28 February 2008

Sea Zones Dive 11th May

As discussed at MD meeting last night Wednesday 28th May I have contacted Sea Zones charter boat at Newhaven
Skipper Mick Luff has provisionally booked the boat for us for Sunday 11th May.

Mick needs to receive a £10 deposit per Diver to confirm Booking
I have provisionally booked 4-5 places but at present the boat is empty we will need to confirm numbers at least 4 weeks before trip so in theory we could book the whole boat. But it would be great to fill the boat asap
Sea Zones takes a max of 8 divers so first names to me get on the list.

cost is £30 for 2 dives 1 wreck and 1 drift coffee and cakes included also you can shelter in the wheel house if its cold.

Mick has also mentioned that if we plan to book the boat more we could place an £80 deposit which would save the hassle of paying deposits individually in the future.

Please let me know if your are interested by posting a comment . Deposits are non refundable

Please send your cheques to me asap I will email those that post a comment on the blog with my address.

The plan will be to dive the TRT weather and conditions allowing but the skippers say is final on where we dive

Check out the website


Dive times and meet times to follow


1. Tad
2. Chris-P
3 Tracy
4 Terese
5 Ernie
6 Simon
7 Jim


Tracey said...

Count me in Tad

Tad said...

your added Tracy

Simon-T said...

Hi Tad, Could you stick me down for this one pretty please.

Jimbob said...

Hello Tad, thanks for organising this, please could you add me. Thanks

Tad said...

hi all if you can make you cheques payable to be I will just send of one cheque.

For those of you who I dont have contact details ie email let me have yours and i will send you my address thanks for the support on this trip and your quick responses just one more place for a full house any takers.

Chris-P said...

Payable to be , or not to be? Ha ha!

Tad said...

now that is the question whether to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or just make them payable to me

Tad said...

Mr.R.J.Taberer on the cheques please

Jimbob said...

I have rather a large positive account balance with Mick. Can I sort it out direct with him or would you prefer a cheque to keep it simple?

Tad said...

Hi jim
lets keep it simple that way i know where I am because lose track easily will send you my address. I hope thats ok

Jimbob said...

No problem

Steve L said...

Is place 8 still available on this dive?? if so i would like to fill it. Steve

Chris-P said...

Hi Steve, I will ask Tad to check the spaces for you. I'll email you regards the dive logistics etc!