28 April 2010

Persier Boilers Video ~ 25th April 2010

Simon explores the boilers on the wreck of the Persier:-

27 April 2010

Sovereign Pool Session ~ 27th April

The MD pool session at the Sovereign Centre was both a fun and practical hour. The dive pool is quite large and sufficiently deep for scuba diving and skills practice. A chance to do some of those things you will only ever do in a pool, like kit exchange and buddy breathing with an orange-coloured manekin! OK you never need to do that!

At the pool we met Dustin and a team from Planet Divers and talked about some sharing arrangements , such as future pool sessions and use of the Planet Divers RIB. Definitely some good ideas as well as a relaxed skills rehearsal. I think we'll be doing again!

26 April 2010

Scylla Video ~ 24th April 2010

Plymouth Diving ~ 24th & 25th April

Just back from wild west that is Plymouth after four dives with Simon courtesy of South West Diving. Given our poor success rate in travelling down to Devon & Cornwall in the recent past only to find cancelled dives, this trip was outstanding! It is a heck of a way to travel four four dives, (quicker to go to Egypt, if you take the route I did!) but we were rewarded with some great dives and pretty good weather!

We dived from "Top Gun" (formerly operating out of Weymouth) a hard boat with a diver lift, which was skippered by Gary. Gary had two crew who were exceptionally helpful. Hot drinks were on tap, and surface intervals were filled with hot cornish pasties, yes...I ate all the pies!

Dive 1 was on the Scylla, some years since I last dived this wreck and it is a far better dive now that it has good marine life on it , mainly plumrose anemones ...but loads of them. Still few large fish. the viz for the whole week-end was good at least 6m at the worst, but the dives were cool at 9/ 10 degrees C. We made 49 minutes on the Scylla with a max depth of 24m.

Dive 2 was on the James Egan Layne (predictable first two dives eh?). A similar time & depth , 45 minutes and 23 metres. A lot of large wrasse on this wreck and , of course plenty to see. I found the head of a pick axe amongst what appeared to be a lot of scrap iron. I was tempted to raise it and make a working tool out of it , but in the end tucked back in the wreck after a photo or two.
Dive 3 was on the flattened wreck of the Persier. Lying in deeper water we made 42 minutes with a drop of Nitrox at a max depth of 27m. Lots of male Cuckoo Wrasse on this wreck, very colourful fish. The highlight feature was finding the intact boilers which became a useful perch from which to launch the DSMB at the end of the dive.

Dive 4 was a drift dive on Mewstone Reef. Not all on the boat did the fourth dive (no wreck - see!) but it was their loss. It was good vis , possibly 10m and the underwater landscape was quite beautiful. The highlight of this dive was some quality time with a shark , well a good sized Dog Fish (of the shark family!) . The max depth on this dive was 19m and after 43 minutes the fingers were again getting cold.

Pool Session Sovereign Centre, Eastbourne ~ Tuesday 27th April

Just a reminder that the Pool is booked on Tuesday 27th April between 20:00 and 21:00. Meet approx 19:30 to get kitted up. Cost £5.00 per person.

See you there.

25 April 2010

Laser Quest & Bowling ~ Tuesday 8th June

One game of Laser Quest and two games of bowling at the David Lloyd Lanes is £11.00 per person. If you are interested in joining us on the 8th June please post a comment.

20 April 2010

Vulcano Ash

OK everyone, its time to start crossing your fingers , well at least those of you on the Malta Dive Trip of 12th May. It's not long away now and the backlog of displaced travellers is going to take some time to sort out even if the vulcano behaves! I have rung the Royal Navy to see if they have anything going to Malta in May but apparently the pedalos have packed-up and the RN are fully booked to provide cover for the summer season at Butlins.

Diving The wreck of the Indiana April 18th 2010

19 April 2010

Indiana Dive Sunday 18th April

After the Easter diving had been cancelled I was getting itchy fins for my first sea dive of the year . Come up trumps Ocean View who had a space on Chris West's Buccaneer and as I was already down on the coast for the weekend I jumped at the chance to join the OV guys on their trip out to the wreck of the Indiana about 1.5 miles off Worthing, I had never dived this wreck before and as this would be an easy dive, conditions allowing, it would give me the chance to get the camera in for the first time this year.

