29 January 2010

Bowling - David Lloyd, Eastbourne.

Another good evenings bowling.
Team Pascoe & Taylor narrowly won, but they had an advantage of a secret weapon in the shape of 'Sharp Shooter Sue'.
Team Martin, Gregson & Benson gave a good showing but could not compete with 'Sharp Shooter Sue'. We know who we are having in our team next time. Definitely not my husband (Boss Eyed Benson). Should have gone to Specsavers.


Tad said...

Enhancing the moons mr pascoe ?

Tad said...

That was meant to say moons

Tad said...

MOOBs for godsake

Chris-P said...

If you have something to say Tad, just come out with it , no need to beat around the planetary system!

Anyway, just a little publicity trick I learnt from my personal inspiration, Jordan. Actually I have a third ball hidden under my shirt!