31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all our readers let's hope it's aWet one

26 December 2010

Diving Down-Under!

The things I have to go through just to save a bit of money and get from my place to the sea. All the scuba gear in the back made me slide off.
Guess who's pulling me out. The shame of it.
You guys have got it easy living right next to the water, I have to suffer these conditions just to get near the wet stuff.
Merry Christmas from Oz.

25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all MDers and their buds!

15 December 2010

Meridian Diners!

MDers gathered at the Gun at Gun Hill for a few seasonal drinks before  festive three-course nosh in their newly named 'Divers Retreat' dining room. Despite meticulous planning and record keeping nearly everyone denied their dinner choices, well OK,a slight exaggeration! 

Xmas Dinner Divers

Sadly not all could make it and amongst them were Debbie & Ian who have just recently taken-off for a one year stay in Portugal, but thanks to them for sponsoring the prizes for the Annual MD Photo Competition. This year MDers were asked to confine their photo submissions to one photo in each of the two categories. This reduced the judging time to a few minutes rather than what has seemed like days in the past! The two category winners are below, so personal thanks to Debbie & Ian too!
Photo Competition Winner (Above Water Category) (by Chris-P)

Photo Competition Winner (Under Water Category) (by Nick P)
Alex submitted a rather contemporary photo of a sheep in the 'above water category' and going by recent years judging which has favoured four-legged mammals with coats it had to be regarded as a very serious contender for the category. And for that matter ,who knows, even the under water category too! It's anyone's guess when you ask judges their views after a few drinks!

And contrary to popular belief the Meridian Divers were not the last ones to the the establishment, as unbeknown to many the kitchen cleaner was working overtime that night!

Best wishes to all MDers for a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

05 December 2010

Red Sea Shark Attacks

You will probably have not failed to notice the recent reports from the Red Sea of shark attacks . Whatever is happening does seem leave an impression we are not familiar with. Stories below:-

Sharks attack Four Divers

German Tourist Killed by Shark in Sharm

Sussex Witness Account

Oceanic Whitetip Shark considers human swimmers as potential food source!

01 December 2010

Diving The Wreck Of The Holland V Submarine

video clips from the Holland V dive 17th October with TWSAC I used jamies footage as mine was very grainy.

19 November 2010

Winter Dive Dates with Buccaneer

2010 summer maybe over but Chris West's Hard Boat is still venturing out in search of watery adventures. So if you like diving chilled, check out the dates below and weather permitting put those dry suits to good use.
With a warm cabin and plenty of hot drinks apres dive and prices the same as the clubs £25 for 1 wreck and £35 for 2 dives continue diving through the winter.

You can contact Chris on Call 01273 464225 / 07802 571056 or e-mail chris.bucc2@o2.co.uk.
Chris is also open to dive site suggestions.

Sat Nov 20th (HWS) Leave 08-30hrs - Waterford or Fortuna or Small Gun Wreck all about 34m
Sun Nov 21st (HWS) Leave 08-00hrs - venue to be decided
Sat Nov 27th (HWN) Leave 11-45hrs -
Sun Nov 28th (HWN) Leave 12-45hrs -
Sun Dec 5th (HWS) Leave 08-30hrs - Waterford or Fortuna ( 34m Max)
Sat Dec 11th (HWN) Leave 11-45hrs -
Sun Dec 12th (HWN) Leave 12-00hrs - Indianna
Sat / Sun Dec 18th/19th (HWN) Leave 09-00hrs for a drift dive
Wed Dec 29th (LWN) Leave 09-30hrs

18 November 2010

MDMA ~ Diving in Ecstasy

Turtle returning to the Sea Grass with Remoras
The MD Team are just back from diving in Marsa Alam. A quick few lines and some photos to set the 'dive report' ball rolling!  Phil, Heidi, Ross, Angela, Simon, Linda , Sue & I got back late last night after a week in Marsa Alam diving (again) with Emperor Divers based in the Marina Lodge Hotel. Most had booked the five day diving package of two boat dives for four days and two shore dives. A lovely warm contrast to home with air temperatures around 33 Deg C and water at around 27 Deg C.
The Dives sites were:-

1.  Marsa Morena (North Reef) : 58 mins at Max 23.8m
2.  Marsa Mornea (South Reef) : 61 mins at Max 17.1 m
3.  Marsa Shoni Kebir (North Reef) : 48mins at Max 26.5m
4.  Marsa Shoni Kebir (South Reef) : 48mins at Max 23.5m
5.  Marsa Shoni Soraya (North Reef) : 60mins at Max 21.0m
6.  Marsa Shoni Soraya (South Reef)  : 51mins at Max 21.0m
7.  Abu Dubab : 71mins at Max 15.6m
8.  Abu Dubab : 70 mins at Max 16.2m
9.  Torfet Ali (North Reef)  : 62mins at Max 25.3m
10. Torfet Ali (South Reef) : 70mins at Max 19.8m

Well Camouflaged Flat Fish (with Sea Grass-like eyes)
Giving an average dive time of just about an hour which seemed quite respectable. Underwater highlights of the trip (for me) were surface sightings of the Dugong, and some quality time with the Hawksbill Turtles at Abu Dubab, a reasonably shallow and now only a shore dive to help protect the marine life.

