29 September 2010

28 September 2010

Newhaven Port fined for Health & Safety Failings

A Sussex port and an Italian shipping company have today been fined a total of £185,000 for health and safety failings after a worker drowned at Newhaven Docks. For more info click HERE.

26 September 2010

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 6th October 2010

Usual venue at 8pm! Just a reminder for your diaries!

Indiana Wreck Dive ~ 25th September (from Buccaneer)

Come out to play Mr C

Sponge thing

Ernie doing a Diver thing

I hadn't planned to dive this weekend but a phone call to Chris West of Buccaneer late friday changed that. Chris hadn't planned to go out but with John B wanting to try out a wet suit with his rebreather for a forthcoming Red Sea trip Chris offered to go out to do a shallow wreck as the vis was better close in. So Ernie, John and I headed out to the wreck of the Indiana in bright sunshine with Chris and Dave crewing.
I had dived the Indy in April and had around 10m vis but wasnt expecting the same.

30 minutes later we had dropped the shot and were soon kitted up and over the side.Well there wasn't 10m vis but a good 6m so was well pleased with that. At 11m depth and a bit of an overkill on a equipment 2 sets of twins and a rebreather we could have stayed down for hours.

The first thing that struck me was the amount of life compared with earlier in the year,the wreck was an aquarium. We set off exploring the flattened wrecks nooks and crannies. With Ernie teasing congers and me trying to film the time flew. After 50 minutes we had seen most of the wreck and decided to head back up also as it was a very big tide the current was starting to rip through. Topside Dave had made soup and with all the usual Buccaneer banter we headed back to port.

Thanks to Chris, Dave and John for the trip out another great little dive. Video to follow shortly.


18 September 2010

Go Ape Leeds Castle Social

The Arboreal Branch (pun) of Meridian Divers took to the trees a couple of weekends back in the Grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent. Following on from last years lark at Bedgbury Forest which everyone enjoyed we met up and took on the challenge of the leeds castle course.

Although very similar to the bedgbury course, the main difference was that the zip wires tended to be longer up to half a kilometre perhaps more and a little higher crossing valleys.

I am pleased to say though most of the MD apers took the extreme routes which at times resulted in some interesting language especially on the hoops, no tree huggers here.

With the MD Mutts contingent following on foot it took around 3 hours to complete the course and plenty of bruises to show for it.

Some people managed to avoid the experience yet again by deliberately booking holidays or going to the wrong venue but there is always next year when we plan to climb the Mattahorn and base jump down.

The tree hopping was followed by a picnic in the park.

Thanks to Linda for organising the day.
Back to diving tomorrow ten times easier.

Photos to follow.


17 September 2010

HD Diving Videos on www

Thought you might light to take a look at some Hi Def diving videos from Submerge ... click HERE!

16 September 2010

Night Dive ~ Sovereign Harbour North

Thanks to Planet Divers, Dustin , Kuba and colleagues for the opportunity to do a night dive in their training location, Sovereign Harbour North.

The arrangements were good and we were pleased with the support and friendship of the Planet Divers crew, who were well equipped and organised, a credit to their training.

We set off in two groups to explore the reasonably shallow water and found there were plenty of eels, small fish/fry along with gobies & crabs. Some small cuttlefish were also seen but the North Harbour shark kept a low profile.

Taking part from MD were:-

Sheila provided additional surface cover. The Planet Divers RIB , skippered by Chris , was in the water and acted as safety boat. Water temperature 17Deg C and a few metres viz.

Wreck Dive ~ Saturday 18th September

From Chris West

We have space on BUCCANEER on this Saturday leaving at 12-00hrs. For some reason everyone seems to be doing something on Saturday. However the weather will be excellent with the wind as northerly F1 or F2, sunny and it is almost the smallest tides of the summer, so the vis should be good.

The dive is advertised for the Jaffa which will be about 18metres deep on a low tide slack, this Saturday.

Let me know ASAP so that we can fill up the boat.


Buccaneer Charters
Tel: 01273 464225
Mob: 07802571056

ris West Buccaneer

14 September 2010

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Laser Quest and Bowling is booked at Lloyds Lanes for 28th September. Laser Quest is booked of 7:40 and bowling 8:00. Meet at 7:30.

Laser Quest/Bowling

Bowling only

If anyone else wants to come can you please post a comment ASAP.

