30 August 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 1st September

Just a reminder of the revised plan ... the next MD meeting will be at 8pm (EIGHT PM !!) at the Berwick Inn, Berwick on Wednesday 1st September.

26 August 2010

Torpedo Hatch Theft From Holland V Protected Wreck

As most of us are on the licence list to dive the Holland V protected wreck I have been asked by TWSAC's Jamie Smith, the wrecks licencee to post this.

Dear Jamie

The other Licensee for the Holland No 5 has reported to me that following a dive on the 9th August it was apparent the torpedo tube hatch at the bow of the Holland 5 is no longer on the wreck. It was definitely there in September 2008 as I have a photo of it on the site.

I am keen to try and find out as much as possible before deciding the action that should be taken. I was wondering if you have dived on the site at all since June or if you had heard anything locally about divers being on the site illegally?

Any help or information you can give would be greatly appreciated,

Best wishes
Alison Alison Hamer
Maritime Archaeologist.

Nobody who is on Jamies licence, as far as we are aware, have dived the wreck yet this year. If you know anybody who has or have any info regarding this theft please post a comment your comment will only be visible to the site moderator so will be treated in confidence. Please help us catch the idiots who are ruining the possibility of diving this piece of history for everyone else.


For information , here is the torpedo tube hatch from Holland I at Gosport Submarine Museum , anyone seen anything like this coming off a dive boat in the area??

[Dates in letter to Jamie corrected on the advice of Alison 27.8.10]

22 August 2010

London Hyperbaric Medicine ~ Dry Dive & Awareness

MD are planning another visit to LHM. If anyone from MD or other local dive clubs would like to join in please email me or add a comment (all non MD blog users comments are moderated, but don't let that stop all those people with odd names (!) adding a comments, they do bring a smile to the moderator!

Next MD Meeting ~ TBC!

Hi y'all, the plan for the next meeting was to visit the Thai Restaurant in East Dean ... but it is not yet open and an opening date is not fixed! We will need to rethink the plans for 1st September!

20 August 2010

Divers in Trouble on Newhaven Breakwater ~ 1st August 2010

A report from Newhaven RNLI:-

Solent CG paged our LOM at 17:01 to request that we launch to 5 divers thought to require assistance close to the west side of Newhaven breakwater. The crew were paged at 17:03 and the lifeboat left the side at 17:05 arriving on scene at the back of the breakwater at 17:11.

2 divers were sighted very close to the breakwater wall and the lifeboat was taken close and a heaving line thrown to pull them alongside. 1 crewman entered the water to assist them and they were recovered via the scrambling net. The remaining 3 divers were sighted some 20m from the wall and again the lifeboat went alongside and they were recovered up the scrambling net with assistance from a crew member in the water.

All persons were recovered aboard by 17:19 and the lifeboat returned to station arriving back on our berth at 17:27 when the divers were landed into the care of Newhaven CG.

And from Newhaven Coastguards:-

Solent Coastguard received a report from a member of the public that five divers were struggling to get ashore against the current, just behind the Western breakwater. This was confirmed by Newhaven NCI. Newhaven Lifeboat and Newhaven Coastguard Initial response team were tasked to investigate. The Lifeboat recovered the divers back to the Lifeboat station.

Lets Hear it For the Jet Skiers!

Ever wondered what it's like to be diving and about to surface only to hear Jet Skies whizzing back & forth over your head? Some of us have had that experience. It gets even better when after being asked to move away for safety by the dive boat flying an A Code flag (Divers Down) they just turn their attention to trying to swamp the dive boat.

Click HERE to see some Jest Skiers (did I say Jest?) up to similar 'tricks' on a moored boat. Just imagine how much fun it would be diving near that boat!

Christmas is Coming the Goose is waiting to know what you want!

Just a reminder ,well one of a series of reminders, about letting me know your menu choices and getting your deposits in! Menu choices have been emailed out. If you are NOT coming just let me know as it helps minimise the running around!


18 August 2010

Aishow Dive Images ~ The Dive Team

SueT checks her dump valve!

Sara & Mr Blobby

Da 'Boys' !

No Rayban's here!

Wet v. Dry

Diving Mask Optical Lenses

For sometime (sadly) I have been meaning to get optical lenses in my diving mask. I have twice tried the plastic lenses that you can buy (for about £20+ a pair) and 'stick' on the inside of your mask. These worked very well as lenses but I found them TOTALLY useless in a dive mask, as they always fell out!

