25 January 2009

Third Party Insurance

To enable us to use the diving pool at Eastbourne Sovereign Centre we will be required to have third party insurance. I have sourced a suitable policy through Dive Master Insurance at a cost of £10.50 per person per year. This policy will cover all third party liability, covering legal awards made for injuring or killing another diver or claims for damage to someone elses possessions (including damage to a swimming pool) for an award of up to 2 million, with unlimited legal defence. This covers you for any diving incident (not just at the pool). If we have more than 10 divers to take up the cover we will be given a 5% discount if the applications are submitted together. Further details can be found on www.dive-master.net/e3.html

If you are interested in taking out this insurance can you please post a comment ASAP.



Tad said...

Count me in

Chris-P said...

DAN Europe Insurance includes Civil Liability and many other Companies include third party insurance (in particular Diving Professional Liability Insurance policies) .If you have dive insurance you may find it covers the pool requirements , worth checking!