20 February 2010

Get Well Soon Alex !

Best wishes to Alex for a speedy recovery from all at MD. Alex has been laid low by illness but is on the mend! Hope to see you soon!

19 February 2010

Meridian Mutts - 21st February

Please see posting on Meridian Mutts for a walk on Sunday, or just click HERE!

18 February 2010

PADI Forum 2010 Reminder ~ Brighton

PADI have sent me a reminder that their local 2010 Forum is being held on Saturday 27th February at Brighton College , Eastern Road, Brighton, BN2 0AL at 7pm.

This is always a great opportunity to hear what's new in the PADI world and to meet other PADI professionals.

Very conveniently it is being held in Brighton. Click HERE for details of the location.

Hope to see you there.

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ Wednesday 3rd March

The next MD meeting will be held at the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 3rd March at 7.30pm. The meeting Agenda is being sent out.

17 February 2010

Channel Diver ~ Brighton Marina Boat Spaces

Wednesday 17th Brighton LANCER 11 27 11.00
Friday 19th Brighton IKEDA 25 7.00
Saturday 20th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 36 13.00
Saturday 27th Brighton UNKNOWN TL2's 54 07.30
Sunday 28th Brighton UNKNOWN SCALLOP WRECK 34 08.30

Saturday 6th Brighton STEAM TRAWLER 16 13.00
Sunday 7th Brighton HMS MINION 46 08.00
Sunday 7th Brighton PENTRYCH 24 13.30
Tuesday 9th Brighton MARGA 50 08.30
Friday 12th Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 07.30
Saturday 20th Brighton UNKNOWN WRECK 50 11.00
Sunday 21st Brighton FORTUNA 33 07.00
Friday 26th Brighton ARIEL 28 12.00
Saturday 27th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 36 07.30
Monday 29th Brighton BRAUNTON 36 09.00
Wednesday 31st Brighton ASHFORD 42 10.00

Friday 2nd Brighton PENTRYCH 20 07.00
Saturday 3rd Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 30 07.30 £45
Monday 5th Brighton MOLDAVIA 50 07.00 £55
Wednesday 7th Brighton PAGENTURM 55 10.30 £45
Friday 9th Brighton CITY OF BRISBANE 27 07.00 £45
Friday 9th Brighton BESSELL 63 13.00 £45
Saturday 10th Brighton ARISTOS 58 13.30 £45
Monday 12th Brighton UNKNOWN BIG CRAB WRECK 36 08.30 £45
Wednesday 14th Brighton UNKNOWN WRECK 50 09.30 £45
Friday 16th Brighton HMS KERRYADO 39 11.00 £45
Sunday 18th Brighton CITY OF LONDON 30 07.00 £45
Monday 19th Brighton GERLEN 50 07.30 £45
Wednesday 21st Brighton TYCHO 33 09.00 £45
Thursday 22nd Brighton LANFRANC 2 Day French Trip 52 08.30 £165
Friday 23rd Brighton WARILDA 2 Day French Trip 50 09.00 £165
Monday 26th Brighton CLODMORE 27 09.00 £45
Wednesday 28th Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 09.30 £45
Friday 30th Brighton INDIANA & PIER 12 08.00 £45

To reserve a space call Steve 07970 674799

12 February 2010

Buccanneer Eastbourne dates

Chris West From Buccanneer Has sent me this and I am definately up for a couple of the Eastbourne dates.

See Below June the 6th Is fully booked

Hi Guys,

We have some proposed trip dates for the summer.....

Fecamp - Three day trip. Dive on the way over to France. Maybe dive on the middle day and or dive on the return trip. You have to sort out accomodation, (I have contacts if you need them) and your meals. Dive costs approx £120 each. Max. 6 divers. Depths approx. 30metres. Bring back a case or two of wine too !

Leave Mon May 24th return Wed May 26th - Leave Wed July 21st return Fri July 23rd

Eastbourne - Dive from Eastbourne's Sovereign Marina on two different wrecks each trip. Approx. 30m first dive and shallower for the second dive. Usual cost for each day dive trip. Be aware there are no filling stations for dive gas in Eastbourne..

