29 February 2008

Sink One for Seaford Blog

I don't know if you are all aware that we also have a blog now -http://www.sinkone4seaford.blogspot.com/
I have just completed some updates and we would welcome your comments. Keep checking out the website www.sinkone4seaford.co.uk as we are regularly updating photos and news (even if we are a bit slow at times)

Thanks for all your support guys (oh! and if anyone wants a T-Shirt, just drop us an email, only £10 and full proceeds to the project :-)

National Diving & Activity Centre ~ 17th / 18th May

Following the level of interest in this grand puddle dive Simon has done some more research and I will circulate by email details of the hotel that is being suggested as MD accommodation.

I am sure Simon only wants to go there to see if he can scavenge aircraft parts from the sunken features there. Oh well it's an excuse to do a fresh water dive and be reminded about just how buoyant sea water is compared to fresh water!

Must get a diary with more days in, surely if we can get a 29th of February we can have some other freeby days ? The problem is with so much going on I'm running out of blank diary pages!

Bowling , Lazer Quest & Buffet ~ 30th April

Following the success of the last bowling session , MDers are headed back to Lloyds Lanes on 30th April for a more mixed menu! Sheila is organising (again) , well done Sheila!

The charge is £12.95pp , payable in advance so bring your lovely dosh to the next MD meeting!

[Updated 28/4/08: This Social has now been cancelled as the MD meeting of 28/4 was too close! ]

Selsey Lifeboat Station Dive ~ 30th March

Now it may not sound like it but the Selsey Lifeboat Station is a locally renowned dive site. The BBC 'Coast' TV programme featured the dive site and in particular the numbers of cuttlefish who call the waters home. The dive was also written-up in DIVER magazine (September 2007 from memory!)

Interestingly or perhaps not, the DIVER article was written by Gavin Parsons whereas the dive photographer featured in the Coast TV programme was Paul Parsons. Maybe a family affair!

So with all this coverage we thought it was high time Meridian Divers took a peep. Sunday 30th is the chosen day , meet at Mulberry Divers at 12.30. Dive at 14.15 (don't forget the clocks go forward!).

The Life Boat station is not technically a pier , but what the heck lets call it a pier dive as far as Meridian Divers are concerned!

28 February 2008

Sea Zones Dive 11th May

As discussed at MD meeting last night Wednesday 28th May I have contacted Sea Zones charter boat at Newhaven
Skipper Mick Luff has provisionally booked the boat for us for Sunday 11th May.

Mick needs to receive a £10 deposit per Diver to confirm Booking
I have provisionally booked 4-5 places but at present the boat is empty we will need to confirm numbers at least 4 weeks before trip so in theory we could book the whole boat. But it would be great to fill the boat asap
Sea Zones takes a max of 8 divers so first names to me get on the list.

cost is £30 for 2 dives 1 wreck and 1 drift coffee and cakes included also you can shelter in the wheel house if its cold.

Mick has also mentioned that if we plan to book the boat more we could place an £80 deposit which would save the hassle of paying deposits individually in the future.

Please let me know if your are interested by posting a comment . Deposits are non refundable

Please send your cheques to me asap I will email those that post a comment on the blog with my address.

The plan will be to dive the TRT weather and conditions allowing but the skippers say is final on where we dive

Check out the website


Dive times and meet times to follow


1. Tad
2. Chris-P
3 Tracy
4 Terese
5 Ernie
6 Simon
7 Jim

Fish & Chip Supper ~ 25th February

Ocean View are holding a Quiz and Fish n Chip supper on Friday 29th February. £5 pp with all proceeds to RNLI. (redcued entry if you don't have F & C)

I'll be there (once I've confirmed the time with Mike/Den!)

I'm sure they will welcome more but be sure to call them today or tomorrow am! - 01903 767224

Halcyon & Silent Planet Presentation ~ 10th March

As Chris mentioned, our comrades at Ocean View have again invited us to join them on Monday 10th March for a presentation fromHalcyon & Silent Planet-

An evening with Halcyon at Ocean View, 5.30pm Monday 10th March.
With Jarrod Jablonski, CEO of Halycyon and Lisa Adam David & Natalie from Silent Planet UK.

Presentation from Halcyon & Silent Planet

Try the latest equipment from Halcyon in the pool.

