31 January 2011

Buccaneer Dive Dates 2011

Buccaneer dive diary until March anyone fancy dipping a toe

After several years of nagging and (my) heartbreak/sleepless nights we have finally cut an access door into the stern of Buccaneer. Most of the work is finished now apart from some stainless steel hand rails and retention plates, which should go on during this week.

On Sunday, we went to the Brisbane as it was sheltered from the NE wind. Water temperature at 8C and fair vis.

Water temp is 9C offshore and about 6C inshore

Remember that if the weather is a bit fresh, we keep the cabin/wheelhouse heated and can generally offer a hot shower on the aft deck after the dive.....SO IT'S ONLY OUTSIDE THE CABIN THAT CAN GET A BIT COOL AND THE SEA IS (REALITIVELY) WARM.....

Some dates for 2011 are now available to book.......

Sat Feb 5th (HWS) Leave 09-45hrs spaces available
Sun Feb 6th (HWS) Leave 10-15hrs Depth 10 to 15metres Spaces

Sat Feb 12th (LWN) Leave 09-00hrs - Quail? (40Metres) Spaces
Sun Feb 13th (LWN) Leave 09-30hrs spaces available

Sat Feb 19th (HWS) Leave 09-30hrs - Depth 10 to 12 metres Spaces
Sun Feb 20th (HWS) Leave 10-00hrs spaces available

Sat Feb 26th (LWN) Leave 09-00hrs spaces available
Sun Feb 27th (LWN) Leave 10-00hrs Depth 20 to 24metres Spaces

Sat March 5th (HWS) Leave 08-45hrs spaces available
Sun March 6th (HWS) Leave 09-15hrs spaces available

Sat March 12th (HWN) Leave 13-00hrs spaces available
Sun March 13th (LWN) Leave 08-30hrs spaces available

Sat March 19th (HWS) Leave 08-15hrs spaces available
Sun March 20th (HWS) Leave 09-00hrs spaces available

Dive price is STILL £25-00 for a single dive trip or £35-00 for a double dive trip which will be more popular when the water warms up later in the year.

Unless we have a minimum of 48hrs notice of cancellation, or you can get another diver to take your place, you have to pay any trip booked, unless it's cancelled due to weather conditions.

Booking is best by e-mail - chris.bucc2@o2.co.uk

Land Line - 01273 464225
Mobile - 07802 571056

Buccaneer Charters

09 January 2011

Red Sea Liveboard 2011

Thinking ahead and for discussion at our next meeting here are some suggestions with prices for Wrecks and Reef (Northern route) Liveaboards with Tony Backhurst.

28/8/11-4/09/11 - Mistral (new boat) & Whirlwind £1085
4/9/11 - 11/9/11 - Mistral & Whirlwind £1095. Cyclone £1075
11/9/11-18/9/11 - Whirlwind £1095. Cyclone £1075
18/9/11-25/9/11 - Mistral, Whirlwind £1095. Cyclone £1075
25/9/10-2/10/11 - Mistral, Whirlwind £1125. Cyclone £1095.

10% discount for 6 or more divers.

Come on get your diaries out and lets book our first 2011 holiday.

04 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope we get a bit more diving in this year.

Also, Debbie, Ian and Parsley wish us all a Happy New Year. They are having a great time, weather is good, sitting around the pool in t-shirts and shorts. Sounds like Parsley is turning into a beach bum.

I bet they are missing our weather - not.

Sheila & Ernie