19 November 2010

Winter Dive Dates with Buccaneer

2010 summer maybe over but Chris West's Hard Boat is still venturing out in search of watery adventures. So if you like diving chilled, check out the dates below and weather permitting put those dry suits to good use.
With a warm cabin and plenty of hot drinks apres dive and prices the same as the clubs £25 for 1 wreck and £35 for 2 dives continue diving through the winter.

You can contact Chris on Call 01273 464225 / 07802 571056 or e-mail chris.bucc2@o2.co.uk.
Chris is also open to dive site suggestions.

Sat Nov 20th (HWS) Leave 08-30hrs - Waterford or Fortuna or Small Gun Wreck all about 34m
Sun Nov 21st (HWS) Leave 08-00hrs - venue to be decided
Sat Nov 27th (HWN) Leave 11-45hrs -
Sun Nov 28th (HWN) Leave 12-45hrs -
Sun Dec 5th (HWS) Leave 08-30hrs - Waterford or Fortuna ( 34m Max)
Sat Dec 11th (HWN) Leave 11-45hrs -
Sun Dec 12th (HWN) Leave 12-00hrs - Indianna
Sat / Sun Dec 18th/19th (HWN) Leave 09-00hrs for a drift dive
Wed Dec 29th (LWN) Leave 09-30hrs

18 November 2010

MDMA ~ Diving in Ecstasy

Turtle returning to the Sea Grass with Remoras
The MD Team are just back from diving in Marsa Alam. A quick few lines and some photos to set the 'dive report' ball rolling!  Phil, Heidi, Ross, Angela, Simon, Linda , Sue & I got back late last night after a week in Marsa Alam diving (again) with Emperor Divers based in the Marina Lodge Hotel. Most had booked the five day diving package of two boat dives for four days and two shore dives. A lovely warm contrast to home with air temperatures around 33 Deg C and water at around 27 Deg C.
The Dives sites were:-

1.  Marsa Morena (North Reef) : 58 mins at Max 23.8m
2.  Marsa Mornea (South Reef) : 61 mins at Max 17.1 m
3.  Marsa Shoni Kebir (North Reef) : 48mins at Max 26.5m
4.  Marsa Shoni Kebir (South Reef) : 48mins at Max 23.5m
5.  Marsa Shoni Soraya (North Reef) : 60mins at Max 21.0m
6.  Marsa Shoni Soraya (South Reef)  : 51mins at Max 21.0m
7.  Abu Dubab : 71mins at Max 15.6m
8.  Abu Dubab : 70 mins at Max 16.2m
9.  Torfet Ali (North Reef)  : 62mins at Max 25.3m
10. Torfet Ali (South Reef) : 70mins at Max 19.8m

Well Camouflaged Flat Fish (with Sea Grass-like eyes)
Giving an average dive time of just about an hour which seemed quite respectable. Underwater highlights of the trip (for me) were surface sightings of the Dugong, and some quality time with the Hawksbill Turtles at Abu Dubab, a reasonably shallow and now only a shore dive to help protect the marine life.

About time for a breath!
Above water, the Port Ghalib area continues to develop and the MD group made excursions to the more built-up North side of the Marina to extend our range of refreshment opportunities !
A Lebanese restaurant had lovely outdoor seating along side a water feature and TGI Friday's (well we enjoy local culture!) met our more Western needs!

Life is all Ups & Downs!
There were plenty of opportunities to debrief the dives over a Sakara in the evenings and to compare notes on the belly dancers moves!  Sadly (or may be not!) for the ladies , the Whirling Dervish dancer remained fully clothed , well give or take a whirling skirt or two , for the duration.

The Paparazzi and others hangers-on are such a drag!
The Emperor Team were excellent and our principle guide MSDT Hannah "Montana" knew the sites well gave detailed briefings and added  fun & smiles. She and colleague Chris presented a very professional but natural image .

Keeping a Low Profile
Thanks to all the MD buddies for making the visit so enjoyable , it was so good I nearly found myself staying another night ....but that's another story!

Hannah "Montana"

13 November 2010

T.R.Thompson Talk Tuesday 16th November

Meridian Divers have been asked to give a presentation on the SS.T.R.Thompson project to Sovereign Divers at the Svereign Yacht Club Eastbourne Marina on Tuesday 16th November (next week) at 7.30pm.
If you would like to come along Sovereign Divers will make you more than welcome.

07 November 2010

Tiger & Thai ~ Wednesday 3rd November

Just a note to say thank you to all those who could make the Thai dinner at Thai Terre and a pre-dinner drink at the Tiger Inn at East Dean.  A very pleasant evening and a chance for those of us going on the Marsa Alam dive trip this month to catch-up on the detail!

I'm told by Ross that the Marsa Alam Sea Temperature was 27.8 Deg C (82F) on the 4th November, sounds nice (even warmer than usual?)

Oh ! And speaking of dinners, there are some Christmas Dinner balances to be paid! Fingers out please!

01 November 2010

Lanzarote Diving

An offer to dive in Lanzarote came to me from Brighton Diver’s a 10 dive package through the company Active adventures  . Our shared apartment at the Hotel Santa Rosa was clean and totally acceptable although a hot 15 minutes walk to social events. Calypso divers  arranged pick ups for the 10 dives at a prompt PLT (Peter Lanzarote Time) Peter the owner of calypso divers a large man of impressive man management skills gave a sense of calm to divers new and old with a cheeky banter and unmistakeable control in a high risk environment. The island has all year round diving with the weather warm and comfortable; we eat out regularly and found it was excellent value. My thanks to all the staff at Calypso and adventure holidays I was more than satisfied with my dive week and would be more then happy to dive them again and look forward to return to Lanzarote 
Posted obo Phil-P