26 August 2010

Torpedo Hatch Theft From Holland V Protected Wreck

As most of us are on the licence list to dive the Holland V protected wreck I have been asked by TWSAC's Jamie Smith, the wrecks licencee to post this.

Dear Jamie

The other Licensee for the Holland No 5 has reported to me that following a dive on the 9th August it was apparent the torpedo tube hatch at the bow of the Holland 5 is no longer on the wreck. It was definitely there in September 2008 as I have a photo of it on the site.

I am keen to try and find out as much as possible before deciding the action that should be taken. I was wondering if you have dived on the site at all since June or if you had heard anything locally about divers being on the site illegally?

Any help or information you can give would be greatly appreciated,

Best wishes
Alison Alison Hamer
Maritime Archaeologist.

Nobody who is on Jamies licence, as far as we are aware, have dived the wreck yet this year. If you know anybody who has or have any info regarding this theft please post a comment your comment will only be visible to the site moderator so will be treated in confidence. Please help us catch the idiots who are ruining the possibility of diving this piece of history for everyone else.


For information , here is the torpedo tube hatch from Holland I at Gosport Submarine Museum , anyone seen anything like this coming off a dive boat in the area??

[Dates in letter to Jamie corrected on the advice of Alison 27.8.10]


Chris-P said...

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Chris-P said...

This incident needs wide publication in / through the diving world and via charter dive boats (they may have been at sea when another boat was seen over the wreck?).

It would be a good challenge for us to promote this story ...but it's right that the authorities should support such a move. Perhaps Jamie / you (Tad) would like to check this idea out?

Tad said...

I have posted this on OV and also asked NSC to post it will contact charter boats too

Chris-P said...

Media man! Media!

Jimbob said...

The story has made it onto the BBC website.
Isn't it possible that the hatch has fallen off or been "trawled" at some point in the last two years? What is the evidence that divers are responsible?

Chris-P said...

Anything is possible even the idea that someone would risk trawler nets near a protected wreck .