22 April 2007

LANCER II Dive Report ~ 22nd April 2007

The fantastic weather continues...and so do the dives! Six divers went out to the Lancer II on a low tide, which given the wreck is quite shallow allowed a nice long dive.

The wreck was shot by putting a line down to the midships just aft of the boilers. The viz was good at about 4m and the depth allowed a fair amount of natural light. Lancer II is deteriorating as each season passes, no surprises there I suppose. The Bow is slowly becoming more a framework than a complete hull. At the top of the fo'c'sle the depth was a mere 16m.

Simon & I had a good tour of all parts of the wreck and enough time to explore off the wreck , finding the second much smaller area of wreckage that is a little distance away from the major part.

At the end of the dive it was back to Newhaven for tea and biscuits while the other four divers swapped cylinders for their second dive. Sadly Simon & I only had half-day passes and had to get back after a single dive.

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