Mingle with Halcyon staff over buffet

Contact Ocean View to book your place - 01903 767224

27 February 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 27th February

Splendid turn-out for the meeting which at the very last minute switched venues to The Plough at Upper Dicker due to our usual place not being available on the night. The hastily changed arrangements worked very well and everyone enjoyed a change of scenery! Well done to The Plough for accommodating so many of us at short notice.

One or two MDers didn't make it to The Plough and hadn't given apologies so it's just possible they may have turned-up late at the wrong venue, sorry if you had a wasted journey! I don't think that happened but a little courtesy goes a long way!

After a quick slide show of the NEMO 33 trip updates on the dive and social diaries were made along with feedback from the last two organised events . Our Hon Sec Sheila has taken down all the new dates for planning purposes and I will circulate her notes as soon as possible to let the planners get to work!

The next MD meeting will include a filmshow and refreshments and the meeting following that will keep you on your toes! More on those plans to be circulated!

Spaces Available!!!

Sure some of you have had the email from Steve at Channel divers but for those of you who have not, there are spaces available on Good Friday to dive the P & O Liner - Oceana (28mtrs), ropes off at 8.45 am (I'm sure it was later than this originally!!!) at Eastbourne. £40pp. There are at least 2 MD (it's gonna be tough after diving in MA but someone's got to do it!) on this trip and it's a great dive. Call Steve direct on 07970 674799.

25 February 2008

MD @ MA in March

Calling all MDers on the March Marsa Alam dive trip to get your cameras ready! There are some fantastic reefs in the Southern Red Sea and I'm hoping that you'll get some excellent shots. Definately material for a MD meeting. The Hotel we are staying at is ideal with sizeable rooms and the dive boats tie-up at a private quayside within a few metres of the restaurant - what a nuisance!

And more good news, when it comes to room allocation it's not a 'Le Mans' style start ! I've been on many a trip where you have to wait for the starter to say 'You can now go to your rooms !' Only to find the starter has copied the style of some of our other European colleagues and metaphorically placed towels on all the sunbeds they want!

Better run a best Marsa Alam Trip photo contest. Any photos of Dugongs will however be treated with suspicion as diving in their habitat is now officially off the menu!

Meridian Divers at Nemo 33

a few clips from the nemo 33 trip
didnt come out as well as I wanted due to the amount of bubbles in the water at the beginning. Will edit a few more clips taken from the camera looking in from the cafe area shortly

24 February 2008

MD NEMOnauts ~ Just doing it!

Diving Diva Display 34m on the Computer!

In a NEMO 33 'Cave' at 10m
Looking up from 34m

The Meridian Diver Team
Our Meridian Diver Videographer in at the deep end!

Last year two MDers, who had previously obtained their PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness Specialties, were amongst a very few British divers who took part in the DAN Research Day at NEMO 33 , Brussels, during April 2007 and received Research Diver Recognition for their efforts. Their participation led to a Meridian Divers plan to take a larger MD team back to NEMO 33. That plan was put into action over the 23rd & 24th February 2008.

15 MDers had a super week-end in Brussels and 'tucked-in' a 34m dive at NEMO 33 (where DID that extra metre come from?). The week-end has generated far too many tales to 'blog' but some of the amusing moments included a confession from one MDer in which he admitted ordering a taxi to his hotel, on arrival the taxi driver asked 'where to?' and our MDer gave him the address. The taxi driver thought they may be an opportunity to rip-off an unsuspecting dive tourist but rather than take that opportunity he played it straight and simply told the MDer "We are already outside the address you want to go to"! Doh!

Other amusing moments related to our grand restaurant tour! Perhaps I won't blog all that either! Save to say we visited several and sat down in a couple before finally agreeing on THE one! Worth it in the end as we celebrated the earlier dive with a glass or two of Belgium beer and wine.

Another MD successful plan in the bag!

An MD Consultancy?

It's always nice to be flattered. And when that flattery is given in the sincerest form you know that you must be doing a good job well! The efforts of Meridian Divers is clearly being recognised and it is a delight to see others following in our footsteps.
Some people would say there is no such thing as a new idea, they may be right , but it is satisfying to see our successful ideas being taken up by divers and it's also good to know that MD is driving-up standards . May be we ought offer a consultancy service? Heck, what am I saying? We are already doing that and for no charge. Keep-up the good work MDers!

