20 August 2010

Divers in Trouble on Newhaven Breakwater ~ 1st August 2010

A report from Newhaven RNLI:-

Solent CG paged our LOM at 17:01 to request that we launch to 5 divers thought to require assistance close to the west side of Newhaven breakwater. The crew were paged at 17:03 and the lifeboat left the side at 17:05 arriving on scene at the back of the breakwater at 17:11.

2 divers were sighted very close to the breakwater wall and the lifeboat was taken close and a heaving line thrown to pull them alongside. 1 crewman entered the water to assist them and they were recovered via the scrambling net. The remaining 3 divers were sighted some 20m from the wall and again the lifeboat went alongside and they were recovered up the scrambling net with assistance from a crew member in the water.

All persons were recovered aboard by 17:19 and the lifeboat returned to station arriving back on our berth at 17:27 when the divers were landed into the care of Newhaven CG.

And from Newhaven Coastguards:-

Solent Coastguard received a report from a member of the public that five divers were struggling to get ashore against the current, just behind the Western breakwater. This was confirmed by Newhaven NCI. Newhaven Lifeboat and Newhaven Coastguard Initial response team were tasked to investigate. The Lifeboat recovered the divers back to the Lifeboat station.

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Tad said...

still catching people out then
It pays to get some local knowledge before diving sites