About time for a breath!
Above water, the Port Ghalib area continues to develop and the MD group made excursions to the more built-up North side of the Marina to extend our range of refreshment opportunities !
A Lebanese restaurant had lovely outdoor seating along side a water feature and TGI Friday's (well we enjoy local culture!) met our more Western needs!

Life is all Ups & Downs!
There were plenty of opportunities to debrief the dives over a Sakara in the evenings and to compare notes on the belly dancers moves!  Sadly (or may be not!) for the ladies , the Whirling Dervish dancer remained fully clothed , well give or take a whirling skirt or two , for the duration.

The Paparazzi and others hangers-on are such a drag!
The Emperor Team were excellent and our principle guide MSDT Hannah "Montana" knew the sites well gave detailed briefings and added  fun & smiles. She and colleague Chris presented a very professional but natural image .

Keeping a Low Profile
Thanks to all the MD buddies for making the visit so enjoyable , it was so good I nearly found myself staying another night ....but that's another story!

Hannah "Montana"

13 November 2010

T.R.Thompson Talk Tuesday 16th November

Meridian Divers have been asked to give a presentation on the SS.T.R.Thompson project to Sovereign Divers at the Svereign Yacht Club Eastbourne Marina on Tuesday 16th November (next week) at 7.30pm.
If you would like to come along Sovereign Divers will make you more than welcome.

07 November 2010

Tiger & Thai ~ Wednesday 3rd November

Just a note to say thank you to all those who could make the Thai dinner at Thai Terre and a pre-dinner drink at the Tiger Inn at East Dean.  A very pleasant evening and a chance for those of us going on the Marsa Alam dive trip this month to catch-up on the detail!

I'm told by Ross that the Marsa Alam Sea Temperature was 27.8 Deg C (82F) on the 4th November, sounds nice (even warmer than usual?)

Oh ! And speaking of dinners, there are some Christmas Dinner balances to be paid! Fingers out please!

01 November 2010

Lanzarote Diving

An offer to dive in Lanzarote came to me from Brighton Diver’s a 10 dive package through the company Active adventures  . Our shared apartment at the Hotel Santa Rosa was clean and totally acceptable although a hot 15 minutes walk to social events. Calypso divers  arranged pick ups for the 10 dives at a prompt PLT (Peter Lanzarote Time) Peter the owner of calypso divers a large man of impressive man management skills gave a sense of calm to divers new and old with a cheeky banter and unmistakeable control in a high risk environment. The island has all year round diving with the weather warm and comfortable; we eat out regularly and found it was excellent value. My thanks to all the staff at Calypso and adventure holidays I was more than satisfied with my dive week and would be more then happy to dive them again and look forward to return to Lanzarote 
Posted obo Phil-P

20 October 2010

Anyone for a Thai Dinner?

At an earlier MD meeting a Thai dinner was suggested, if MDers would like to , we could hold the next 'meeting' at the Thai Terre restaurant in East Dean on Wednesday 3rd November. If this is an option we will need confirmed numbers quickly! Let me know!

17 October 2010

Holland V ~ Protected Historic Submarine Wreck

Many thanks to TWSAC and Jamie, in particular, for inviting Meridian Divers Tad, Ernie & I aboard "My Sharon" skippered by Ray for a dive on the historic submarine wreck of the Holland V.

As the NAS web site says the  "submarine is a remarkable piece of our naval heritage. She was the first submarine to actually be commissioned in the Royal Navy, on the 19th January 1903 at the same time as Holland 3. The Holland class of submarine rapidly become obsolete and in 1912 Holland 5 was destined for destruction and was being towed to Sheerness when she foundered and sunk at her present location 6 miles SE of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse, Sussex, England"
Preparing the Video Camera
TWSAC, having a licence to dive the wreck, set course for the her using their Club RIB as a pathfinder and MV My Sharon which carried six of us and all the MD divers. It's a long run from Newhaven, 21 miles each way, taking about two hours on each leg of the journey. The run out was a bit bumpy (but we've all seen a lot worse!)  but day remained bright (though overcast) , the journey home was across a far smoother sea and was a delight in itself as we watched the sun set.
Some of the TWSAC & MD Divers
The RIB divers had shot the wreck and so on arrival we kitted-up and went down. Jamie had promised us 6m viz, well who would argue with about 3m on a special wreck like this. A submarine lying (upright) on the bottom doesn't offer much in the way of a multi-level dive so we stayed most of our time around the max depth of about 32 meters. A drop of Nitrox 31% made my NDL more tolerable,and with a slow ascent we clocked 47 minutes on the dive.
Propeller Blade
The shot took us to midships from where we examined the main hatch and small glass porthole (intact), from there we moved to the stern to check-out the three blade propeller, before going to the bow and the torpedo hatch (open, as a result of the hatch cover being absent). It was thought the cover had been stolen but theft was by no means certain. Some divers have always said that the cover would take a lot of force to have removed and thought a trawl net may have been the culprit. Well, there were signs of heavy duty netting adjacent to the bow (lying in the seabed), may be this theory is correct after all.
Torpedo Tube (Bow)
Two of our number videoed the wreck and I took some pot shots with my camera. No doubt we will soon see an edited video being released!

