blanefield on a previous dive but it stands at least 6m up from the sea bed and looked very pretty covered in Deadmans fingers in the eerie green light.

We allowed ourselves 7 minutes of deco before deploying an SMB and headed back up to the surface. My sedentary winter soon became obvious when I tried to climb back onto the rib and struggled miserably some serious gym time is needed Mr T. Jools then popped in for his dive whilst Rob and I got stuck into his leek and potato soup , thanks Jools.

So was it worth the early start and the biting cold on the RIB ride out ? Oh yes it certainly was, and even though I am looking forward to the Malta trip in a few days time my biggest enthusiasm for diving still belongs with the channel wrecks and todays dive was no exception.

Thanks to Rob and Jools for the invite and the company.

Dive stats:
Depth 31.5m
Time 35 minutes
Gas air
Water temp 9.c
Vis 15m


07 May 2010

MD Meeting of 5th May 2010

A very sociable gathering at the regular (Berwick Inn), Hon Sec Sheila will be circulating notes very soon, may be even before the mass exodus (well, nine of us in any case) to Malta! The actions from the previous meeting were followed-up and many dives & activities are now nicely shaping up into plans. Another dive trip, to Marsa Alam will now take place in November as per the circulations from the previous meeting.

Wreck Dive ~ Sunday 9th May 2010

I have spaces for a buddy pair for a dive this Sunday. The wreck is not decided,but will be around 30m max depth. Ropes off at 12:45.

If you are interested text/call 07729 277651 or drop me an e-mail

Mick Luff
Sea-Zones boat charter(Newhaven)

04 May 2010

Wreck Dives ~ Saturday 8th May 2010

Graeme From Ocean View has some spare spaces this Saturday 8th May on Bucanneer
to dive the wrecks of the

Nyeastere Depth 27m 61 ton sunk 1980 not much info on this.

Followed by the wreck of the
City of London depth around 23m the wreck lies upside down.

Ropes off 11.15 from Shoreham Sailing club cost £35 pretty good value methinks, plus Bucanneer is a great little boat, with a spot on friendly crew.

If you're interested contact Graeme at Ocean View

02 May 2010

Go Ape ~ Sunday 5th September 2010

I've booked Go Ape for Sunday 5TH SEPTEMBER at 11.30. I've booked for the maximum number of people which is 14. We have to confirm numbers two weeks before and pay in full 10 days before, so we've still got plenty of time. If, by any chance, people think we should make it 10.30 instead of 11.30 just let me know and I'll change it.

01 May 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 5th May

Just a reminder that the next meeting will be at the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 5th May at 7.30pm. The agenda is being sent out! Let me know if you don't receive a copy!