I like Buccaneer a lot there is a real old fashioned charm about it. Skippered by Chris with Dave as Crew, we left shoreham in warm sunshine and flat calm seas hoping that the vis would be at least a couple metres, Chris had been out on Saturday and they had dived the City of London with a very dark and silty 1-2m vis but at least with the Indiana being very shallow there should be plenty of light.

About 45 minutes later we arrived over the wreck which only lies in 11m of water and the shot was dropped in and me being given the job of tying in I was soon kitted along with Nigel and popped in and down. Guess what we were blessed with around 8-1om horizontal vis and top to bottom vis wow.

Now I wouldn't really call the the Indiana a wreck dives cos there really isn't much that is recognisable as a ship its all completely broken up and flattened more like a reef,but what the Indiana lacks in being a good wreck it more than makes up for in life. With large shoals of bib and pollack following you around, some very large wrasse and some very very large congers, lying under the collapsed plates kept us more than interested for 68 minutes when it was the cold and the strengthening tide that forced us to leave the bottom and head back up the awaiting Buccaneer and hot coffee.

All the divers on board had a great dive. This is the perfect dive for those first ventures out into open water for the inexperienced and even for those with a few years and pounds under our belts there is still enough to keep you interested.

Thanks to Ocean View for the offer of the space and their divers for making me welcome. Thanks to Chris West and Dave from Buccaneer for another great trip out I'll be back soon.

Video to follow shortly

15 April 2010

Wreck Dive ~ Sunday 25th April 2010

Hi All,

I have 2 spaces available for a Wreck and Drift dive on Sunday the 25th of a April. The plan is to dive a 20m Wreck and then follow with a Drift dive. Ropes of is a lazy 2:15pm

If you fancy a dive Text or ring 07729 277651 or drop me an E-Mail.

If this date does not fit then take a look at my website diary. I still have weekend dates available, including this weekend that has a great forecast !!!!

Hear from you soon

Mick Luff Sea-Zones boat charter(Newhaven) Tel 07729 277651

Red Sea Dive Trip ~ November 2010 (Date TBC)

As promised , I am researching some options:-

Option 1a. Marina Lodge, Marsa Alam
Some of us have used this Hotel a few times, it has a built-in dive centre and dive boats (day diving) moor right alongside the hotel grounds. I'm not impressed with the immediate cost estimate from Scuba Travel (I think there will be MUCH better deals) .... "As a Rough estimation you would be looking to pay around £975 per person with the group discount of 10 % this price would include Gatwick flights transfers and 7 nights Half Board basis with a 5 day diving package (boat dives )".
UPDATE: Scuba Travel have come back with revised figures:-
Rates both from the Marina lodge and from the Airlines if you were to depart on the 10/11/10 the times would be as follows ~

09:20 16:55

17:55 21:55

All of the prices would be based on 2 sharing on a half board basis for the divers the cost would be £775 and for the non-divers the cost would be £615 ( both of these prices are subject to availability).

Option 1b. Marina Lodge, Marsa Alam
Same as Option 1a above but with Longwood Holidays. It seems their prices are £1270 FOR TWO, but excluding diving. 10 boat dives with Emperor are £205 (good price). This equates to £840 per diver and £635 for a non-diver (subject to any hidden charges I haven't yet found!)

Option 2. (Concept Only!) St Johns, Liveaboard.
London Scuba are promoting a Southern Red Sea Trip in September (wrong months - hence concept only! £1095 per person on Sea Serpent. Not everyone is a liveaboard lover (many are!) . For more info CLICK HERE. It's an option to see if they will run this trip in November.

Update 22nd May:
All plans on hold , not sure on who's 'in' and who's not!

Portland Dive Trip ~ Sunday 13th June

Good News MDers!

I have had the following response from Fathom & Blues Dive Centre :-

"You’ve picked the best weekend in June for 30m dives – well done you! I’d recommend the following: -

1). 10.00 departure for the M2 – complete submarine at 34m
2). 15.30 departure for the Aeolian Sky – HUGE cargo ship in 30m

Costs are £30 per person for the M2 and £30 for the Sky.
Do you need accommodation at all – we have the bunkhouse at £15 pp if you need it."

(i.e. £60 for two dives)
I think some of use will travel down the night before for a spot of R&R and B&B before the dive day! I have dived both of these wrecks before ... they are worth the trip!

