15 April 2010

Red Sea Dive Trip ~ November 2010 (Date TBC)

As promised , I am researching some options:-

Option 1a. Marina Lodge, Marsa Alam
Some of us have used this Hotel a few times, it has a built-in dive centre and dive boats (day diving) moor right alongside the hotel grounds. I'm not impressed with the immediate cost estimate from Scuba Travel (I think there will be MUCH better deals) .... "As a Rough estimation you would be looking to pay around £975 per person with the group discount of 10 % this price would include Gatwick flights transfers and 7 nights Half Board basis with a 5 day diving package (boat dives )".
UPDATE: Scuba Travel have come back with revised figures:-
Rates both from the Marina lodge and from the Airlines if you were to depart on the 10/11/10 the times would be as follows ~

09:20 16:55

17:55 21:55

All of the prices would be based on 2 sharing on a half board basis for the divers the cost would be £775 and for the non-divers the cost would be £615 ( both of these prices are subject to availability).

Option 1b. Marina Lodge, Marsa Alam
Same as Option 1a above but with Longwood Holidays. It seems their prices are £1270 FOR TWO, but excluding diving. 10 boat dives with Emperor are £205 (good price). This equates to £840 per diver and £635 for a non-diver (subject to any hidden charges I haven't yet found!)

Option 2. (Concept Only!) St Johns, Liveaboard.
London Scuba are promoting a Southern Red Sea Trip in September (wrong months - hence concept only! £1095 per person on Sea Serpent. Not everyone is a liveaboard lover (many are!) . For more info CLICK HERE. It's an option to see if they will run this trip in November.

Update 22nd May:
All plans on hold , not sure on who's 'in' and who's not!


Chris-P said...

I really like this place!!! It's got my vote.


Chris-P said...

We like it too ....must see if we can get a better price , it seems well over the top , just booked a week in 4* Taba (no diving) for TWO at half boar for £1160 - in a sea facing bungalow!

sheilab said...

Would love to come, but saving our holiday and pennies for a live aboard in the spring and perhaps a Sandals/Beaches holiay in the Autumn.
Sheila & Ernie

Chris-P said...

Probable Crew:-