30 April 2007

ScubaPro Xtec 2 piece wet suit for sale

Black 7mm semi-dry wet suit with 5mm over suit limited use, good contition Size, large. Selling because its too tight a fit and I get exhaused getting into it. New suit is much bigger: £80 or offer.

If interested make a comment here and Chris will send it on to me.

29 April 2007

T R Thompson Dive ~ Sun 29th April

The continuing glorious weather during April saw four Meridian Divers back on the wreck of the project wreck , the T R Thompson. Whilst perhaps a little optimistic given the amount of plankton an underwater video record of the dive was made as part of our efforts in the Adopt A Wreck Scheme.

For more information on this dive see the sister blog:


About Meridian Divers....

Now that Meridian Divers have been around some time (won't be long before we start planning for a birthday party) it probably worth restating what 'Meridian Divers' actually is!

Of course there is a good clue at the top of this page ...it's a NETWORK stupid! It doesn't actually have a membership list but it does have a circulation list. Why doesn't it have a membership list? Well, it doesn't charge membership fees so how could you tell who is and who isn't a member at any one time?

It's just a bunch of divers who are interested in what diving opportunities there are locally and sometimes further afield. It's a means by which like-minded divers can keep in touch with out paying membership fees, it's a means of sharing information free of charge, and it's an excuse to regularly meet up for a drink and a snack with other divers and chat about diving!

Those in the 'Meridian Divers' network can, if they wish, join this blog and post their own diving info with a view to finding buddies, promoting diving and making arrangements. The network has other advantages, like the discounted kit servicing that was arranged.

In fact Merdian Divers is not commercial in any sense, it doesn't charge anyone anything and it doesn't provide training! It's independent and informal! Some people in the network are dive professionals (currently two charter dive boat skippers are in the network, they'll certainly charge you if you use their services but Meridian Divers won't! Others are instructors either linked with a Centre or not) but the point is that it is not a business and it's not tied to any one commercial entity! Indeed the network, with divers interests in mind, has promoted the services of a variety of suppliers of diving services. Whilst some of those in the network are PADI members individually or by virtue of their business status, the network itself is not recognised by PADI.

If you would like join the network, free of charge, just add a comment to this (or any other post) including your email / contact details. Your comment won't appear on the blog until you are made a 'contibutor' which requires your email address! Like many networks, Meridian Divers doesn't have a constitution or rule book (many dive 'clubs' don't) so that means there isn't a book to throw at anyone, but of course the promotion of safe, responsible and fun diving is at the heart of what Meridian Divers is about!

Wanna give it a go?

26 April 2007

Malta Diving

Hey all.

While you've been frolicking with Flipper, I've been eating all the food on the Maltese Islands, in a series of epic meals interspersed with the occasional dive. Here are some links to the three so far, which I offer by way of a taster for the sort of thing you should expect to see if you go on the September/November dive trip to Malta (when are they again?)

1. Blue Hole, Gozo
2. HMS Maori
3. Exiles Lido, Sliema

Also, I'd like to elicit your help in identifying some of the specimens in the pics. Those of you who went on the recent Fish ID course should be eating this for breakfast.

PS Some really angering news here of spear-fishers taking all the octopus every day, and of grouper being tied off on strong lines at 50m, left to tire themselves out before being collected the next day. it's enough to make you reach for a veal steak instead of that crab stick...

BBC South East " Dave the Dolphin" 26th April

BBC SE presented a story on the 6.30pm news about a short video of 'Dave' the Dolphin who was swimming close to a rowing boat of the Kent coast. The boat owner was criticised by the BDMLR and the Police for getting too close to the Dolphin. The boat owner in his defence said the Dolphin approached the boat. Now who's gonna believe that ? We all know a small row boat could out pace a Dolphin ! The Police reminded the boat owner that the Dolphin was a protected animal and advised keeping a distance from it.

Thought I'd mention it here , not least because of the very occasional (but nevetheless recent) encounters between divers & Dolphins in the Channel. Naturally I have given JimBob's full details to the RSCPA so that they can track him down as a vicious videographer of marine mammals and clap him in irons as soon as possible! JimBob , of course, has tried to make it seem as though the Dolphin he videoed was an adult who approached him to offer it's informed consent to the videography, whereas we suspect the creature was just after a quick snack courtesy of the flat fish in the possession of the nearby decompressing divers.

For the record, your Honour, it is my humble belief that 'Dave the Dolphin' is not the same Dolphin that JimBob videoed, indeed it is another species in my view! But what do I know. I do know that Diving Diva has sent the JimBob images to the BDMLR for identification ....so JimBob it's only a matter of time before you are publically outed by the BDMLR & BBC. Take him down and may God have mercy on your soul! That Channel Diver Skipper is looking to do time over this one as well, no doubt he should have abandonned his divers once the Dolphin turned up. Fin before Steam and all that!

