20 January 2009

Bowled Over in Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is not everyone's choice of destination for a visit in January , most divers can think of better places ...but it's a lot better when you are not submerged in 5DegC water! So it was with some sensible planning that we decided to meet up for Bowling rather than diving! 20 odd (yes, 'odd' is probably the most apt word) divers took giant strides down the lanes in an epic battle for supremacy!

Probably lucky then that the 'score' was 'One all ' with MD players having the top score in one set and OV having the top score in the second - well that's the way I'm telling the story anyway! The top two individual scorers were MD players with Ernie topping the personal scoring! Well done Ernie!

A good social evening , thanks to Tracey for organising it (and sorry that you & Sean were unable to make it!) . Everyone was very considerate and some even refused to knock down the pins for fear of hurting the poor little fellows! Very thoughtful!

(Above: Difficult to tell if this is a picture of an arm with a green ball at one end and a pink one at the other or if it's champion player Ernie selecting a ball)

(Above: Therese shows Tina the 'One Thumb' technique of holding a ball )

(Above: This masked player realised too late in the evening that he had set the wrong temperature on his washing machine resulting in excessive shrinkage. A problem he has faced before hence the need for a mask).

(Above: Simon wanted evidence that he had stayed on orange juice all night and could still manage a smile whilst acting as family chauffer).

(Above: These two refused to budge from the side of the drug dispenser all night long, not sure what they were popping but at least it kept a smile on their face.)


Matt said...

a very good night was had by all i think.
By the looks of the scores some old bowling pro`s were out of retirement for the night with a score of 200+ from one OV bowler on the second game!
look forward to the next night out

sheilab said...

Yes, what an enjoyable night. Thanks to Tracey for organising and hopefully we will do it again. Hope Tracey and Sean you are better soon.
Sheila & Ernie

Tracey said...

Glad you guys had fun - really sorry couldn't make it - don't think I could've lifted a ping pong ball yet alone a bowling ball and the only thing I would've knocked over is everyone with my germs!

Simon-T said...

Strange........I had a very good evening, yet I felt as fresh as a daisy this morning!