09 January 2009

Thanks Tad from Ocean View Dive Club

First of all I'd like to say thank you to Tad on behalf of Ocean View for what was in our opinion was an excellent presentation. Tad was very knowledgeable and openly passionate about this project . The TR Thompson this has clearly grown from a project to a labour of love especially shown in depth of research and also the footage painstakingly edited and also for making the long journey from Chatham, Kent in the current conditions to be with us.

Secondly thanks to all who came it was nice to see a full room on what is a freezing cold evening -3 when I left my house at 18.45!

Judging by the comments and murmerings everyone enjoyed this evening as much as we did and I'm sure we'd all like Tad to return next year to update us on Meridian Divers progress from this year especially about the deterioration of the wreck.

Once again thanks for a great night



Chris-P said...

Well done Tadmaster! Who needs "Wreck Detectives"?

Tad said...

Thanks to Graeme & Matt and everyone at Ocean View first for the invite to talk about the trt but also for making me feel extremeley welcome and also making it an enjoyable eveing for ne.
I look forward to us all working together on continuing the T.R.T project and also other possible projects this year.