02 April 2010

Next Meridian Divers Meeting ~ Wednesday 7th April

The next MD meeting will be held at the Berwick Inn at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th April. The agenda is being circulated.


Tad said...

Sorry guys I can't make the meeting on Wednesday due to having to work in Margate until 6 but will tele conference for a bit.

Simon-T said...

Name dropper ;o)

Chris-P said...

It is commonly but incorrectly thought that Marie Antoinette said of starving peasants "Let them eat cake". In fact before she became Queen of France she stayed in a small village on the coast of Kent where, whilst tucking-into a heavily buttered scone, she was told there would be no butter left for the villagers, to which she replied "Let them eat marg"! Over the years the village became known by the anagram Margate. Not a lot of people know that!