15 April 2010

Portland Dive Trip ~ Sunday 13th June

Good News MDers!

I have had the following response from Fathom & Blues Dive Centre :-

"You’ve picked the best weekend in June for 30m dives – well done you! I’d recommend the following: -

1). 10.00 departure for the M2 – complete submarine at 34m
2). 15.30 departure for the Aeolian Sky – HUGE cargo ship in 30m

Costs are £30 per person for the M2 and £30 for the Sky.
Do you need accommodation at all – we have the bunkhouse at £15 pp if you need it."

(i.e. £60 for two dives)
I think some of use will travel down the night before for a spot of R&R and B&B before the dive day! I have dived both of these wrecks before ... they are worth the trip!

Add a comment or email me if you are a "Yes Please!"


Chris-P said...

Yes Please!

Chris-P said...

Yes Please! obo Phil P

Simon-T said...

Yes for me. I expect Linda and I will come down the day before. We'll probably bring the woof with us.

Chris-P said...

Sheila and Ernie "No can do"!

Chris-P said...

I've added this trip to the OV Forum.

Chris-P said...

Phil P he say "Yes"