20 February 2008

Dive Equipment ~ Special Offers

A copy of the DEEPBLUE Special Offers designed to challenge the best prices you might find at the London Dive show dropped through my letter box today, looks like some VERY good deals, for example:-

Scubapro Mk25 First Stage with S600 Regulator and 295 Octopus together with Suunto Triple Console AND regulator bag for £494!! (List Price over £800)

Scores of other deals that last until 23rd March - see their website www.deepbluedive.com

Mmmm, makes you think about buying new kit rather than servicing the old gear!

Meridian Divers Meet ~ Wednesday 27th February

The agenda for the next meeting has been circulated, please email me or add a comment if you have not received a copy. The meeting will be held at the Berwick Inn at 7.30pm. I am sure there will be a bit of a NEMO 33 debrief ....so Tad, make sure you have the video ready! Just got all my regs back from servicing so I guess we're getting close to the time when we going to do some UK diving (respect to those muddy puddle divers that have already taken the plongee!)

MD Strikes Again! And again and again and again....

Admittedly , in scuba terms, it was a bit of a dry night , but let's be fair there was always the chance someone would take a dive! Tuesday 19th February was the start of MD Bowling Championship at Lloyds Lane, Eastbourne. Five MDers slipped on the red & white combat shoes then did their less-than-level best to destroy the wooden flooring whilst being actively supported by MD's very own cheerleader group , Sheila & Ernie! The job was slowed down by the inconvenient presence of ten white pins, which on occasions, became the unfortunate collateral damage in this fiercely fought battle. Now being scuba divers none of us professed to be skilled in this challenge but after three games a total of 20 'Spares' had been notched-up and an impresssive 23 'Strikes' , three of which were on the trot! Every member of the MD team managed more than one stike and the top score over the evening was 420 points. OK, may be we will stick to scuba for a hobby but a fun night out and good team building before the NEMO 33 trip at the week-end.

16 February 2008

Diving in North Cyprus

Cengiz has emailed some details (as below) of diving in North Cyrpus which may appeal as a 'new' venue for a trip.

"My friend has several bungalows, situated Alagadi beach, 3 people per bungalow. The cost of one bungalow for 1 week is £150, ( £50 per person) To hire a car works out at £20 per day Average cost of eating out is £5 - £10. (Beer is £1 - £2. Bottle of water is £1 - £2) Dives, will be £10 - £15 per dive .To include tanks and weights.

I would recommend you search for flights on internet. You can fly into the north (Ercan) with Cyprus Turkish Airways. Then it is just a short transfer . You can also fly to the south (Larnaca) with various big operators. But then it is a longer transfer. Hope this has been helpful, if you require further info, please contact me. Cengiz "

All very good value and no doubt an excellent host and local guide! Please add a comment / email me if you are interested.

15 February 2008

Beats a DPV

New sports car creates a splash. A Swiss company says it has invented the world's first underwater car - and it's a convertible. The Rinspeed sQuba concept car was inspired by James Bond's The Spy Who Loved Me. Similar to 007's Lotus Esprit, the sQuba is a road-worthy vehicle that, at the touch of a button, can transform into an amphibious vehicle capable of diving to a depth of about 33 feet. Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht admitted it was Bond who gave him the idea for the car. "And exactly thirty years later this becomes reality in today's world", he says, describing the sQuba as "the worlds first real diving car with zero emission power".
The one-off concept car is not for sale, but it cost around £750,000 to build. Propulsion on the water is by two propellers in the stern while two powerful jet drives in the bow propel the vehicle while diving underwater. The lightweight body is made of futuristic "carbon nano tubes" and the driver is supplied with air by a self-contained on-board system.
The sQuba goes on show for the first time at next month's motor show in Geneva. Perhaps there is an opportunity for a PADI speciality here or then again perhaps not Tad

06 February 2008

Meridian Divers at Wraysbury

A few clips from the Meridian Divers trip to Wraysbury.
A chilly way to spend a Sunday morning but still pretty good fun

03 February 2008

Wraysbury Dive

Well 2 of us turned up for the dive at Wraysbury this morning and and had a enjoyable dip.
With the water a tepid 6.c drysuits were the order of the day.

For those of you who have not dived there Wraysbury is situated close to Heathrow airport just off the M25 and is well set up with a small dive store, air fills, a bar and cafe for the apres dive.

