27 January 2009

Courses Anyone?

Just to let you know some course dates that Ocean View are running over the coming months that may benefit some of you :-

EFR-1st March (Have you checked when yours runs out?)

PADI Rescue -7/8th March

PADI Specialty Week-End - 14/15th March. This weekend includes DEEP(for holiday?), WRECK and DRYSUIT all taking place at Vobster.

PADI A.O.W. -4/5th April. One of the only centres I know that lets you choose what YOU want to do for example Boat, DPV, Drift, Drysuit (would require a pool orientation) Multi-Level and Computer, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Digital Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery, Fish ID, Wreck.

Give Graeme a call at Ocean View if you would like to book anything on offer here and don`t forget OV club members get a discount on ALL courses as well as free air and half price Nitrox.

Swanage ~ 16/17th May 2009

Hi all,
Just a little poke to all the people that haven't sent me there cheques for £85 for this trip coz we need to book up asap or lose the boat.

PAID :-)
Chris p
Steve l
thanks to all i have all the cheques will now pay for the boat

Unfortunatley, Gary has had to pull out of this trip due to a surgery so there is 1 space left be quick coz it will go

26 January 2009

Diving Masks With Optical Lenses

Trekker has sent in this link for Diving Masks with optical lenses, may be of interest to some! For more information on this local firm "ActiveAqua" based in East Grinstead take a (clear ?) look at their Web Site.

Farne Islands Revisited!

Well it was quite a long time ago that I took this little fella's image , so I thought it was high time that I checked out how the grey seal population of the Farne Islands were getting along. In 2005 the fin nibblers spent their time sneaking-up on us and tasting our fins, this shot, shows one with that "Not me , Mister!" look on its face as he was snapped before making a crafty approach!

So come the merry month of May, Simon & I will be trekking Northwards, close to the old stomping grounds of Geordie-Boy Robbo to see what we can find. The trip has been organised by Sussex Scuba and I think we have snaffled the last two places ....but they might put on extra places if the demand is there! Details on their Web Site.

25 January 2009

PADI Clothing ~ New Range

With the abundance of Meridian Divers apparel at our finger tips you will have probably got all the clobber you possibly want ...but if you haven't and you are still looking for more you can see the NEW PADI range HERE.

New Project AWARE ~ PADI Certification Cards

The new PADI 'Project AWARE Certification Cards are now available for 2009 Certifications ~ makes you want to go out and get another certification doesn't it! Hmmm, and our Red Sea Trip is looming up!

Optional Specialties for warm water divers (:-)) :- Wreck, Deep, Night, U/W Nav, Boat, Drift, U/W Naturalist.

Third Party Insurance

To enable us to use the diving pool at Eastbourne Sovereign Centre we will be required to have third party insurance. I have sourced a suitable policy through Dive Master Insurance at a cost of £10.50 per person per year. This policy will cover all third party liability, covering legal awards made for injuring or killing another diver or claims for damage to someone elses possessions (including damage to a swimming pool) for an award of up to 2 million, with unlimited legal defence. This covers you for any diving incident (not just at the pool). If we have more than 10 divers to take up the cover we will be given a 5% discount if the applications are submitted together. Further details can be found on www.dive-master.net/e3.html

If you are interested in taking out this insurance can you please post a comment ASAP.


20 January 2009

Anyone seen BOB?

A pal of mine sent me THIS LINK thinking I would be interested in meeting BOB, BOB being the "Breathing Observation Bubble" a rather contrived title for a rather odd piece of SCUBA kit. BOB was apparently invented in 1994 but personally I have not yet seen one. I'm not sure if that means I'm lucky or have just missed-out at having a laugh at somebody else's expense or that , just may be they didn't really catch-on as much as their inventor hoped!

Bowled Over in Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is not everyone's choice of destination for a visit in January , most divers can think of better places ...but it's a lot better when you are not submerged in 5DegC water! So it was with some sensible planning that we decided to meet up for Bowling rather than diving! 20 odd (yes, 'odd' is probably the most apt word) divers took giant strides down the lanes in an epic battle for supremacy!

Probably lucky then that the 'score' was 'One all ' with MD players having the top score in one set and OV having the top score in the second - well that's the way I'm telling the story anyway! The top two individual scorers were MD players with Ernie topping the personal scoring! Well done Ernie!

