01 September 2010

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 1st September 2010

A well attended meeting was joined by Dustin & Kuba from Planet Divers (Eastbourne). The link with Planet Divers has put a lot of interesting new opportunities for diving on the table, for example:-

Access to their RIB
Access to the Sovereign Harbour (North) open water training site
Shared access to the Sovereign Centre dive pool
Access to air fills
Opportunity to share places on dive trips

MDers were also able to brief Dustin on the change of ownership at Newhaven Scuba Centre and the excellent facilities available at Ocean View Diving at Lancing.

Meridian Divers pride themselves in creating dive opportunities and making links with other local divers, such as the joint social event organised with Sovereign Divers (Eastbourne BSAC) on Tuesday 24th August.

Minutes of the meeting will be circulated as soon as possible.

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