On ascent to the dive boat we had a peaceful ride back to Newhaven. We has left port at 12.30pm and got back at 6pm to watch a beautiful sunset bathe the coast in golden sun. Tea & biscuits on the boat back was very English (but no cucumber sandwiches I note!).
Top (Main) Hatch Porthole
A long day when you add prep & travel to and from port time , but a really good day and very memorable. Fantastic opportunity to see such a historic wreck, and especially after having seen Holland I at the Gosport Submarine museum some years ago.
Netting adjacent to bow torpedo hatch

13 October 2010

Fortuna Wreck Dive ~ Sunday 17th October

Hi All

I have 2 spaces for a dive this Sunday 17th October. The forecast is good and the price is only £35 for the 2 dives. The Plan is:

Meet 11:30
Ropes off 12:15
Dive Fortuna on LW slack (Max depth 30m) Drift dive on way back in Return to Marina 6:15 approx

If you fancy it give me a call/text on 07729 277651 or drop me an email.

Speak Soon
Mick Luff
Sea-Zones boat charter(Newhaven)
Tel 07729 277651

04 October 2010

Goodies up for Grabs

As mentioned at the last meeting, it is with regret that I am having to hang up my fins. Before I open up my goodies to the general public I thought I would let MD ers see if they wanted to get their Mitts on any of it first.
I haven't priced anything as such as yet as all is negotiable but I do have some ideas - if interested please add a comment or better still give me a call (as daughter generally commendeers the lap top & internet access therefore restricted!)

  • Hunters Gates Trilaminate Drysuit (includes bag & hose) boot size small (approx 5) new neck seal, serviced, less than 30 dives
  • 12l dumpy tank with boot & handle (needs test)
  • Scubapro 1st stage with brand new DIN fitting, 2nd stage Scubapro R390, Oceanic Octupus, plus BCD knife - serviced last June & not used since (pains me to sell but pointless keeping )
  • Brand new Everflex gloves - never worn size XS
  • Almost new Wet Suit Boots XXXS (4/5) - worn once, 6.5mm, great on beach as really thick sole
  • C4 torch (not rechargable) twin bulb.

I also have a few little bits & pieces which I will bring along on Wednesday.

01 October 2010

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Another good evening, although half of the group wimped out of the Laser Quest.

We split into two groups for the bowling the A Team (Mandy, Trez, Paul, Sheila)& B Team (Ian, Sue, Ernie, Debbie, Tracey). The A team thrashed the B Team with the star of the night being Paul whose score for the 2 games was 267.

It was suggested that perhaps we look at having a running score competition for next year.

Sorry no photos as our resident photographer was learning how to turn his new camera on.

29 September 2010

28 September 2010

Newhaven Port fined for Health & Safety Failings

A Sussex port and an Italian shipping company have today been fined a total of £185,000 for health and safety failings after a worker drowned at Newhaven Docks. For more info click HERE.

26 September 2010

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 6th October 2010

Usual venue at 8pm! Just a reminder for your diaries!

Indiana Wreck Dive ~ 25th September (from Buccaneer)

Come out to play Mr C

Sponge thing

Ernie doing a Diver thing

I hadn't planned to dive this weekend but a phone call to Chris West of Buccaneer late friday changed that. Chris hadn't planned to go out but with John B wanting to try out a wet suit with his rebreather for a forthcoming Red Sea trip Chris offered to go out to do a shallow wreck as the vis was better close in. So Ernie, John and I headed out to the wreck of the Indiana in bright sunshine with Chris and Dave crewing.
I had dived the Indy in April and had around 10m vis but wasnt expecting the same.

30 minutes later we had dropped the shot and were soon kitted up and over the side.Well there wasn't 10m vis but a good 6m so was well pleased with that. At 11m depth and a bit of an overkill on a equipment 2 sets of twins and a rebreather we could have stayed down for hours.

The first thing that struck me was the amount of life compared with earlier in the year,the wreck was an aquarium. We set off exploring the flattened wrecks nooks and crannies. With Ernie teasing congers and me trying to film the time flew. After 50 minutes we had seen most of the wreck and decided to head back up also as it was a very big tide the current was starting to rip through. Topside Dave had made soup and with all the usual Buccaneer banter we headed back to port.

Thanks to Chris, Dave and John for the trip out another great little dive. Video to follow shortly.


18 September 2010

Go Ape Leeds Castle Social

The Arboreal Branch (pun) of Meridian Divers took to the trees a couple of weekends back in the Grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent. Following on from last years lark at Bedgbury Forest which everyone enjoyed we met up and took on the challenge of the leeds castle course.

Although very similar to the bedgbury course, the main difference was that the zip wires tended to be longer up to half a kilometre perhaps more and a little higher crossing valleys.