A good social evening , thanks to Tracey for organising it (and sorry that you & Sean were unable to make it!) . Everyone was very considerate and some even refused to knock down the pins for fear of hurting the poor little fellows! Very thoughtful!

(Above: Difficult to tell if this is a picture of an arm with a green ball at one end and a pink one at the other or if it's champion player Ernie selecting a ball)

(Above: Therese shows Tina the 'One Thumb' technique of holding a ball )

(Above: This masked player realised too late in the evening that he had set the wrong temperature on his washing machine resulting in excessive shrinkage. A problem he has faced before hence the need for a mask).

(Above: Simon wanted evidence that he had stayed on orange juice all night and could still manage a smile whilst acting as family chauffer).

(Above: These two refused to budge from the side of the drug dispenser all night long, not sure what they were popping but at least it kept a smile on their face.)

19 January 2009

BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic Course ~ 21st March

We are holding a Marine Mammal Medic Course at Bewl Water Reservoir on Saturday 21st March 2009. Please find attached a Course Information Pack. If you know anyone who might be interested in attending please pass this on to them and tell them they can book on-line at www.bdmlr.org.uk and then click on the training page for more information.

As usual there will be a limited number of refresher places available free of charge on this course for paid up medics to re-learn their skills and meet up with other medics and get more involved. If you would like to take part in this course as a refresher please phone BDMLR head office on 01825-765546 and ask to book on - your subscription to BDMLR must be up-to-date in order to be a "refresher". If you are interested in learning how to teach the practicals or give the lectures please let us know as we are always interested in teaching this to new people and getting more people involved in running these courses both here and elsewhere in the country.

Many Thanks.

Trevor Weeks National Co-ordinator
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Reg Charity 803438

17 January 2009

Next Meridian Divers Meeting ~ Wed 28th January

The next MD meeting will take place at the Berwick Inn, Wednesday 28th January at 7.30pm. January is usually not the most inspiring time of year for UK divers but it'll soon be summer (ha! ha!) and we'd better be ready for it!

14 January 2009

Daily Mail 50% Discount on Luxury Caribbean Holidays

Have you seen the special offer in the The Mail on Sunday (11/1/09) 50% off offer?

Holidays are at Sandals or Beaches Resorts in Jamaica, St Lucia, Antigua, Bahamas or Turks & Caicos. Most of the holidays are shown as 7 nights but you can extend to 14 nights. Various dates through out the year. Luxury accommodation, all inclusive, which includes 2 dives per day and all other activities, sailing etc.

All bookings need to be made by 21st January with only a £300.00 deposit per couple.

We have treated ourselves to 2 weeks in Turks & Caicos in November/December. Whoopie ! ! (Ernie's a bit worried as we have a honeymoon suite)

Fill yer boots and empty your wallet HERE!

12 January 2009

Wassup Robbo? Diving New South Wales

Our ol'diving chum Robbo has been getting his fins wet in New South Wales, Australia and has sent me a few pictures. It's just so frustrating to think of his warm waters while we freeze our bits off in the UK!
I would dearly love to visit to NSW , oh well one day , still a bit of a dream, I've heard so much about Australia that I'll pay my ten quid and they can call me a Pommy if the want to! Oh, that deals finished now is it?

Still I like Robbo 'cos he's been very free with his compliments about this Blog. It's somehow very touching to know that it's being followed on the other side of the world. Hands Across the Water and all that! I wonder if we have any other Australian readers, who can say? I am sure we will do!

Robbo says "This is yours truly about to take a dip at Tathra Wharf Southern NSW. Take note, I only have the bottom half of my 5mm suit on and a T shirt (I was over dressed for the conditions). The dive progressed well there were numerous reefie fish around and plenty of stevie’s (sting-rays named after that clot Irwin who managed to get killed by one). I was the only pukka diver under the wharf (naughty) but there were plenty of snorkelers around including her indoors keeping a weather eye on me. The exit out of the water was a climb up a ladder on the side of the wharf itself, very exhausting in 30C but worth it. I also dived at Merimbula further down the coast and near the end of the dive had a wicked cramp in my thigh ( horror pictures flew through my head), no probs though, other than the full 5mm suit I was wearing which was a pig to get on and just as hard to get off in the conditions. I think the moral of the stories is I need to get my dive fitness back up to scratch! Great Blog I read it lots!"

