29 January 2010

Meridian Mutts Walk - Sunday 31st January

Please see Meridian Mutts blog for details of Sunday's Walk.

Bowling - David Lloyd, Eastbourne.

Another good evenings bowling.
Team Pascoe & Taylor narrowly won, but they had an advantage of a secret weapon in the shape of 'Sharp Shooter Sue'.
Team Martin, Gregson & Benson gave a good showing but could not compete with 'Sharp Shooter Sue'. We know who we are having in our team next time. Definitely not my husband (Boss Eyed Benson). Should have gone to Specsavers.

23 January 2010

Film Night ~ Wednesday 3rd February

The MD 3rd annual Film Night is a go on Wednesday 3rd of February , 7.30 pm at the Arlington Village Hall. All welcome, please bring some refreshments!

NEWSFLASH Jamie Smith from TWSAC will give a brief update on the planned Holland V licenced Dives this year (Licence has now been awarded) prior to the film being shown.
I will bring along the Holland V footage I already have just wet your appetites.

18 January 2010

Per Ardua ad Astra .... and now the Seas!

Per Ardua ad Astra , is the motto of the Royal Air Force and means "Through Struggles to the Stars" but for members of the Air Training Corp Squadrons at Steyning & Storrington it might read "No Struggles to the Seas" as both Squadrons are planning to undertake the PADI Open Water Course. Iain S, an ex-military trained diver and now a work colleague of mine is putting the plan together which is hoped will involve twenty-five Cadets.

Iain has already started to put the plans into action with Ocean View Diving Services at Lancing. Twenty-five Open Water courses should keep them busy for a while and when they have done that Iain is planning a Red Sea trip for the Cadets to do their Advanced Open Water Course. Well done Iain, and thanks for the offer of joining you , I am glad to be of some assistance.

17 January 2010

Malta Dive Trip ~ Wednesday 12th May 2010

The dive trip to Malta will be flying out on the Wednesday 12th May. See details on previous postings. I have booked the holiday for those who have confirmed. We can add to the booking, but to get the discounts we need to book before the end of the month. If you are interested please post a comment as soon as possible and I will contact you regarding, deposits, room type etc.


13 January 2010

Bowling - David Lloyd, Eastbourne.

I have booked two lanes at the David Lloyd for 19.30 on Wednesday 20th January.
Bowlers to date are:-

1. Chris P
2. Sue P
3. Tracey M
4. Sean G
5. Linda T
6. Simon T
7. Ernie B
8. Sheila B

May the best man or woman win !

12 January 2010

Dive Malta - May 2010

We are looking to organise the trip to Malta sometime in May (but not the 1st week).
We will be diving with Deep Blue (http://www.divedeepblue.com/ ) 10 shore dive (boat dives incur a supplement) package is £232.00 if required 12 ltr Nitrox is £37.77.

The Hotel we have sourced is the 4 star 'Santana' (recommended by Deep Blue)which has a large selection of room choices. Board would be bed and breakfast which gives us the opportunity to eat out if we so wish.(http://www.hotelsantana.com/ ) We looked at prices for a superior twin room, bed and breakfast and flights with Air Malta (http://www.airmalta.com/ ) through Travel Republic which came out at £258.00 per person including transfers. Air Malta have a generous dive equipment allowance of an extra 32kg for £30.00.

This would make the whole trip around £600.00 if prices stay the same and we are able to book the choices above.

If you are interested please post a comment on the blog.

Interested so far:-

1. Chris P
2. Sue P
3. Simon T
4. Linda T
5. Ernie B
6. Sheila B
7. Debbie McD
8. Therese S

11 January 2010

Makinac Disaster 1925, Newport, Rhode Island US

A posting on our sister blog , the T R Thompson illustrates the value of blogs in promoting maritime history and as a means to enable research. A US blog "Makinac Disaster" records the fatal explosion on a vessel off the coast of Rhode Island.

For details click HERE.

10 January 2010

Diving Malta with Deep Blue?

Sheila has been doing some homework regarding a diving trip to Malta, just speculative at this stage with a range of options based on the week 3rd to 10th May 2010. There is quite a lot of information so I'll circulate the email for comments. It might be an idea to hire a BIG villa and all stay at the same place (though we don't have quotes for that just yet!) . Let me know if you want a copy of the information. Email / Comment as per usual.

