01 February 2008

Northern France Update

I have received the following from Steve re Northern France Trip

Hi Tracy,
I have attached a booking form with the price details and deposit requirements,
basically, 5 days diving in Dieppe is £3300 and thats for 10 divers, so £330pp.
you can bring 11 or 12 but 10 is best.
Accommodation is plentyful, lots of hotels all along the sea front and reasonably priced, about £85 for the

Day 1, We will do one dive on the way accross
Day 2, 2 wreck dives
Day 3, 2 wreck dives
Day 4, 2 wreck dives
Day 5, We will do one dive on the way back

The wrecks will be 1st & 2nd WW wrecks and possibly a few new targets,(unknown's), but depths will be in
the mid 20's.

One of the Hotels that Steve recommends on his website is Hotel D'Angleterre and I have listed the prices below:

Period blue
Single Room / Double Room
45.00 Euros / 80.00 Euros
Twin Room
55.00 Euros / 70.00 Euros
Triple Room
75.00 Euros / 80.00 Euros
Family Room
85.00 Euros / 95.00 Euros

Continental breakfast
5.50 Euros / pers.
Buffet Breakfast (Week end)
7.00 Euros / pers.
Parking - Pets
5.00 Euros / day

At the moment, it's not looking good. I have had 4 definate No, 1 possibility and 1 not sure! If we cant do this year would be worth looking at dates maybe for next year and booking early?? Get more choice of dates that way.


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