The Viz was around 3m helped by the bright sunshine we had a little bimble around some of the in water attractions including sunken boats and an office desk complete with PC.

With various platfoms the site is well set up for training, which it seemed most people there today were doing.

We reached a max depth of 10.2m and with a few perch swimming around it was a nice way to start the season 0f 2008.

I will post some short video clips and photos once I have edited down the footage.

Even for a puddle dive it still gets me excited and makes me realise how much I love diving.


02 February 2008

Marine Life Courses 2008

One of the refreshing things about a diving network is to be able to go where you want , do what you like without being 'tied' to narrow interests. As a supporter of the Marine Conservation Society for many years I get their newsletters which contain all sorts of diving opportunities. Last year Meridian Divers attended a marine life identification course put on by Kent Seasearch and some of you may be interested in some new courses being offered in 2008. I will will circulate full details by email. These courses also provide an excuse for a social day / week-end away! Diving is of course just an excuse to go and do things ...but then you knew that!

01 February 2008

Ten Pin Bowling ~ Social Event

A session is planned at the David Lloyd Lanes at Eastbourne 19th February at 7.30pm. A few games and some light refreshment ! If you haven't got a bowling shirt ...no worries... you can wear your Meridian Divers shirts! Let me know / add a comment if you want to add your name to the list.

Local Dives ~ Buddy Planning

Simon has booked diving on:-

24/3/08 - Indian (Wreck)

19/4/08 - Drift Dive

27/4/08 - Drift Dive

Tracey's bookings are shown in the January blog archive. If you want to link up with these MDers add a comment / email me / them.

National Diving & Activies Centre ~ Trip Planning

Simon is planning at week-end at the above location in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester over the 17th & 18th May 2008. Accommodation will be about £45pppnand entrance fees £15pppd.
As ever , interested names on a comment or email please .

Looe Diving ~ Trip Planning

Sheila is planning a trip to Cornwall, an old favourite with MDers. 5th & 6th July. Looe Divers have two boats (to carry 10 or 12 divers) . Two days diving (four dives) will be £80.00 with accommodation in the order of £35-£45 pppn. Nine MDers at the planning meeting have expressed an interest. usual dive trip planning rules apply ...first come first served, places being 'reserved' on receipt of your lovely money! Add your name on a comment or email me / Sheila for more information.

Lundy Island Diving ~ Trip Planning

Planning is underway to establish costs for a Lundy Island (Bristol Channel) Diving Trip. Dates dependent on availabitity of Charters. Lundy Island has spectacular diving with clearer water and of course SEALS, the island itself is beautiful and a steep and long walk to the top is rewarded with a visit to a pub that serves good food and has wonderful views. Definately a trip to remember! More details by email when we have them! For now if you are interested add a comment with your name!

Get a flavour of the place on this link:-


And if that's not enough , take a look at the seal photo on the right hand panel of the blog, that was taken at Lundy.

Northern France Update

I have received the following from Steve re Northern France Trip

Hi Tracy,
I have attached a booking form with the price details and deposit requirements,
basically, 5 days diving in Dieppe is £3300 and thats for 10 divers, so £330pp.
you can bring 11 or 12 but 10 is best.
Accommodation is plentyful, lots of hotels all along the sea front and reasonably priced, about £85 for the

Day 1, We will do one dive on the way accross
Day 2, 2 wreck dives
Day 3, 2 wreck dives
Day 4, 2 wreck dives
Day 5, We will do one dive on the way back

The wrecks will be 1st & 2nd WW wrecks and possibly a few new targets,(unknown's), but depths will be in
the mid 20's.

One of the Hotels that Steve recommends on his website is Hotel D'Angleterre and I have listed the prices below:

Period blue
Single Room / Double Room
45.00 Euros / 80.00 Euros
Twin Room
55.00 Euros / 70.00 Euros
Triple Room
75.00 Euros / 80.00 Euros
Family Room
85.00 Euros / 95.00 Euros

Continental breakfast
5.50 Euros / pers.
Buffet Breakfast (Week end)
7.00 Euros / pers.
Parking - Pets
5.00 Euros / day

At the moment, it's not looking good. I have had 4 definate No, 1 possibility and 1 not sure! If we cant do this year would be worth looking at dates maybe for next year and booking early?? Get more choice of dates that way.