Channel Divers ~ Dives

Wednesday 13th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 36 08.00 £45
Friday 15th Brighton BRAUNTON 36 09.00 £45
Saturday 16th Brighton UC65 German Submarine 46 08.30 £55
Wednesday 20th Brighton STEAM TRAWLER 16 07.00 £45
Friday 22nd Brighton TYCHO 33 07.30 £45
Monday 25th Brighton MOLDAVIA 50 09.30 £55
Friday 29th Brighton CITY OF BRISBANE 27 08.00 £45

Wednesday 3rd Brighton INDIANA & PIER 12 10.30 £45
Friday 5th Brighton RAMSGARTH 25 7.45 £45
Sunday 7th Brighton PENTRYCH 20 10.00 £55
Wednesday 10th Brighton CLODMORE 26 7.30 £45
Friday 12th Brighton BIG CRAB WRECK 36 8.00 £45
Sunday 14th Brighton SEAFORD FERRY 48 8.00 £55
Wednesday 17th Brighton LANCER 11 27 11.00 £45
Friday 19th Brighton IKEDA 25 7.00 £45
Saturday 20th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 30 7.30 £45

Sunday 7th Brighton HMS MINION 46 8.00 £45
Monday 8th Brighton DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH 58 8.00 £50
Tuesday 9th Brighton MARGA 50 8.30 £55
Friday 12th Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 7.30 £45
Saturday 20th Brighton 10.30 £45
Sunday 21st Brighton FORTUNA 33 07.00 £45
Wednesday 24th Brighton NEW MARK MOLDAVIA AREA 50 08.00 £55
Friday 26th Brighton ARIEL 30 12.30 £45
Saturday 27th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 36 07.30 £45
Wednesday 31st Brighton ASHFORD 42 10.00 £45

Friday 2nd Brighton PENTRYCH 20 07.00 £45
Saturday 3rd Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 30 07.30 £45
Monday 5th Brighton MOLDAVIA 50 07.00 £55
Wednesday 7th Brighton PAGENTURM 55 10.30 £45
Friday 9th Brighton CITY OF BRISBANE 27 07.00 £45
Friday 9th Brighton BESSELL 63 13.00 £45
Saturday 10th Brighton ARISTOS 58 13.30 £45
Monday 12th Brighton UNKNOWN BIG CRAB WRECK 36 08.30 £45
Wednesday 14th Brighton UNKNOWN WRECK 50 09.30 £45
Friday 16th Brighton HMS KERRYADO 39 11.00 £45
Sunday 18th Brighton CITY OF LONDON 30 07.00 £45
Monday 19th Brighton GERLEN 50 07.30 £45
Wednesday 21st Brighton TYCHO 33 09.00 £45
Thursday 22nd Brighton LANFRANC 2 Day French Trip 52 08.30 £165
Friday 23rd Brighton WARILDA 2 Day French Trip 50 09.00 £165
Monday 26th Brighton CLODMORE 27 09.00 £45
Wednesday 28th Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 09.30 £45
Friday 30th Brighton INDIANA & PIER 12 08.00 £45

Tuesday 4th Brighton QUAIL 40 08.00 £45
Wednesday 5th Brighton DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH 58 08.00 £50
Monday 10th Brighton ASHFORD 42 07.30 £45
Wednesday 12th Brighton BLANEFIELD 33 08.30 £45
Friday 14th Brighton LALEN MENDI 25 09.30 £50
Monday 17th Brighton STEAM TRAWLER 16 07.00 £45
Wednesday 19th Eastbourne UC65 German Submarine 43 08.15 £50
Thursday 20th Eastbourne CHATEAU MARGEAUX 37 07.45 £55
Friday 21st Eastbourne CHATEAU MARGEAUX area 40 07.45 £55
Monday 31st Brighton FORTUNA 33 13.00 £45

2010 French Trips
Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd 2 Day FeCamp Trip Lanfranc 52m & Warilda 50m
Monday 7th - Friday 11th 5 Day D-Day Beaches Trip 25m - 40m wrecks
Wednsday 28th - Friday 30th 3 Day Dieppe Trip 20m - 40m wrecks
Thursday 14th - Friday 15th 2 Day FeCamp Trip Warilda 50m & New Mid-Channel Wreck French Side

To reserve a space call Steve 07970 674799

06 January 2010

Dead Sea Diving!

Nicky has sent me a link to Dead Sea Divers who offer some extreme diving in the worlds saltiest sea! Click HERE to view their website including a short underwater video.... I think it would have been a longer video if the housing hadn't 'dissolved' in salt! I'm not sure it's for me but it would be 'one for the logbook' !

Bowling ~ David Lloyd

Sorry, had the calender on May (looking at Malta Holiday) the date should be Wednesday 20th and comments by 13th. I have amended the original posting!

05 January 2010

Bowling ~ David Lloyd, Eastbourne.

As discussed at the last meeting I was tasked with arranging a Bowling Night in January.

Bowling at the David Lloyd, Eastbourne on Monday-Thursday is £10.00 for 3 games or £9.00 for 2 games.

How about 3 games on Wednesday 20th January at 19.30.

If you are interested can you please post a comment by Wednesday the 13th so that I can get it booked.

03 January 2010

2010 ~ Where Do You Wanna Go?

I thought it might be a good idea with Christmas behind us to think about overseas trips in 2010. The October meeting put Malta (in May) up as a suggestion and Sheila & Ernie are doing some research. While that is coming together if you have any other (additional) destinations in mind add a comment or drop me an email. Hard to imagine not visiting the Red Sea sometime in the year, creatures of habit and all that!

01 January 2010

Happy New Year !

Best wishes for a happy New Year to all MDers and readers, fingers crossed for good weather & viz, and safe and fun dives!