28 February 2011

Views from 'another' small Island

We have recently returned from a very pleasant holiday at Sandals Resort in Nassau the Bahamas.

We managed to dive practically every day, but lost a couple a days to strong winds.

Sandals came up to expectations again for us, excellent accommodation (our own villa and private pool with garden) 9 superb restaurants, plus 24 hour room service (both put on 7lbs !) and 2 dives per day plus 2 shark dives (shark video to follow)

Can't sit around all day got photos to take

Above and below wreck photos of:
'Tears of Allah' from James Bond Movie.

Wreckage of DC3 plane

Goodbye from the Bahamas
Ernie & Sheila

26 February 2011

Next MD Meeting ~ Thursday 3rd March

Bit of a change ....a THURSDAY meeting!  8pm at the Berwick Inn on Thursday 3rd March.