13 November 2010

T.R.Thompson Talk Tuesday 16th November

Meridian Divers have been asked to give a presentation on the SS.T.R.Thompson project to Sovereign Divers at the Svereign Yacht Club Eastbourne Marina on Tuesday 16th November (next week) at 7.30pm.
If you would like to come along Sovereign Divers will make you more than welcome.


Jimbob said...

Would be great to see you there, looking forward to your talk Tad.
8pm is when most people start to arrive.

Jimbob said...

Thank you very much Tad for an excellent talk. Everyone said it was very interesting and inspiring. Certainly made me want to get back in the water as soon as possible.

Chris-P said...

Well done Tadmaster!

Tad said...

Thanks jim and thanks to all the Sovereign divers who turned out to listen . Looking forward to the Easter hook up next year .thanks to graham for the transfers