14 August 2010

Wreck Dive ~ City of Brisbane Saturday 14th August

Oh dear Lord ... another early start! We started loading Seazones (Skipper Mick Luff) at 7.00am at Newhaven. Four seasoned divers from Essex, Mark, Paul,Terry & Tom together with Simon & myself. The sky was overcast but the sea very calm and we made our way in no time to the Brisbane, a quick kit-up & in plan. Bit of current still running as Simon & I were the first down. We tied-off the line and sent the shot up on a crack-bottled lifting bag. The vis was low , about a meter at tops but there was some light once your eyes adjusted and your lamps were on!

Pretty much a haphazard tour around the wreck , quite a few lobsters and some edible crabs plus loads of bib. We stumbled back to where we had tied the line off, the sacrificial line was just floating with the shot line missing! We later found out it had snapped on the third pairs descent but that they had still managed to find the wreck! Well done Paul & Terry!

After 55 mins we thought it was time to get back on board and enjoy the Seazones world famous (well East Sussex anyway) Scones and a cuppa!

Taking our refs we chugged across to Brighton (well nearly Shoreham) to drift dive on the Brighton Ledge. Again low vis but a fair dive which we all enjoyed, spent the first half sticking in on the ledge (loads of crabs and a BIG spotted wrasse) before just going with the current. As we ascended from another 50mins worth the skies over Brighton were brighter but very dark over Newhaven. And ! Low and behold it rained as we unloaded at Newhaven - cheers!

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