26 April 2007

Malta Diving

Hey all.

While you've been frolicking with Flipper, I've been eating all the food on the Maltese Islands, in a series of epic meals interspersed with the occasional dive. Here are some links to the three so far, which I offer by way of a taster for the sort of thing you should expect to see if you go on the September/November dive trip to Malta (when are they again?)

1. Blue Hole, Gozo
2. HMS Maori
3. Exiles Lido, Sliema

Also, I'd like to elicit your help in identifying some of the specimens in the pics. Those of you who went on the recent Fish ID course should be eating this for breakfast.

PS Some really angering news here of spear-fishers taking all the octopus every day, and of grouper being tied off on strong lines at 50m, left to tire themselves out before being collected the next day. it's enough to make you reach for a veal steak instead of that crab stick...

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Chris-P said...

Gold star Matt! Good to see some dive reporting going on the blog , especially with linked albums!