I am pleased to say though most of the MD apers took the extreme routes which at times resulted in some interesting language especially on the hoops, no tree huggers here.

With the MD Mutts contingent following on foot it took around 3 hours to complete the course and plenty of bruises to show for it.

Some people managed to avoid the experience yet again by deliberately booking holidays or going to the wrong venue but there is always next year when we plan to climb the Mattahorn and base jump down.

The tree hopping was followed by a picnic in the park.

Thanks to Linda for organising the day.
Back to diving tomorrow ten times easier.

Photos to follow.


17 September 2010

HD Diving Videos on www

Thought you might light to take a look at some Hi Def diving videos from Submerge ... click HERE!

16 September 2010

Night Dive ~ Sovereign Harbour North

Thanks to Planet Divers, Dustin , Kuba and colleagues for the opportunity to do a night dive in their training location, Sovereign Harbour North.

The arrangements were good and we were pleased with the support and friendship of the Planet Divers crew, who were well equipped and organised, a credit to their training.

We set off in two groups to explore the reasonably shallow water and found there were plenty of eels, small fish/fry along with gobies & crabs. Some small cuttlefish were also seen but the North Harbour shark kept a low profile.

Taking part from MD were:-

Sheila provided additional surface cover. The Planet Divers RIB , skippered by Chris , was in the water and acted as safety boat. Water temperature 17Deg C and a few metres viz.

Wreck Dive ~ Saturday 18th September

From Chris West

We have space on BUCCANEER on this Saturday leaving at 12-00hrs. For some reason everyone seems to be doing something on Saturday. However the weather will be excellent with the wind as northerly F1 or F2, sunny and it is almost the smallest tides of the summer, so the vis should be good.

The dive is advertised for the Jaffa which will be about 18metres deep on a low tide slack, this Saturday.

Let me know ASAP so that we can fill up the boat.


Buccaneer Charters
Tel: 01273 464225
Mob: 07802571056

ris West Buccaneer

14 September 2010

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Laser Quest and Bowling is booked at Lloyds Lanes for 28th September. Laser Quest is booked of 7:40 and bowling 8:00. Meet at 7:30.

Laser Quest/Bowling

Bowling only

If anyone else wants to come can you please post a comment ASAP.

13 September 2010

Buccaneer Dives 19th September

As posted earlier by Simon there are spaces on Buccaneer on Sunday 19th Sept. There are 2 dives the first is the Stanwold (38M) and 2nd small Gun Wreck (28M). Ropes off 13-15hrs.

Divers so far


With small tides this week and weather permitting there should be some viz.
Post a comment if interested

12 September 2010

Nerja Diving ~ Spain

There are diving holidays and holidays with diving , my trip to Nerja (near Malaga on the Costa del Sol) was a holiday with some diving! Just two dives in fact! Both with Buceo Costa Nerja based on the Burriana beach , on the East side of the town.

The Med is generally not regarded as a 'diving destination' as it's principal attraction beyond (usually) warm water tends to be rock formations and occasional swim-throughs. Hence a holiday with some dives!

I did two shores dives on the same site (Marina Delesté, itself East of Nerja) over two days, so not what you would call full-on diving! Entry was a simple walk-in off the beach over a gentle slope of pebbles. Having descended we hugged the shoreline on our right shoulder and gained depth as we worked around the bay until 'U-Turning' and retracing our 'steps'! There were a few shoals of small fish and a lone (small) octopus. A few dozen tiny fluorescent purple fish (sorry , I don't know the species) were the colour highlight.

Marina Delesté is about a 30min drive from the PADI Dive Centre which is Spanish owned & run. Briefings were in English at the Centre and the dives were led by Spanish speaking guides. Formalities at the Centre were kept to a minimum, no PADI medical forms or a need to show cards. I had to certify that I wouldn't urinate in the rented wet suit or if I did I would have to buy it at a price of €150 ! I assume it was not just me that had to sign that , perhaps they took me for someone who needs a self-heating suit! I asked if I could have a dry suit on the basis that I could pee in it and get it for €150 (deal!) but no, I think they had spotted my ruse!

I have no underwater photos to attach as I didn't take the u/w camera ... I have dived the Med before and have plenty of rock photos.

Shore dives were priced at a heavy (I thought) €50 but reduced to €40 for me as I had taken some of my own kit. Another Brit did a 1:1 Scuba Discovery (one shore dive) and paid €100 ... whoa! Cheaper to dive in the Maldives, let alone Egypt!

Not surprisingly my dive profiles were very similar, 14.3m/14.6m and 50mins/58mins respectively. The most surprising thing of the diving experience was the degree in water temperature fluctuation over the space of three days, on the first dive the water temp was 25Deg C at the bottom and two days later it was astonishingly (well to me!) down to 14 Deg C at the bottom. So the second dive in the same kit was cool! The massive temp change was put down to Atlantic water flushing into the Med! I feared that coolness might cost me €150 but honour & wallet was saved to fight another day!

If I visit Nerja again , which is quite possible, I don't imagine doing more than two dives again.