13 September 2010

Buccaneer Dives 19th September

As posted earlier by Simon there are spaces on Buccaneer on Sunday 19th Sept. There are 2 dives the first is the Stanwold (38M) and 2nd small Gun Wreck (28M). Ropes off 13-15hrs.

Divers so far


With small tides this week and weather permitting there should be some viz.
Post a comment if interested

12 September 2010

Nerja Diving ~ Spain

There are diving holidays and holidays with diving , my trip to Nerja (near Malaga on the Costa del Sol) was a holiday with some diving! Just two dives in fact! Both with Buceo Costa Nerja based on the Burriana beach , on the East side of the town.

The Med is generally not regarded as a 'diving destination' as it's principal attraction beyond (usually) warm water tends to be rock formations and occasional swim-throughs. Hence a holiday with some dives!

I did two shores dives on the same site (Marina Delesté, itself East of Nerja) over two days, so not what you would call full-on diving! Entry was a simple walk-in off the beach over a gentle slope of pebbles. Having descended we hugged the shoreline on our right shoulder and gained depth as we worked around the bay until 'U-Turning' and retracing our 'steps'! There were a few shoals of small fish and a lone (small) octopus. A few dozen tiny fluorescent purple fish (sorry , I don't know the species) were the colour highlight.

Marina Delesté is about a 30min drive from the PADI Dive Centre which is Spanish owned & run. Briefings were in English at the Centre and the dives were led by Spanish speaking guides. Formalities at the Centre were kept to a minimum, no PADI medical forms or a need to show cards. I had to certify that I wouldn't urinate in the rented wet suit or if I did I would have to buy it at a price of €150 ! I assume it was not just me that had to sign that , perhaps they took me for someone who needs a self-heating suit! I asked if I could have a dry suit on the basis that I could pee in it and get it for €150 (deal!) but no, I think they had spotted my ruse!

I have no underwater photos to attach as I didn't take the u/w camera ... I have dived the Med before and have plenty of rock photos.

Shore dives were priced at a heavy (I thought) €50 but reduced to €40 for me as I had taken some of my own kit. Another Brit did a 1:1 Scuba Discovery (one shore dive) and paid €100 ... whoa! Cheaper to dive in the Maldives, let alone Egypt!

Not surprisingly my dive profiles were very similar, 14.3m/14.6m and 50mins/58mins respectively. The most surprising thing of the diving experience was the degree in water temperature fluctuation over the space of three days, on the first dive the water temp was 25Deg C at the bottom and two days later it was astonishingly (well to me!) down to 14 Deg C at the bottom. So the second dive in the same kit was cool! The massive temp change was put down to Atlantic water flushing into the Med! I feared that coolness might cost me €150 but honour & wallet was saved to fight another day!

If I visit Nerja again , which is quite possible, I don't imagine doing more than two dives again.

Thanks to my diving buddies, in particular, Rudy from Belgium.

07 September 2010

Sovereign Divers Visit

Firstly apologies to the Sovereign guys for not posting this before secondly a big thank you for making us feel welcome at your social evening which I feel was a great success even though the technology took a bit of sorting out for the film show.

With some ideas for a range of diving and social opportunities discussed for both the winter and next years diving season the future looks bright for a lot of joint projects for local dive clubs who wish to be involved.

Thanks to Jim for organising the evening


Quail Dive 5th Sept from Buccaneer By Jools from TWSAC

A steam/sailing ship built in 1870 but by 1886 had sunk in the Channel. With a beam of less than 30ft and a little over 220ft in length she sits in a general depth of 40 odd meters. A mishap in the fog, colliding with another vessel, sent her to the bottom, complete with general cargo.

Tad had called me up to say they had space on ‘Buccaneer’ out of Shoreham. Jumping at the chance I called in a third man. (Safety in numbers)!!

Parking is just above the jetty so loading was easy, no sooner was kit stowed the crew were dishing out tea and biscuits. Out past the harbour entrance all onboard opted for the wheel house. The easterly wind pushed the waves hard, against the port side. Just in time.... more tea and biscuits.

The boat was full of eager divers donning suits before the shot was placed. Tad, Dave and I waited till last to have clear deck space. With another chance at this endless supply of Rosie lee.

Departure is over the port gunnels, freefall and splash. Being short in the leg, I could have done with a box. A well timed wave sent me nuts skywards; the rest of me fell into the abyss!!!

Regrouping at the shot the decent begins. The light soon disappears; the graininess of the water is picked out in the torch beam.

Roger is just leaving as we arrive on the upper deck. 37m on L/W. Working our way around the perimeter to start, we peer through the rusted hull plates.

