04 January 2009

Rocking & Rolling at West Beach ~ 4th January

Isn't there some expression about 'mad dogs and English men' ? Well Sunday's dive was a mirror image .....loads of dogs and mad English men!! A really good turn-out of surface support meant that the five mad Englishmen who decided to brave the sea did so to the sound of disbelieving cheers and clicking camera lenses. No point getting old if you don't get wise was the motto of some of the support team! Whatever the wimps came up with as their defence it's 'Hat's Off' to the new "Famous Five" who stood bravely looking out to a 5 Degree C low viz dive!

Entry into the sea was all part of an entertaining afternoon, fins, backsides, fins again , gloved hands and backsides rotated in the surf as the cameras rolled - but the last shred of common decency remaining has prevented me using all the shots!

Getting out in the surge for, shall we say chilled dry suit divers, was even more fun than getting in (not!) . So whilst we had five divers there were a few paddlers amongst the support team (who Bless them, also helped a lady diver who was diving with a buddy outside of our organised event). When expedition leader Matt came out he was asked "How was the vis?" With his cold mouth tucked in his hood we think he said "Far Call", probably some sort of technical diving expression. Anyway with divers still struggling with heavy kit the support team did there best by tuckibg into the coffee & choccies (thanks Tracey & Sean).

Congratulations boys on giving it a go on a very gold and grey Newhaven afternoon.


Matt said...

see you guy`s would have been better kitting up,Phil & Steve say thanks to everyone.
Chris can i have a copy of all the photos for OV please so i can compile a disc for use at the club.
Seriously thanks to all who came nice to see you all and well done to Chris(Prometheus) and family for coming all that way,sorry we couldn`t all have that drink but i fear hypothermia would have set in

Chris-P said...

Matt, copy of the shots emailed to you !

sheilab said...

Nice to see friends old and new. Enjoyable afternoon. Even managed to get a paddle !
Ernie & Sheila

Tad said...

I didnt see any gold