15 April 2007

An Armful on the Arm!

Jim & I opted for an ol'favourite by way of a dive today - the Newhaven Harbour Arm (West). It was not so much a bit of a handful but more a bit of an armful! Viz I mean, of course! The viz dropped off quickly beyond arms length (though was a little better in the shallower parts, probably through better light!). Not sure if we didn't see anything or if there was nothing to see, hard to tell! Jim tried a few camera shots - he can sometimes produce a silk piccie from a pigs ear!

A chat in the Divers Rest (Coral Cabin) with Glenn H indicated that the illusive viz is out there somewhere, Glenn reported 6m viz on the Clodmore recently! Not sure if he was narked when he made the assessment but we hope the exception becomes the rule!

Now we are at mid-April lets have some viz reports coming in!


Diving Diva said...

Well I can report at least 5 metres vis today!! I was in my bath mind!! seeing as not able to dive had to check my masked stillworked somehow!!! hehe happy diving all...x

Chris-P said...

Take care there Miss Diva! A girl can get the wrong reputation by playing with her snorkel in the bath! :-)

Simon-T said...

Dived out of Shoreham last night. The viz was not gin clear though, more like gin and bitter lemon. About 2m. Some of the guys in the rib reported seeing lumpfish guarding their eggs. Never seen one of those, darn it.

Chris-P said...

Blinking 'eck Simon, I thought you would have seen one by now, a RIB is a sort of half boat half balloon kind of thing, pointed at one end and square at the other :-)