18 September 2010

Go Ape Leeds Castle Social

The Arboreal Branch (pun) of Meridian Divers took to the trees a couple of weekends back in the Grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent. Following on from last years lark at Bedgbury Forest which everyone enjoyed we met up and took on the challenge of the leeds castle course.

Although very similar to the bedgbury course, the main difference was that the zip wires tended to be longer up to half a kilometre perhaps more and a little higher crossing valleys.

I am pleased to say though most of the MD apers took the extreme routes which at times resulted in some interesting language especially on the hoops, no tree huggers here.

With the MD Mutts contingent following on foot it took around 3 hours to complete the course and plenty of bruises to show for it.

Some people managed to avoid the experience yet again by deliberately booking holidays or going to the wrong venue but there is always next year when we plan to climb the Mattahorn and base jump down.

The tree hopping was followed by a picnic in the park.

Thanks to Linda for organising the day.
Back to diving tomorrow ten times easier.

Photos to follow.



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