08 April 2007

And another MCA Coded RIB at Newhaven

Richard's RIB 'FIZZING' has been brought up to Category 4 MCA Coding Specification and is now in use, Richard will soon be circulating dates when the boat can be chartered.

Coded diesel RIBs are fast becoming 'de rigeur ' for diving from Newhaven these days. This has got to be a good thing for divers in general and diving safety in particular.

Congratulations to Richard on getting the boat Coded, it does involve a lot of expense but I know Richard will be very satisfied with the result as he was the very first (in my diving career) to spell out the need for Coding for boats operating commercially. As a dive skipper who walks the talk, he'll get a drink from me at the next Meridian Divers meeting (and to make-up for all the breakfasts I've had to buy him in lieu of payment)!

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