Robbo is not (as we remember) not too sentimental , so no offence intended Mr Irwin! I think you may have struck a chord with one or two of us post-Christmas Mr Blobbies regards the fitness Robbo!
Click HERE to take a look , via Google Maps at where Robbo has been taking the plunge! (Photo Credit re Shot No.1 by Frank Holden)

09 January 2009

Thanks Tad from Ocean View Dive Club

First of all I'd like to say thank you to Tad on behalf of Ocean View for what was in our opinion was an excellent presentation. Tad was very knowledgeable and openly passionate about this project . The TR Thompson this has clearly grown from a project to a labour of love especially shown in depth of research and also the footage painstakingly edited and also for making the long journey from Chatham, Kent in the current conditions to be with us.

Secondly thanks to all who came it was nice to see a full room on what is a freezing cold evening -3 when I left my house at 18.45!

Judging by the comments and murmerings everyone enjoyed this evening as much as we did and I'm sure we'd all like Tad to return next year to update us on Meridian Divers progress from this year especially about the deterioration of the wreck.

Once again thanks for a great night


08 January 2009

Soup Dragon Dive

Hey all, was just wondering if the 'Soup Dragon Dive' (where I am apparently going to meet some / all of the clangers) is going to take place? One weekend in January was mentioned and soup was apparently on offer!- come on Tad bring on the merryment! When? When? When? Speak up! Hope you have all had a great new year so far xx

05 January 2009

Divefest ~ 15-17th May 2009 ~ Cornwall

Found this today and I would have gone but some of us are off to Swanage that weekend.
Look`s good and it`s something new have a look.


Red Sea Trip 2/4/08-9/4/09 - Update

The balance of payment for the Red Sea trip is due by the 4th February 2009. I have sent an email to everyone with details of balance owing. If you do not receive it please let me know.

04 January 2009

Rocking & Rolling at West Beach ~ 4th January

Isn't there some expression about 'mad dogs and English men' ? Well Sunday's dive was a mirror image .....loads of dogs and mad English men!! A really good turn-out of surface support meant that the five mad Englishmen who decided to brave the sea did so to the sound of disbelieving cheers and clicking camera lenses. No point getting old if you don't get wise was the motto of some of the support team! Whatever the wimps came up with as their defence it's 'Hat's Off' to the new "Famous Five" who stood bravely looking out to a 5 Degree C low viz dive!

Entry into the sea was all part of an entertaining afternoon, fins, backsides, fins again , gloved hands and backsides rotated in the surf as the cameras rolled - but the last shred of common decency remaining has prevented me using all the shots!

Getting out in the surge for, shall we say chilled dry suit divers, was even more fun than getting in (not!) . So whilst we had five divers there were a few paddlers amongst the support team (who Bless them, also helped a lady diver who was diving with a buddy outside of our organised event). When expedition leader Matt came out he was asked "How was the vis?" With his cold mouth tucked in his hood we think he said "Far Call", probably some sort of technical diving expression. Anyway with divers still struggling with heavy kit the support team did there best by tuckibg into the coffee & choccies (thanks Tracey & Sean).

Congratulations boys on giving it a go on a very gold and grey Newhaven afternoon.

MD Photo Competition 2009

I'd like to be the first to enter a photo for the 2009 competition! This photo shows Newhaven's only marsupial diver , Tad, carrying the Champion Pattendale Terrier 'Poppy' in his pouch . The look of distress on the poor dogs face is almost too much to behold , quick get me the RSPCAs number!
Of course, if you can't win the competition fairly by the rules - change the rules . May be for 2009 we will have two categories. I: Underwater photography II: Anything else (including dogs I guess). 'Ratify' at next MD meeting ! Get posting!

Bowling Night ~ 20th January 2009

Just another reminder regarding this event at Brighton ~ Tracey needs your cash up-front to be able to secure you a place. There is already quite a long list of those attending but some rascals have yet to cough-up! If you turn-up on the night without having pre-booked (and paid!) you will probably not get a game! Fingers out please! (see previous posts for more info).