29 April 2007

About Meridian Divers....

Now that Meridian Divers have been around some time (won't be long before we start planning for a birthday party) it probably worth restating what 'Meridian Divers' actually is!

Of course there is a good clue at the top of this page ...it's a NETWORK stupid! It doesn't actually have a membership list but it does have a circulation list. Why doesn't it have a membership list? Well, it doesn't charge membership fees so how could you tell who is and who isn't a member at any one time?

It's just a bunch of divers who are interested in what diving opportunities there are locally and sometimes further afield. It's a means by which like-minded divers can keep in touch with out paying membership fees, it's a means of sharing information free of charge, and it's an excuse to regularly meet up for a drink and a snack with other divers and chat about diving!

Those in the 'Meridian Divers' network can, if they wish, join this blog and post their own diving info with a view to finding buddies, promoting diving and making arrangements. The network has other advantages, like the discounted kit servicing that was arranged.

In fact Merdian Divers is not commercial in any sense, it doesn't charge anyone anything and it doesn't provide training! It's independent and informal! Some people in the network are dive professionals (currently two charter dive boat skippers are in the network, they'll certainly charge you if you use their services but Meridian Divers won't! Others are instructors either linked with a Centre or not) but the point is that it is not a business and it's not tied to any one commercial entity! Indeed the network, with divers interests in mind, has promoted the services of a variety of suppliers of diving services. Whilst some of those in the network are PADI members individually or by virtue of their business status, the network itself is not recognised by PADI.

If you would like join the network, free of charge, just add a comment to this (or any other post) including your email / contact details. Your comment won't appear on the blog until you are made a 'contibutor' which requires your email address! Like many networks, Meridian Divers doesn't have a constitution or rule book (many dive 'clubs' don't) so that means there isn't a book to throw at anyone, but of course the promotion of safe, responsible and fun diving is at the heart of what Meridian Divers is about!

Wanna give it a go?


Tad said...

Here here !!!

Chris-P said...

Hi to Dave B, if you would like to leave a comment with your email / contact I can send you the info. Hope that helps. Your comments are passed to the 'admin' but don't appear on the blog unless you are added to the author list and to do that an email address is needed!

colinicky said...

Sounds like a nice bunch of people mind if I tag on ?

Chris-P said...

Hi Colinicky, thanks for your comment, you'll need to include your email address in your comment. Your address won't appear on the Blog but it will let us send an invite to you!