28 February 2011

Views from 'another' small Island

We have recently returned from a very pleasant holiday at Sandals Resort in Nassau the Bahamas.

We managed to dive practically every day, but lost a couple a days to strong winds.

Sandals came up to expectations again for us, excellent accommodation (our own villa and private pool with garden) 9 superb restaurants, plus 24 hour room service (both put on 7lbs !) and 2 dives per day plus 2 shark dives (shark video to follow)

Can't sit around all day got photos to take

Above and below wreck photos of:
'Tears of Allah' from James Bond Movie.

Wreckage of DC3 plane

Goodbye from the Bahamas
Ernie & Sheila


Simon-T said...

Great photos, looks like a fantastic place. Did you bring back any DC3 parts for me Ernie?

Chris-P said...

Very n i c e !!!! But Who is the poor ol'soul with no mates who has to hold his own hand? :-)

Tad said...

great shots Ernie will arrange to pick up vid clips and do an edit glad you both had a good time

sheilab said...

Sorry Simon, Sheila wouldn't let me take down my tool kit. I have now talked her round for you and if you could buy us two tickets to Naussa we will return to pick some bits and pieces up for you.
P.S. Only too glad to help !

Simon-T said...

Hi Ernie, Many thanks for the kind offer, but I don't think your business proposal is economically viable. Shame!

Linda T said...

Wow - what beautiful photos! You're all becoming professional underwater photographers! And above water too, some of you (you know who you are...) Looks absolutely fantastic. Really glad you had a lovely time. Hoping to catch up with everyone very soon.