24 February 2008

MD NEMOnauts ~ Just doing it!

Diving Diva Display 34m on the Computer!

In a NEMO 33 'Cave' at 10m
Looking up from 34m

The Meridian Diver Team
Our Meridian Diver Videographer in at the deep end!

Last year two MDers, who had previously obtained their PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness Specialties, were amongst a very few British divers who took part in the DAN Research Day at NEMO 33 , Brussels, during April 2007 and received Research Diver Recognition for their efforts. Their participation led to a Meridian Divers plan to take a larger MD team back to NEMO 33. That plan was put into action over the 23rd & 24th February 2008.

15 MDers had a super week-end in Brussels and 'tucked-in' a 34m dive at NEMO 33 (where DID that extra metre come from?). The week-end has generated far too many tales to 'blog' but some of the amusing moments included a confession from one MDer in which he admitted ordering a taxi to his hotel, on arrival the taxi driver asked 'where to?' and our MDer gave him the address. The taxi driver thought they may be an opportunity to rip-off an unsuspecting dive tourist but rather than take that opportunity he played it straight and simply told the MDer "We are already outside the address you want to go to"! Doh!

Other amusing moments related to our grand restaurant tour! Perhaps I won't blog all that either! Save to say we visited several and sat down in a couple before finally agreeing on THE one! Worth it in the end as we celebrated the earlier dive with a glass or two of Belgium beer and wine.

Another MD successful plan in the bag!


Tracey said...

I have to agree a fantastic weekend with lots of laughs - especially us 'Terrible Trio' I would just like to say a very big Thank You to my personnal chauffuer for the great night sight seeing tour of Brussels!!

ir-Reverend said...

Also I'd like to say "top effort" to the organising team, and it was a pleasure to survive the Gallic Sealion assault and live to tell the tale. Next time we should take a bucket of sardines with us so we can lure our French neighbours away from the deep shaft.

Tad said...

Firstly a big thankyou to Chris for organising the trip. Bloody hard work on his part but all got there on time and from my point of view everyone had a great time.
Secondly thanks for the lift mate very much appreciated.
Thirdly and I dont mean to sound corny but from my point of view the weekend was made special because of all of you who were there great people and a great laugh.
Fourthly Navigation award goes to Sara,Teresa and Tracy who somehow managed to navigate to Nemo and the hotel without Sat nav and avoid some dodgy Belgium drivers and trams in the process.
Fifthly great pics hopefully will get some video footage edited asap and posted on here.
Sixthly I still feel like crap
Seventhly bring on the next MD trip

Tad said...

probably easier just sink France Matt

Jimbob said...

Looks like a great trip. Fantastic photos! looking forward to hearing about it at the next meeting.

Simon-T said...

Thanks one and all for a great weekend and a special thanks to Chris for organising. My deepest dive to-date is now in a pool, very
sad! Cheers, Simon And Linda.

Tracey said...

Hope you feeling a bit better now Tad. As for those French lot - I've thought of a great way to clear the pool next time- just a shame I didn't think of it sooner!!