29 February 2008

Sink One for Seaford Blog

I don't know if you are all aware that we also have a blog now -http://www.sinkone4seaford.blogspot.com/
I have just completed some updates and we would welcome your comments. Keep checking out the website www.sinkone4seaford.co.uk as we are regularly updating photos and news (even if we are a bit slow at times)

Thanks for all your support guys (oh! and if anyone wants a T-Shirt, just drop us an email, only £10 and full proceeds to the project :-)

1 comment:

Chris-P said...

Toni, thanks for the update, we were of your new blog and Tony Fowler has been to meetings to brief MD on progress but it's always good to keep in touch. We're pleased that blogging has taken-off in the diving community because it does get people involved. Wouldn't be surprised to see more blogs emerging.