Proposed dates: Fri June 4th to Mon 7th - Sat July 3rd to Tues July 6th

Anyone interested, please let me know ASAP so we can start building/booking these trips trips now. They are all good neap tide trips and we shall have a really good time!

Buccaneer Dive Charters

I am Up for Monday 7th June and Monday 5th July


Advisory Committee On Historic Wreck Sites Annual Meeting

Today I found myself aboard HMS Belfast (above) attending the Annual meeting of the Committee On Historic Wreck Sites Annual Meeting for Licensees.
I was invited due to being involved in this years forthcoming Holland V dives of which Meridian Divers are included on on the Licence being held by Jamie from TWSAC.

The day consisted of various presentations ranging on the legislation for protected wrecks and updates on various projects around the country, there was also a question and answer session which at times became pretty heated which added to the fun.

The day was very interesting and was attended by many well known divers and Maritime Archeologists often seen on TV and Dive press. The venue HMS Belfast was very apt and added to the day plus they laid on a great lunchtime spread with other refreshments throughout the day.

Watch this space for the planned dates for Holland V dives which have to be reported on to the Advisory Committee .

09 February 2010

Pentrych - Good Friday 2nd April 2010

Channel Diver/Steve is doing a trip to the Pentrych (20 mtrs) on Good Friday 2010. There are 6 spaces left. Cost £45.00. Ropes off from Brighton at 07:00.

Meridian Divers already booked are Simon and Ernie.

If you which to dive this wreck please contact Steve on www.channeldiving.com or 07970674799 or 01273 301142.

If you are going on this trip please post a comment.

08 February 2010

Seazones - Easter Monday 5th April 2010

Meridian Divers has booked Mick/Seazones for Easter Monday. Cost is £35.00 each for wreck dive, drift and scones.

Seazones can take 8 divers. Please post a comment if you wish to reserve a space and state which wreck you would like to dive. Wreck with most choices will de dived.

1. Ernie - T R Thompson
2. Simon - S.S. Going with flow.


Oceana, Air Show and BBQ - 12th August 2010

Eastbourne Air Show starts on Thursday 12th August 2010 and as usual Steve/Channel Diver is running wreck/air show/BBQ days.

Meridian Divers have booked places for Thursday (12th). Departing from Eastbourne Marina at 07:15 and costing £50.00 to dive the Oceana (24 metres), watch the air show and have a BBQ (bring own food). Divers confirmed are:-

1. Tad
2. Chris P
3. Simon
4. Sheila
5. Ernie

There are only 2 spaces left. If you wish to join us contact Steve on www.channeldiving.com or 07970 674399 or 01273 301142.

Please post a comment if you have booked a space

04 February 2010

Arlington Film Show ~ Wednesday 3rd February

It was great to catch-up with divers from Eastbourne's Sovereign Divers and Tunbridge Wells Sub Aqua Club on Wednesday night. Simple plan that worked well, gather a pile of divers, talk about diving, watch some diving video and films, talk more diving , eat some snacks , drink some refreshments on and talk more diving! Anyone would think it was a February evening in a village hall full of divers ... er yes!

I usually find divers around the world are good mixers and with a shared interest it's not too difficult to bring things together. Jamie from TWSAC gave a briefing on diving on the wreck of the Holland submarine , a protected wreck near Beachy Head. We saw some video of the wreck and the viz was sooo good , it positively says 'come-on, come and take a look at me' , Jamie is the Licence holder and if you dive with him you can make a a 'look don't touch' dive on this most important of hostorical wrecks. And it's on our doorstep for goodness sakes ...what are you waiting for !

Well done to Tad for sorting out the technical stuff , thanks to the MDers for providing the refeshments ...very popular cakes Sheila ! All in all a very simple but good hearted get together . As a divers bunch of divers it's really good to get together. Networking ...it's what networks do well! So MDers ...lets do the circuit and make sure we follow-up the invites!