The soft layer of silt easily disturbed. The wreck has been split in two and you can swim into the upper holds. Clearer water is ahead, with a ladder leading up and out. Tad and I continue forward, under the deck and into a second. Dave goes over the top, meeting us as we exit at the helm. This had stopped us going further as it has collapsed through the deck. The wheel is still attached in part. The outer rim has gone leaving the hub and spokes. I’m sure there is a third hold but my deco meter is running a tab. coming back out, Dave has found something of interest. (Will have to let the ROW, know first). Dave blows the delayed as Tad and I bag up his catch. Just enough time to clip it to the delayed as it goes top side. Piece of cake.

Talking of which we had a few minutes of deco time to think about tea and cake. Tad and I had a game of scissors, rock, and paper. I threw in my own version of dynamite, which soon stopped the game. It’s the same sign for going up!!!

It’s a must do again dive now I have a better orientation of the Quail.<

Thanks to Jools for the write up reproduced from the TWSAC Blog www.twsac.blogspot.com

Thanks to Chris and Buccaneer team for another jolly day out


02 September 2010

Porthkerris (Cornwall) Dive Trip ~ May 2011 tbc

Simon is planning a long week-end at Porthkerris Divers in May of 2011, dates to be confirmed. Porthkerris is in a natural bay that has good visibility and some great shore diving along with boat dives to wrecks & reefs. It's a long journey so to make the best of the travel it is hoped to have an extended week-end there.

Night Dive ~ Thursday 16th September

In partnership with Planet Divers a night dive will take place at Sovereign Harbour (North). Max depth 7m, average depth 4.5m. Shore entry/ exit.

The Harbour usually has good visibility (approx min 4m) and has a varied marine life. This is a good opportunity to try an inland salt water UK night dive in what is probably a new location for MDers.

£5 per diver. Divers must have a torch & back-up along with a surface marker buoy (as a contingency).

Should be a bit of fun! Nine MDers have indicated an interest. Rendezvous at 7.15pm at the Aqua Club, Pevensey (Planet Divers Social base!). Add a comment if interested.

Taking Part :-
  • Mandy & Paul
  • Sheila & Ernie
  • Simon
  • Phill
  • Trez
  • Chris
All participants emailed additional details [3/9/10]

BBQ at Tad's (Chatham) ~ Sunday 26th September

Tad & Nicki are organising a BBQ at their home , seven MDers attending so far. Let Tad know if you are attending , or add a comment.

Red Sea Liveaboard ~ September 2011 tbc

Sheila is planning a Red Sea Liveaboard , Northern Itinerary (Wrecks & Reefs) , dates and details to be confirmed in the order of £1100. Interested? Aiming to select a date in September 2011

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Just an update an correction of the date , to confirm, it IS Tuesday 29th September. Currently nine MDers are participating.

01 September 2010

Wreck Diving ~ Sunday 19th September

It's a great Low Water neap tide slack, so it would be good to do something like the Tycho or Porthkerry, maybe the Quail. All in the late 30m to 42m if the guys are up for it. Otherwise, if there are enough of you you can request a particular wreck.

Plenty of space at the moment. Ropes off at 13:15hrs


Buccaneer Dive Boat Charter (Shoreham)


  • Simon T
  • Ernie B
  • Therese S
  • Tad

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 1st September 2010

A well attended meeting was joined by Dustin & Kuba from Planet Divers (Eastbourne). The link with Planet Divers has put a lot of interesting new opportunities for diving on the table, for example:-

Access to their RIB
Access to the Sovereign Harbour (North) open water training site
Shared access to the Sovereign Centre dive pool
Access to air fills
Opportunity to share places on dive trips

MDers were also able to brief Dustin on the change of ownership at Newhaven Scuba Centre and the excellent facilities available at Ocean View Diving at Lancing.

Meridian Divers pride themselves in creating dive opportunities and making links with other local divers, such as the joint social event organised with Sovereign Divers (Eastbourne BSAC) on Tuesday 24th August.

Minutes of the meeting will be circulated as soon as possible.

Missing Holland V Torpedo Hatch

This story was reported on the BBC South East News this evening (1st September) and is featured on the BBC web site.

Click HERE to view the web page.

I'm told (as I didn't see the broadcast) that the BBC used the photo from the Meridian Divers blog, I'll waive the BBC fee for their use of my photo in the interests of supporting our maritime heritage, and to help demonstrate that many divers have respect for wrecks & their history.