Thanks to my diving buddies, in particular, Rudy from Belgium.

07 September 2010

Sovereign Divers Visit

Firstly apologies to the Sovereign guys for not posting this before secondly a big thank you for making us feel welcome at your social evening which I feel was a great success even though the technology took a bit of sorting out for the film show.

With some ideas for a range of diving and social opportunities discussed for both the winter and next years diving season the future looks bright for a lot of joint projects for local dive clubs who wish to be involved.

Thanks to Jim for organising the evening


Quail Dive 5th Sept from Buccaneer By Jools from TWSAC

A steam/sailing ship built in 1870 but by 1886 had sunk in the Channel. With a beam of less than 30ft and a little over 220ft in length she sits in a general depth of 40 odd meters. A mishap in the fog, colliding with another vessel, sent her to the bottom, complete with general cargo.

Tad had called me up to say they had space on ‘Buccaneer’ out of Shoreham. Jumping at the chance I called in a third man. (Safety in numbers)!!

Parking is just above the jetty so loading was easy, no sooner was kit stowed the crew were dishing out tea and biscuits. Out past the harbour entrance all onboard opted for the wheel house. The easterly wind pushed the waves hard, against the port side. Just in time.... more tea and biscuits.

The boat was full of eager divers donning suits before the shot was placed. Tad, Dave and I waited till last to have clear deck space. With another chance at this endless supply of Rosie lee.

Departure is over the port gunnels, freefall and splash. Being short in the leg, I could have done with a box. A well timed wave sent me nuts skywards; the rest of me fell into the abyss!!!

Regrouping at the shot the decent begins. The light soon disappears; the graininess of the water is picked out in the torch beam.

Roger is just leaving as we arrive on the upper deck. 37m on L/W. Working our way around the perimeter to start, we peer through the rusted hull plates.

The soft layer of silt easily disturbed. The wreck has been split in two and you can swim into the upper holds. Clearer water is ahead, with a ladder leading up and out. Tad and I continue forward, under the deck and into a second. Dave goes over the top, meeting us as we exit at the helm. This had stopped us going further as it has collapsed through the deck. The wheel is still attached in part. The outer rim has gone leaving the hub and spokes. I’m sure there is a third hold but my deco meter is running a tab. coming back out, Dave has found something of interest. (Will have to let the ROW, know first). Dave blows the delayed as Tad and I bag up his catch. Just enough time to clip it to the delayed as it goes top side. Piece of cake.

Talking of which we had a few minutes of deco time to think about tea and cake. Tad and I had a game of scissors, rock, and paper. I threw in my own version of dynamite, which soon stopped the game. It’s the same sign for going up!!!

It’s a must do again dive now I have a better orientation of the Quail.<

Thanks to Jools for the write up reproduced from the TWSAC Blog www.twsac.blogspot.com

Thanks to Chris and Buccaneer team for another jolly day out


02 September 2010

Porthkerris (Cornwall) Dive Trip ~ May 2011 tbc

Simon is planning a long week-end at Porthkerris Divers in May of 2011, dates to be confirmed. Porthkerris is in a natural bay that has good visibility and some great shore diving along with boat dives to wrecks & reefs. It's a long journey so to make the best of the travel it is hoped to have an extended week-end there.

Night Dive ~ Thursday 16th September

In partnership with Planet Divers a night dive will take place at Sovereign Harbour (North). Max depth 7m, average depth 4.5m. Shore entry/ exit.

The Harbour usually has good visibility (approx min 4m) and has a varied marine life. This is a good opportunity to try an inland salt water UK night dive in what is probably a new location for MDers.

£5 per diver. Divers must have a torch & back-up along with a surface marker buoy (as a contingency).

Should be a bit of fun! Nine MDers have indicated an interest. Rendezvous at 7.15pm at the Aqua Club, Pevensey (Planet Divers Social base!). Add a comment if interested.

Taking Part :-
  • Mandy & Paul
  • Sheila & Ernie
  • Simon
  • Phill
  • Trez
  • Chris
All participants emailed additional details [3/9/10]

BBQ at Tad's (Chatham) ~ Sunday 26th September

Tad & Nicki are organising a BBQ at their home , seven MDers attending so far. Let Tad know if you are attending , or add a comment.

Red Sea Liveaboard ~ September 2011 tbc

Sheila is planning a Red Sea Liveaboard , Northern Itinerary (Wrecks & Reefs) , dates and details to be confirmed in the order of £1100. Interested? Aiming to select a date in September 2011

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Just an update an correction of the date , to confirm, it IS Tuesday 29th September. Currently nine MDers are participating.

01 September 2010

Wreck Diving ~ Sunday 19th September

It's a great Low Water neap tide slack, so it would be good to do something like the Tycho or Porthkerry, maybe the Quail. All in the late 30m to 42m if the guys are up for it. Otherwise, if there are enough of you you can request a particular wreck.