Add a comment or email me if you are a "Yes Please!"

11 April 2010

Pool Session - Sovereign Centre, Eastbourne

Eastbourne Sovereign Centre Pool has been booked for Tuesday 27th April between 20:00 and 21:00. Meet at approx. 19:30. Entry is through door at left side of the building.

Anyone intending to come along please add a comment ASAP, so we can gauge numbers. Cost per person is £5.00. Any profit above hire of pool will go to MD funds. Please be careful with your equipment ( e.g. no standing tanks (always laid on there side, when not on your back and be careful with your weights)


07 April 2010

Learning to Swim?

Being able to swim is not too surprisingly and important prerequisite to learning to dive , mind you it's pretty much a life skill that everyone should have. For details on swimming lessons available in Seaford click on this link EASY-SWIM

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 7th April 2010

The MD meeting had a good attendance , anyone would think the UK season is starting to wake-up! I know, I know, it's a 12 month season, yeah, OK! It was good to welcome Philip to the meeting and pick his brains about his last year's visit to Malta , not least as we aresoon off to there ourselves!

Quite a lot of business discussed and some how amongst the competing voices our Hon Sec Sheila has managed to capture the outcomes, at least I hope she has! Full notes tobe circulated later but in the meantime , the following was covered:-

a). Return visit to Sovereign Divers.
b). The Malta Dive Trip (May)
c). Report on the Kent Lake Dive
d). Boat Dives cancelled due to weather (er, did I say it was a 12mth season?)
e). Buccaneer Dive & BBQ planned for 4th July.
f). The Air Show Dive (12/8/10)
g). Pool Sessions on 27/4/10 and another in October TBC)
h). Go Ape session at Leeds Castle in September.
i). Christmas Dinner Competitions (provisional dater 15/12/10)
j). Underwater Film Festival
k). Portland Trip 13/6/10 TBC
l). Seaford Beach dive & BBQ in August TBC
m). Possible return visit to Hyperbaric Chamber (for those who have not been)
n). Possible return trip to NEMO 33 in January 2011
o). Plans for a Red Sea Trip in November 2010
p). Girlies Night Out on 23/5/10
q). Bowling & Laser Quest on 8/6/10
r). Dive Book & other dive stuff swap shop (at meetings).

So just a few things on the go!

04 April 2010

Channel Diver ~ Charter Dive Boat Dates 2010

Thursday 8th Brighton Unknown Sailing Ship 10.30am away 48mtrs £55
Friday 9th Brighton UNKNOWN WRECK TRIMIX 63 13.00 £45
Saturday 10th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 34 08.00 £45
Saturday 10th Brighton ARISTOS 58 13.30 £45
Friday 16th Brighton HMS KERRYADO 39 11.00 £45
Saturday 17th Brighton PENTRYCH 24 12.00 £45
Sunday 18th Brighton CITY OF LONDON 26 07.00 £45
Sunday 18th Brighton FORTUNA 32 12.30 £45
Monday 19th Brighton GERLEN 50 07.30 £45
Wednesday 21st Brighton TYCHO 33 09.00 £45
Thursday 22nd Brighton WARILDA 50 08.30 £55
Monday 26th Brighton CLODMORE 27 09.00 £45
Wednesday 28th Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 09.30 £45
Friday 30th Brighton INDIANA & PIER 12 08.00 £45

Sunday 2nd Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 34 13.00 £45
Tuesday 4th Brighton QUAIL 40 08.00 £45
Wednesday 5th Brighton DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH 58 08.00 £50
Monday 10th Brighton ASHFORD 42 07.30 £45
Wednesday12th Brighton INVERCLYDE 20 09.30 £45
Friday 14th Brighton LALEN MENDI 25 09.30 £50
Monday 17th Brighton STEAM TRAWLER 16 07.00 £45
Wednesday 19th Eastbourne UC65 German Submarine 43 08.15 £50
Thursday 20th Eastbourne CHATEAU MARGEAUX 37 07.45 £55
Friday 21st Eastbourne SEAFORD FERRY 46 10.15 £50
Monday 31st Brighton FORTUNA 33 13.00 £45

