08 February 2010

Seazones - Easter Monday 5th April 2010

Meridian Divers has booked Mick/Seazones for Easter Monday. Cost is £35.00 each for wreck dive, drift and scones.

Seazones can take 8 divers. Please post a comment if you wish to reserve a space and state which wreck you would like to dive. Wreck with most choices will de dived.

1. Ernie - T R Thompson
2. Simon - S.S. Going with flow.



Simon-T said...

Hi Ernie, please stick me down. I'll go with the flow, wreckwise.

Chris-P said...

Oh, is Easter Monday on the 5th April this year ;-)

sheilab said...

Got it in one as the title states !

Chris-P said...

Hmmm , what time is 'ropes-off' ?

sheilab said...

Hmmmmm...Depends on which wreck is beng dived.

Tad said...

Thinking about it will make a decision next week if thats ok
If I have a preference its probably going to be the first sea dive of the year for me so may err on the side of caution and go for something shallower

Chris-P said...

Which week was that?

Chris-P said...

I'll join Tad on the 'maybe' ticket! A start of UK season depth would seem to make sense , on that basis I'm not too fussed which one , but a reasonable ropes-off time will help determine the 'maybe' situation.