Plenty of space at the moment. Ropes off at 13:15hrs


Buccaneer Dive Boat Charter (Shoreham)


  • Simon T
  • Ernie B
  • Therese S
  • Tad

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 1st September 2010

A well attended meeting was joined by Dustin & Kuba from Planet Divers (Eastbourne). The link with Planet Divers has put a lot of interesting new opportunities for diving on the table, for example:-

Access to their RIB
Access to the Sovereign Harbour (North) open water training site
Shared access to the Sovereign Centre dive pool
Access to air fills
Opportunity to share places on dive trips

MDers were also able to brief Dustin on the change of ownership at Newhaven Scuba Centre and the excellent facilities available at Ocean View Diving at Lancing.

Meridian Divers pride themselves in creating dive opportunities and making links with other local divers, such as the joint social event organised with Sovereign Divers (Eastbourne BSAC) on Tuesday 24th August.

Minutes of the meeting will be circulated as soon as possible.

Missing Holland V Torpedo Hatch

This story was reported on the BBC South East News this evening (1st September) and is featured on the BBC web site.

Click HERE to view the web page.

I'm told (as I didn't see the broadcast) that the BBC used the photo from the Meridian Divers blog, I'll waive the BBC fee for their use of my photo in the interests of supporting our maritime heritage, and to help demonstrate that many divers have respect for wrecks & their history.

30 August 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 1st September

Just a reminder of the revised plan ... the next MD meeting will be at 8pm (EIGHT PM !!) at the Berwick Inn, Berwick on Wednesday 1st September.

26 August 2010

Torpedo Hatch Theft From Holland V Protected Wreck

As most of us are on the licence list to dive the Holland V protected wreck I have been asked by TWSAC's Jamie Smith, the wrecks licencee to post this.

Dear Jamie

The other Licensee for the Holland No 5 has reported to me that following a dive on the 9th August it was apparent the torpedo tube hatch at the bow of the Holland 5 is no longer on the wreck. It was definitely there in September 2008 as I have a photo of it on the site.

I am keen to try and find out as much as possible before deciding the action that should be taken. I was wondering if you have dived on the site at all since June or if you had heard anything locally about divers being on the site illegally?

Any help or information you can give would be greatly appreciated,

Best wishes
Alison Alison Hamer
Maritime Archaeologist.

Nobody who is on Jamies licence, as far as we are aware, have dived the wreck yet this year. If you know anybody who has or have any info regarding this theft please post a comment your comment will only be visible to the site moderator so will be treated in confidence. Please help us catch the idiots who are ruining the possibility of diving this piece of history for everyone else.


For information , here is the torpedo tube hatch from Holland I at Gosport Submarine Museum , anyone seen anything like this coming off a dive boat in the area??

[Dates in letter to Jamie corrected on the advice of Alison 27.8.10]

22 August 2010

London Hyperbaric Medicine ~ Dry Dive & Awareness

MD are planning another visit to LHM. If anyone from MD or other local dive clubs would like to join in please email me or add a comment (all non MD blog users comments are moderated, but don't let that stop all those people with odd names (!) adding a comments, they do bring a smile to the moderator!

Next MD Meeting ~ TBC!

Hi y'all, the plan for the next meeting was to visit the Thai Restaurant in East Dean ... but it is not yet open and an opening date is not fixed! We will need to rethink the plans for 1st September!

20 August 2010

Divers in Trouble on Newhaven Breakwater ~ 1st August 2010

A report from Newhaven RNLI:-

Solent CG paged our LOM at 17:01 to request that we launch to 5 divers thought to require assistance close to the west side of Newhaven breakwater. The crew were paged at 17:03 and the lifeboat left the side at 17:05 arriving on scene at the back of the breakwater at 17:11.

2 divers were sighted very close to the breakwater wall and the lifeboat was taken close and a heaving line thrown to pull them alongside. 1 crewman entered the water to assist them and they were recovered via the scrambling net. The remaining 3 divers were sighted some 20m from the wall and again the lifeboat went alongside and they were recovered up the scrambling net with assistance from a crew member in the water.

All persons were recovered aboard by 17:19 and the lifeboat returned to station arriving back on our berth at 17:27 when the divers were landed into the care of Newhaven CG.

And from Newhaven Coastguards:-

Solent Coastguard received a report from a member of the public that five divers were struggling to get ashore against the current, just behind the Western breakwater. This was confirmed by Newhaven NCI. Newhaven Lifeboat and Newhaven Coastguard Initial response team were tasked to investigate. The Lifeboat recovered the divers back to the Lifeboat station.

Lets Hear it For the Jet Skiers!

Ever wondered what it's like to be diving and about to surface only to hear Jet Skies whizzing back & forth over your head? Some of us have had that experience. It gets even better when after being asked to move away for safety by the dive boat flying an A Code flag (Divers Down) they just turn their attention to trying to swamp the dive boat.

Click HERE to see some Jest Skiers (did I say Jest?) up to similar 'tricks' on a moored boat. Just imagine how much fun it would be diving near that boat!

Christmas is Coming the Goose is waiting to know what you want!

Just a reminder ,well one of a series of reminders, about letting me know your menu choices and getting your deposits in! Menu choices have been emailed out. If you are NOT coming just let me know as it helps minimise the running around!


