16 August 2010

Wreck & Drift Dive ~ Monday 30th August (BH)


I have 6 spaces for a dive on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August. We picked an early start, so you can get back early to prepare for work on the Tuesday.

The plan is:

Ropes off 7:30

Dive Local wreck (Clodmac/Brisbane/Lancer decide which is best on the day) 22m max depth to bottom, 18m to the top.

Then follow it with a drift.

Return to Marina 1:15 approx. The cost is only £35 for the day.If you are interested give me a Text/Call on 07729 277651 or drop me an e-mail. If this does not suit take a look at my online Diary for other available dates.

Speak soon

Mick Luff

Sea-Zones boat charter (Newhaven)

Tel 07729 277651


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