Tuesday 1st Brighton HMS MINION 46 08.00 £45
Monday 14th Brighton INDIANA & PIER 12 10.00 £45
Tuesday 15th Brighton PENTRYCH 24 07.00 £45
Wednesday 16th Brighton TYCHO 33 07.00 £45
Thursday 17th Brighton RAMSGARTH 25 08.00 £45
Friday 18th Brighton new mark MOLDAVIA AREA 50 07.30 £45
Monday 28th Eastbourne ALAUNIA 36 11.15 £45
Wednesday 29th Eastbourne FRUCKNER 30 07.15 £45
Thursday 30th Eastbourne VILLE DE BORDEAUX 44 07.45 £45 JULY
Monday 26th Eastbourne OCEANA 25 10.45 £45
Tuesday 27th Eastbourne MOHLEN PRIX 30 10.45 £45

Monday 9th Brighton BRAUNTON 36 09.00 £45
Tuesday 10th Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 09.30 £45
Wednesday 11th Eastbourne ALAUNIA Cunard Liner 30 10.45 £45
Thursday 12th Eastbourne OCEANA + AIRSHOW + BBQ 24 07.15 £50
Friday 13th Eastbourne THE TWINS + AIRSHOW+ BBQ 44 07.15 £50
Monday 16th Brighton NORTHEASTER 44 09.00 £45
Monday 16th Brighton MIOWN + PIER 12 13.30 £45
Tuesday 17th Brighton RAMSGARTH 25 09.00 £45
Wednesday 18th Brighton MOLDAVIA 50 09.30 £55
Thursday 19th Brighton ARIEL 28 11.30 £45
Friday 20th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 36 07.00 £45
Friday 20th Brighton DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH 58 13.00 £50
Monday 23rd Eastbourne KINGFISHER 48 08.45 £50
Tuesday 24th Eastbourne HMS ARIADNE 27 10.15 £45
Wednesday 25th Eastbourne GLENARTNEY 40 10.45 £45
Thursday 26th Brighton PENTRYCH 24 11.30 £45
Friday 27th Brighton CITY OF BRISBANE 27 12.00 £45
Monday 30th Brighton FORTUNA 33 13.30 £45
Tuesday 31st Brighton QUAIL 40 08.00 £45

Monday 6th Eastbourne ARGONAUT 40 09.45 £50
Tuesday 7th Eastbourne CHATEAU MARGEAUX 40 07.15 £55
Monday 20th Brighton PERSIANA 48 07.30 £50
Tuesday 21st Brighton PENTRYCH 24 09.00 £45
Wednesday 22nd Brighton Submarine U130 30 09.00 £45
Thursday 23rd Brighton TR THOMPSON 34 10.00 £45
Friday 24th Brighton SEAFORD FERRY 48 09.30 £55 Dieppe
Monday 27th Dieppe 5 DAY TRIP to DIEPPE 40 08.00 £345
Tuesday 28th Dieppe 5 DAY TRIP to DIEPPE 20-40 08.00 £345
Wednesday 29th Dieppe 5 DAY TRIP to DIEPPE 20-40 08.00 £345
Thursday 30th Dieppe 5 DAY TRIP to DIEPPE 20-40 08.00 £345

Friday 1st Dieppe 5 DAY TRIP to DIEPPE 40 08.00 £345
Monday 4th Brighton CITY OF LONDON 30 07.30 £45
Wednesday 6th Brighton NYON 45 08.00 £50
Friday 8th Brighton UNKNOWN WRECK 53 10.00 £45
Tuesday 12th Brighton HMS KERRYADO 34 07.30 £45
Wednesday 13th Brighton CITY OF WATERFORD 30 08.00 £45
Thursday 14th Brighton WARILDA 2 Day French Trip 50 07.00 £165
Friday 15th Brighton LANFRANC 2 Day French Trip 52 08.00 £165
Monday 18th Brighton HMS MINION 50 07.00 £45
Wednesday 20th Brighton BLANEFIELD 33 07.30 £45
Friday 22nd Brighton ASHFORD 42 09.00 £45
Monday 25th Brighton BIG CRAB WRECK 36 10.30 £45
Wednesday 27th Brighton FORTUNA 28 07.00 £45
Friday 29th Brighton DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH 58 07.00 £50

To reserve a space call Steve 07970 674799

02 April 2010

Next Meridian Divers Meeting ~ Wednesday 7th April

The next MD meeting will be held at the Berwick Inn at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th April. The agenda is being circulated.