26 April 2007

BBC South East " Dave the Dolphin" 26th April

BBC SE presented a story on the 6.30pm news about a short video of 'Dave' the Dolphin who was swimming close to a rowing boat of the Kent coast. The boat owner was criticised by the BDMLR and the Police for getting too close to the Dolphin. The boat owner in his defence said the Dolphin approached the boat. Now who's gonna believe that ? We all know a small row boat could out pace a Dolphin ! The Police reminded the boat owner that the Dolphin was a protected animal and advised keeping a distance from it.

Thought I'd mention it here , not least because of the very occasional (but nevetheless recent) encounters between divers & Dolphins in the Channel. Naturally I have given JimBob's full details to the RSCPA so that they can track him down as a vicious videographer of marine mammals and clap him in irons as soon as possible! JimBob , of course, has tried to make it seem as though the Dolphin he videoed was an adult who approached him to offer it's informed consent to the videography, whereas we suspect the creature was just after a quick snack courtesy of the flat fish in the possession of the nearby decompressing divers.

For the record, your Honour, it is my humble belief that 'Dave the Dolphin' is not the same Dolphin that JimBob videoed, indeed it is another species in my view! But what do I know. I do know that Diving Diva has sent the JimBob images to the BDMLR for identification ....so JimBob it's only a matter of time before you are publically outed by the BDMLR & BBC. Take him down and may God have mercy on your soul! That Channel Diver Skipper is looking to do time over this one as well, no doubt he should have abandonned his divers once the Dolphin turned up. Fin before Steam and all that!


Diving Diva said...

Correct the Dolphin that you saw is not "Dave" He has a white almost round circle of white on his left side Dorsal fin, this one doesnt, this little one is a very young Common Dolphin and is quite happy at Eastbourne marina in and out!!!



Chris-P said...

Well Done DD! I'll take a short but warm feeling about being right regarding the little fella's identification !

Chris-P said...

Looks like we divers spotted it before it went to Sovereign Harbour, do you think it went there to report Channel Diver to the Harbour Master?