I've lost count how many times I have asked about a better solution and for one reason or another never got round to sorting it out. So when the other day I mentioned it again in passing to Graeme at Ocean View I was delighted that he had a new mask in the shop.

So I've bought a Sherwood Mag Four dive mask .... for less than £40 that already has optical lenses fitted. It looks fine and I am eager to try it out. I have been using Scubapro Frameless masks for many years now ...so it's a bit of a change but a new Framless mask is about £80 and putting optical lenses into a fair bit more on top!

The Sherwood mask has as its name suggests four planes to the tempered glass , two with optical lenses.

To check the Sherwood Mag Four Mask click HERE!

16 August 2010

Wreck & Drift Dive ~ Monday 30th August (BH)


I have 6 spaces for a dive on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August. We picked an early start, so you can get back early to prepare for work on the Tuesday.

The plan is:

Ropes off 7:30

Dive Local wreck (Clodmac/Brisbane/Lancer decide which is best on the day) 22m max depth to bottom, 18m to the top.

Then follow it with a drift.

Return to Marina 1:15 approx. The cost is only £35 for the day.If you are interested give me a Text/Call on 07729 277651 or drop me an e-mail. If this does not suit take a look at my online Diary for other available dates.

Speak soon

Mick Luff

Sea-Zones boat charter (Newhaven)

Tel 07729 277651


Cleaning Diving Equipment ~ Advice

A divers work is never done!

New advice has been issued in respect of cleaning diving equipment which is worth noting, particularly is you use equipment that is shared , for example:-

"Where equipment is shared between individuals, for example, during training and many commercial diving scenarios, there is potential for the spread of infectious agents from user to user. When equipment is shared, more frequent periodic disinfection would be appropriate, including the rinsing and disinfection of mouthpieces and oral nasals between dives. "

For more information click HERE!

15 August 2010

BBQ ~ Sunday 15th August

The planned shore dive and BBQ at Seaford was condensed into a BBQ only , after BBQ host Debbie 'tested' the sea with a snorkeling session and reported 'No Vis'. There were not too many complaints , well , none actually, when the decision to get stuck straight into the BBQ was made!

The weather turned-out better than expected and we made it a 100% open air affair! BBQ chefs Ian & Phil worked there wonders and the remainder of us 'helpers' did the best we could in getting stuck-in! Special praise due to Phil for his paella. Parsley kept a watchful eye on all the lovely nosh but his training paid-off and he settled for chasing after his ball!

Thanks to Debbie & Ian for hosting the day which was enjoyed by all.

14 August 2010

Wreck Dive ~ City of Brisbane Saturday 14th August

Oh dear Lord ... another early start! We started loading Seazones (Skipper Mick Luff) at 7.00am at Newhaven. Four seasoned divers from Essex, Mark, Paul,Terry & Tom together with Simon & myself. The sky was overcast but the sea very calm and we made our way in no time to the Brisbane, a quick kit-up & in plan. Bit of current still running as Simon & I were the first down. We tied-off the line and sent the shot up on a crack-bottled lifting bag. The vis was low , about a meter at tops but there was some light once your eyes adjusted and your lamps were on!

Pretty much a haphazard tour around the wreck , quite a few lobsters and some edible crabs plus loads of bib. We stumbled back to where we had tied the line off, the sacrificial line was just floating with the shot line missing! We later found out it had snapped on the third pairs descent but that they had still managed to find the wreck! Well done Paul & Terry!

After 55 mins we thought it was time to get back on board and enjoy the Seazones world famous (well East Sussex anyway) Scones and a cuppa!

Taking our refs we chugged across to Brighton (well nearly Shoreham) to drift dive on the Brighton Ledge. Again low vis but a fair dive which we all enjoyed, spent the first half sticking in on the ledge (loads of crabs and a BIG spotted wrasse) before just going with the current. As we ascended from another 50mins worth the skies over Brighton were brighter but very dark over Newhaven. And ! Low and behold it rained as we unloaded at Newhaven - cheers!

Wreck Dive ~ Oceana , BBQ & Airbourne 12th Augustt

Another great day out on 'Channel Diver' with skipper Steve Johnson. Mind you an early start, loading the boat at Sovereign Harbour at 6.30am (ouch!) . Calm seas with the promise of sunshine (er, false promise). We made good speed out to the Ocean and were kitted and ready to dive as soon as the shot line was down. Not the greatest of vis (what's new!) but a good long bimble about the wreck as it was a 8m tide on low. As we surfaced the skies were bright and the promise still looked good. After the surface interval we relocated for the hardy few to do a drift dive. In they went for a short while before buoys-up and back onboard! We then motored off to a point a few hundred metres off of the Eastbourne West Lawns beach to watch Airbourne 2010.