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 25th April 2007

The meeting was addressed by guest speaker Jim Skinner regarding his proposals for improvements to the shoreline at Seaford. Jim is raising a petition to the Environmental Agency that seeks to have them reconsider the long term plans for that part of the coast. Jim's vision was exciting and we wish him success in his endeavours.

Other business discussed was:-
- The Adopt a Wreck Scheme
- NAS training
- Update on the T R Thompson project
- Update on Swanage & Gozo diving trips, green light for both , but a couple of places left.
- Congrats to the Marathon runners Nick & Alex (Simon mentioned his 1999 medal!)
- Feedback on the dive trip trip Brussels (NEMO 33)
- Chartering FIZZING
- Feedback on the Advanced Buoyancy Course
- HSE Medicals
- Training/Courses
- Future dive & social events
Full details of the meeting will be circulated as soon as practical.

22 April 2007

Creature on the T R Thompson dive of 21st April.

Sorry about the quality but they are screen grabs from a Quicktime movie on a digital camera. Very envious of the guys in the water was tempted to "fall" in.

LANCER II Dive Report ~ 22nd April 2007

The fantastic weather continues...and so do the dives! Six divers went out to the Lancer II on a low tide, which given the wreck is quite shallow allowed a nice long dive.

The wreck was shot by putting a line down to the midships just aft of the boilers. The viz was good at about 4m and the depth allowed a fair amount of natural light. Lancer II is deteriorating as each season passes, no surprises there I suppose. The Bow is slowly becoming more a framework than a complete hull. At the top of the fo'c'sle the depth was a mere 16m.

Simon & I had a good tour of all parts of the wreck and enough time to explore off the wreck , finding the second much smaller area of wreckage that is a little distance away from the major part.

At the end of the dive it was back to Newhaven for tea and biscuits while the other four divers swapped cylinders for their second dive. Sadly Simon & I only had half-day passes and had to get back after a single dive.

21 April 2007

Superb diving ~ Saturday 21st April ~ TR Thompson

Had to get straight to the blog after a super dive on the T R Thompson today (aboard Channel Diver with Steve Johnson) . Horribly early start , ropes off at Brighton at 7am but well worth it. Calm sea, beautifully sunny day , full boat of 12 divers, my buddy was Jim-B.

The TRT dive saw us enter at 8.50am and dive to a max of 28metres for 44minutes. The water had plenty of plankton and on the wreck it was pretty dark but viz was 3 to 4 meters (getting better!) . Jim & I made straight for the bow as neither had been there before. We saw both anchors (square profile anchors) and a third admiralty pattern anchor on the wreck. The Admiralty pattern anchor (curved style) had a broken 'spade' on the left side, (very distinctive).

We then made our way amidships to see two boilers and the triple expansion engine after looking at a massive twin winch and a set of steps lying horizontal. If it had been a little lighter this would have been an amazing dive.

We performed a deep stop at 15m then the safety stop at 5m . After surfacing we stood on the deck of the dive boat and watched the rebreather divers finish their time on their DSMBs. As we did so the last two in the water were circled for 15minutes by a dolphin. A smallish one of 3 to 4 feet in length. When the last two made it back on board they reported the dolphin was coming within arms reach of them . Fantastic! My first sighting of a dolphin off the East Sussex coast and curiously , on the same wreck where dolhins were spotted two years ago! Oh and should you want evidence.....Jim videoed the dolphin from the surface as it followed us away enroute for our second dive , a drift off the Hove coatst. The second dive at around 12m also extended for 40 minutes and whilst pleasant was less 'newsworthy'! All in all a great day out!

19 April 2007

NAS Annual Conference 10th & 11th November 2007

For information on the NAS Annual Conference , visit their site at:-


Scubapro Divers Days

SCUBAPRO UWATEC are pleased to annouce the launch of their Diving Days. In conjunction with our authorised Dealer Network, this is a fantastic opportunity for divers to try all the latest, innovative SCUBAPRO UWATEC products at a number of key diving locations around the country.

On Sunday May 13th SCUBAPRO will be at Wittering Divers, East Sussex for the first of these diving days.

The new Galileo SOL dive computer and Twin Jet MAX fins will be available for trial by any qualified diver for shore diving from the bay or through Wittering divers, who will be operating short boat shuttles to the Mulberries and other shallow sites for pre-booked divers (boat fees payable to Wittering Divers). All divers need to do is turn up on the day to go shore diving and speak to the SCUBAPRO UWATEC team. Trial products will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Later in the day there will be a BBQ and many giveaways and prizes.
For more information email Wittering Divers or SCUBAPRO UWATEC UK

18 April 2007

Martello Beach Dive ~ Seaford Wed 18th April

Got to make the best use of these lovley sunny days! Tad, Lou & I tried our hand a little shore dive off the beach at the Martello Tower at Seaford. The viz looked better than it did on the Newhaven Arm at the week-end and when we got it was not bad (OK not good, but not bad!) at around 2m. Sadly no treasure was found and not much else for that matter but a pleasant bimble followed by coffee & cakes at the Cafe . Parking and cafe were less than 50m from our entry/exit point , oh how tiresome! Best sightings, a few shrimps and velevet swimming crabs. More interesting sights on the beach ;-) !!


