12 February 2010

Advisory Committee On Historic Wreck Sites Annual Meeting

Today I found myself aboard HMS Belfast (above) attending the Annual meeting of the Committee On Historic Wreck Sites Annual Meeting for Licensees.
I was invited due to being involved in this years forthcoming Holland V dives of which Meridian Divers are included on on the Licence being held by Jamie from TWSAC.

The day consisted of various presentations ranging on the legislation for protected wrecks and updates on various projects around the country, there was also a question and answer session which at times became pretty heated which added to the fun.

The day was very interesting and was attended by many well known divers and Maritime Archeologists often seen on TV and Dive press. The venue HMS Belfast was very apt and added to the day plus they laid on a great lunchtime spread with other refreshments throughout the day.

Watch this space for the planned dates for Holland V dives which have to be reported on to the Advisory Committee .

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Simon-T said...

My father served on HMS Belfast during the second world war. He was a signal man. If you did the tour there was a tiny one man room. It had a seated manakin with a bucket between his feet for the result of sea sickness. That was his position for most of the time as far as I understand him.