29 February 2008

Selsey Lifeboat Station Dive ~ 30th March

Now it may not sound like it but the Selsey Lifeboat Station is a locally renowned dive site. The BBC 'Coast' TV programme featured the dive site and in particular the numbers of cuttlefish who call the waters home. The dive was also written-up in DIVER magazine (September 2007 from memory!)

Interestingly or perhaps not, the DIVER article was written by Gavin Parsons whereas the dive photographer featured in the Coast TV programme was Paul Parsons. Maybe a family affair!

So with all this coverage we thought it was high time Meridian Divers took a peep. Sunday 30th is the chosen day , meet at Mulberry Divers at 12.30. Dive at 14.15 (don't forget the clocks go forward!).

The Life Boat station is not technically a pier , but what the heck lets call it a pier dive as far as Meridian Divers are concerned!

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