Off the beach the weather turned for the worse and it was largely overcast and breezy, Skipper Steve struggled with deck BBQ (every bit of heat was being blown away), but managed to find some lee and we got stuck-in whilst watching the aircraft antics. Amazing stuff , as ever, very impressive. Impressive too was Tad's long distance relationship with a blonde wing walker on top. Oh, on top of a Breitling bi-plane that is.

After the airshow we whizzed back to Sovereign Harbour , straight through the locks and unloaded before a rather pleasant pizza party at Sheila & Ernie's . Nice one you too , very enjoyable, even if I did spend much of my time in mortal unarmed combat with your Pattendale Terrier . Realising I was beaten I surrendered before I was finished-off by 'Take no prisoners Poppy'.

All-in-all a grand day out Grommet!

09 August 2010

Oceana, Air Show and BBQ - 12th August 2010

Timings for Dive on 12th August from Eastbourne Marina.

Meet: 06:40
Ropes Off: 07:15

Don't forget to bring something for the B-B-Q on board.

Also, Pizza at Sheila & Ernie's on your return.

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Next Laser Quest/Bowling Night is scheduled for Tuesday 28th September at Lloyds Lanes, Eastbourne. Cost for 1 game of Laser Quest and 2 bowling is £11.00

Please post a comment if you are coming.

[Date corrected!]

Fortuna Dive From Buccaneer 8th August

Early on Sunday I found myself aboard Buccaneer for a trip out to the Fortuna with the weather looking ok and the wind dropping there were only 4 of us diving so loads of space.

With me being the only MD on board, I teamed up with local diver Graham (who hadnt dived the Fortuna before) for the dive, and having dived the wreck a few weeks ago planned the route we would take once on the bottom.

On arriving at the site the vis looked a bit disapointing but a dive is a dive so we were soon in the water and heading down. When we reached bottom the vis was around 3-4m and quite dark but still acceptable.

The first thing that struck me were the amount of fish! the wreck was wall to wall with shoals of bib pollack and codling at times the shoals were so thick that they were blocking out what natural light there was.

We worked our way around the bow to the remains of the toilet and then cut across midships to the holds and the cement cargo where we were greeted by 2 Lobzillas standing their ground with their fist size claws. We then headed across the winches towards the stern but cut back across to the starboard side exploring the large holes in the hull.

We had agreed to do a small amount of deco but now it was soon time to head back up and decided to come back to shot to make our ascent.

Once on the surface, crewman Dave thrust his now famous Buccaneer coffee into our hands whilst skipper Chris made safe one of the lobzillas who hadnt escaped his clutches along with a crabzilla, someones eating well tonight.

On the way back to Shoreham we became aware of a diver rescue situation just off Brighton Marina with the coastguard helicopter winching the casualty. We hope there was a good outcome to this.

Another great trip out on Buccaneer thanks to Graham for diving with me and thanks to Skipper Chris Dave, Roger and John for another good humoured,comfortable and successful trip out, see you soon.


06 August 2010

MD Christmas Dinner ~ Wed 15th December

An update on the previous MD Christmas Dinner posting ( Click HERE) :-

The MD meeting of 4th August decided that the Xmas Dinner will be held at The Gun, Gun Hill, Chiddingly , TN21 0JU on Wednesday 15th December.

Seating is limited 24 , so first come first served (er , literally!) . And, speaking of serving, The Gun has agreed at our request to add an option to the menu of Roast Beef.

Sue will be collecting deposits , £10 per person by 1st September, with the balance of £12pp by 3rd November. Menu choices are also required in advance and Sue will circulate those and note your preferences!

04 August 2010

ESAC and Meridian Social Evening 24th August

Meridian Divers have been invited to a joint social evening with Eastbourne BSAC on Tuesday August 24th at The Soveriegn Sailing Club at Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne at 7.30pm
Be a chance to exchange diving yarns ,ideas and project plans for the future.

Please add to comments if you are able to make this asap.


01 August 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 4th August

Hi y'all, the next MD meeting will be at 7.30pm at the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 4th August. Hope to see you there!