15 April 2007

An Armful on the Arm!

Jim & I opted for an ol'favourite by way of a dive today - the Newhaven Harbour Arm (West). It was not so much a bit of a handful but more a bit of an armful! Viz I mean, of course! The viz dropped off quickly beyond arms length (though was a little better in the shallower parts, probably through better light!). Not sure if we didn't see anything or if there was nothing to see, hard to tell! Jim tried a few camera shots - he can sometimes produce a silk piccie from a pigs ear!

A chat in the Divers Rest (Coral Cabin) with Glenn H indicated that the illusive viz is out there somewhere, Glenn reported 6m viz on the Clodmore recently! Not sure if he was narked when he made the assessment but we hope the exception becomes the rule!

Now we are at mid-April lets have some viz reports coming in!

11 April 2007

DAN Research ~ Read All About it!

Matt has kindly located the following DAN link for anyone (Tad?) interested in knowing where diving research is going these days (as per the DAN Divers Day posted below).

Read the link material and see the future ! In the longer term I can see Dive Tables / Computer Algorithms a changing!


10 April 2007

Spanish treasure?

Gold coin found beneath the Palace pier, I think it could be Spanish. I'm sending it off to the N.A.S for analyses. Very excited, will keep you all posted.

08 April 2007

NEMO 33 Profile

NEMO 33 Profile , including both a Deep Stop & a Shallow Safety Stop following the DAN Seminar!

And another MCA Coded RIB at Newhaven

Richard's RIB 'FIZZING' has been brought up to Category 4 MCA Coding Specification and is now in use, Richard will soon be circulating dates when the boat can be chartered.

Coded diesel RIBs are fast becoming 'de rigeur ' for diving from Newhaven these days. This has got to be a good thing for divers in general and diving safety in particular.

Congratulations to Richard on getting the boat Coded, it does involve a lot of expense but I know Richard will be very satisfied with the result as he was the very first (in my diving career) to spell out the need for Coding for boats operating commercially. As a dive skipper who walks the talk, he'll get a drink from me at the next Meridian Divers meeting (and to make-up for all the breakfasts I've had to buy him in lieu of payment)!

DAN Research Specialists

DAN Europe staged a major event in Brussels on the 7th April as they held their "DAN Divers Day on Advances in International Diving Research" at NEMO 33 . The morning was packed with speakers from all parts of Europe, the USA and South Africa all of whom were leading diving research. The new information was overwhelming and you gained a sense of getting this straight from the horses mouth. The seminar showed the latest research using ultrasonics and doppler effect monitoring of bubble formation. Watching bubbles passing through a heart then watching the effect of the smallest amount of exertion by a diver had on those bubbles was quite shocking! In the afternoon Matt & I had the opportunity to do a 37 minute dive in the 34.4 metre pool whilst wearing DAN computers and then had our hearts monitored for bubbles before & after exercise. The pool was awesome, even in clean pool water it is difficult to see nearly 35m to the bottom, but NEMO 33 is more than a single deep dive , they have linked pools of 3m,5m and 10m in addition to the BIG one! You can swim through a tunnel from the 10m to the big one and there are air pockets to ascend into and have a chat if you want!

I have to say a fantastic day (and an excellent two day break) ! Matt & I picked-up our DAN Research Diver certification cards , a little nicety provided by DAN which I am sure we will pull out when we are playing the usual certification card poker!

The city of Brussels made an effort tp welcome DAN and in honour of the day dressed the famous Mannekinpis statue in SCUBA gear! Marvellous gesture! Those who fancy doing a short European break will find Brussels very accessible, picturesque and home to a very novel diving experience!

03 April 2007

April Fools!

Jim & Matt tried a dive on Newhaven Harbour Arm on Sunday 1st April - the viz wasn't a great success, which is in keeping with other recent viz reports but taking a boat ride to Harbour Arm was !
The local boat dive season has now 'officially' opened and soon the marina pontoon flags will be flying!

02 April 2007

City of Brisbane & Brighton Pier 2nd April

10 divers aboard 'Brighton Diver' basked in the sunshine all the way from Brighton Marina to the City of Brisbane wreck site, it was bright day with moderate swell. But brightness soon disappeared beneath the waves and at 9m down it was torches on! At 24m down it was pitch black and a bit of a re-run of the the last channel wreck dive. In orther words short but not so sweet! Still you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince! The second dive at 8m on the Brighton (Palace) Pier was more of a success. Being above the 'torch' needed level it was light enough to mooch around. I found a large quantity of fishing weights, many concreted into the seabed, I put a load into my goody bag and gave them to a University student on the dive when we got back to the boat! He was going to melt them down for dive weights. Thirty one weights bagged! Not bad ! Roll on the decent viz!