18 August 2010

Aishow Dive Images ~ The Dive Team

SueT checks her dump valve!

Sara & Mr Blobby

Da 'Boys' !

No Rayban's here!

Wet v. Dry

Diving Mask Optical Lenses

For sometime (sadly) I have been meaning to get optical lenses in my diving mask. I have twice tried the plastic lenses that you can buy (for about £20+ a pair) and 'stick' on the inside of your mask. These worked very well as lenses but I found them TOTALLY useless in a dive mask, as they always fell out!

I've lost count how many times I have asked about a better solution and for one reason or another never got round to sorting it out. So when the other day I mentioned it again in passing to Graeme at Ocean View I was delighted that he had a new mask in the shop.

So I've bought a Sherwood Mag Four dive mask .... for less than £40 that already has optical lenses fitted. It looks fine and I am eager to try it out. I have been using Scubapro Frameless masks for many years now ...so it's a bit of a change but a new Framless mask is about £80 and putting optical lenses into a fair bit more on top!

The Sherwood mask has as its name suggests four planes to the tempered glass , two with optical lenses.

To check the Sherwood Mag Four Mask click HERE!

16 August 2010

Wreck & Drift Dive ~ Monday 30th August (BH)


I have 6 spaces for a dive on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August. We picked an early start, so you can get back early to prepare for work on the Tuesday.

The plan is:

Ropes off 7:30

Dive Local wreck (Clodmac/Brisbane/Lancer decide which is best on the day) 22m max depth to bottom, 18m to the top.

Then follow it with a drift.

Return to Marina 1:15 approx. The cost is only £35 for the day.If you are interested give me a Text/Call on 07729 277651 or drop me an e-mail. If this does not suit take a look at my online Diary for other available dates.

Speak soon

Mick Luff

Sea-Zones boat charter (Newhaven)

Tel 07729 277651


Cleaning Diving Equipment ~ Advice

A divers work is never done!

New advice has been issued in respect of cleaning diving equipment which is worth noting, particularly is you use equipment that is shared , for example:-

"Where equipment is shared between individuals, for example, during training and many commercial diving scenarios, there is potential for the spread of infectious agents from user to user. When equipment is shared, more frequent periodic disinfection would be appropriate, including the rinsing and disinfection of mouthpieces and oral nasals between dives. "

For more information click HERE!

15 August 2010

BBQ ~ Sunday 15th August

The planned shore dive and BBQ at Seaford was condensed into a BBQ only , after BBQ host Debbie 'tested' the sea with a snorkeling session and reported 'No Vis'. There were not too many complaints , well , none actually, when the decision to get stuck straight into the BBQ was made!

The weather turned-out better than expected and we made it a 100% open air affair! BBQ chefs Ian & Phil worked there wonders and the remainder of us 'helpers' did the best we could in getting stuck-in! Special praise due to Phil for his paella. Parsley kept a watchful eye on all the lovely nosh but his training paid-off and he settled for chasing after his ball!

Thanks to Debbie & Ian for hosting the day which was enjoyed by all.

14 August 2010

Wreck Dive ~ City of Brisbane Saturday 14th August

Oh dear Lord ... another early start! We started loading Seazones (Skipper Mick Luff) at 7.00am at Newhaven. Four seasoned divers from Essex, Mark, Paul,Terry & Tom together with Simon & myself. The sky was overcast but the sea very calm and we made our way in no time to the Brisbane, a quick kit-up & in plan. Bit of current still running as Simon & I were the first down. We tied-off the line and sent the shot up on a crack-bottled lifting bag. The vis was low , about a meter at tops but there was some light once your eyes adjusted and your lamps were on!

Pretty much a haphazard tour around the wreck , quite a few lobsters and some edible crabs plus loads of bib. We stumbled back to where we had tied the line off, the sacrificial line was just floating with the shot line missing! We later found out it had snapped on the third pairs descent but that they had still managed to find the wreck! Well done Paul & Terry!

After 55 mins we thought it was time to get back on board and enjoy the Seazones world famous (well East Sussex anyway) Scones and a cuppa!

Taking our refs we chugged across to Brighton (well nearly Shoreham) to drift dive on the Brighton Ledge. Again low vis but a fair dive which we all enjoyed, spent the first half sticking in on the ledge (loads of crabs and a BIG spotted wrasse) before just going with the current. As we ascended from another 50mins worth the skies over Brighton were brighter but very dark over Newhaven. And ! Low and behold it rained as we unloaded at Newhaven - cheers!

Wreck Dive ~ Oceana , BBQ & Airbourne 12th Augustt

Another great day out on 'Channel Diver' with skipper Steve Johnson. Mind you an early start, loading the boat at Sovereign Harbour at 6.30am (ouch!) . Calm seas with the promise of sunshine (er, false promise). We made good speed out to the Ocean and were kitted and ready to dive as soon as the shot line was down. Not the greatest of vis (what's new!) but a good long bimble about the wreck as it was a 8m tide on low. As we surfaced the skies were bright and the promise still looked good. After the surface interval we relocated for the hardy few to do a drift dive. In they went for a short while before buoys-up and back onboard! We then motored off to a point a few hundred metres off of the Eastbourne West Lawns beach to watch Airbourne 2010.

Off the beach the weather turned for the worse and it was largely overcast and breezy, Skipper Steve struggled with deck BBQ (every bit of heat was being blown away), but managed to find some lee and we got stuck-in whilst watching the aircraft antics. Amazing stuff , as ever, very impressive. Impressive too was Tad's long distance relationship with a blonde wing walker on top. Oh, on top of a Breitling bi-plane that is.

After the airshow we whizzed back to Sovereign Harbour , straight through the locks and unloaded before a rather pleasant pizza party at Sheila & Ernie's . Nice one you too , very enjoyable, even if I did spend much of my time in mortal unarmed combat with your Pattendale Terrier . Realising I was beaten I surrendered before I was finished-off by 'Take no prisoners Poppy'.

All-in-all a grand day out Grommet!

09 August 2010

Oceana, Air Show and BBQ - 12th August 2010

Timings for Dive on 12th August from Eastbourne Marina.

Meet: 06:40
Ropes Off: 07:15

Don't forget to bring something for the B-B-Q on board.

Also, Pizza at Sheila & Ernie's on your return.

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 28th September

Next Laser Quest/Bowling Night is scheduled for Tuesday 28th September at Lloyds Lanes, Eastbourne. Cost for 1 game of Laser Quest and 2 bowling is £11.00

Please post a comment if you are coming.

[Date corrected!]

Fortuna Dive From Buccaneer 8th August

Early on Sunday I found myself aboard Buccaneer for a trip out to the Fortuna with the weather looking ok and the wind dropping there were only 4 of us diving so loads of space.

With me being the only MD on board, I teamed up with local diver Graham (who hadnt dived the Fortuna before) for the dive, and having dived the wreck a few weeks ago planned the route we would take once on the bottom.

On arriving at the site the vis looked a bit disapointing but a dive is a dive so we were soon in the water and heading down. When we reached bottom the vis was around 3-4m and quite dark but still acceptable.

The first thing that struck me were the amount of fish! the wreck was wall to wall with shoals of bib pollack and codling at times the shoals were so thick that they were blocking out what natural light there was.

We worked our way around the bow to the remains of the toilet and then cut across midships to the holds and the cement cargo where we were greeted by 2 Lobzillas standing their ground with their fist size claws. We then headed across the winches towards the stern but cut back across to the starboard side exploring the large holes in the hull.

We had agreed to do a small amount of deco but now it was soon time to head back up and decided to come back to shot to make our ascent.

Once on the surface, crewman Dave thrust his now famous Buccaneer coffee into our hands whilst skipper Chris made safe one of the lobzillas who hadnt escaped his clutches along with a crabzilla, someones eating well tonight.

On the way back to Shoreham we became aware of a diver rescue situation just off Brighton Marina with the coastguard helicopter winching the casualty. We hope there was a good outcome to this.

Another great trip out on Buccaneer thanks to Graham for diving with me and thanks to Skipper Chris Dave, Roger and John for another good humoured,comfortable and successful trip out, see you soon.


06 August 2010

MD Christmas Dinner ~ Wed 15th December

An update on the previous MD Christmas Dinner posting ( Click HERE) :-

The MD meeting of 4th August decided that the Xmas Dinner will be held at The Gun, Gun Hill, Chiddingly , TN21 0JU on Wednesday 15th December.

Seating is limited 24 , so first come first served (er , literally!) . And, speaking of serving, The Gun has agreed at our request to add an option to the menu of Roast Beef.

Sue will be collecting deposits , £10 per person by 1st September, with the balance of £12pp by 3rd November. Menu choices are also required in advance and Sue will circulate those and note your preferences!

04 August 2010

ESAC and Meridian Social Evening 24th August

Meridian Divers have been invited to a joint social evening with Eastbourne BSAC on Tuesday August 24th at The Soveriegn Sailing Club at Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne at 7.30pm
Be a chance to exchange diving yarns ,ideas and project plans for the future.

Please add to comments if you are able to make this asap.


01 August 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 4th August

Hi y'all, the next MD meeting will be at 7.30pm at the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 4th August. Hope to see you there!

27 July 2010

Spaces for Saturday on Buccaneer

Chris from Buccaneer has spaces for dive on Buccaneer Saturday morning earlyish start but that means you get back early

We have lots of space for the Quail trip on Sat a.m. (Leaving at 07-00hrs. Max depth to the seabed is 40m but most of the wreck stands up 4 to 6m so it's not too bad. Swim through different decl levels. She's upright on the seabed with the bow broken off and pointing upwards, about 10m away from the end of the hull.
Still bottles etc to be found on this wreck and although deepish to the seabed the wreck stands up enough to make it around 34-36m

Please post a comment asap if you're interested

Please note it is advised that you carry a minimum of a 15ltr cylinder and if you have a pony set up carry that as well.


19 July 2010

Diving The Ramsgarth

Video from The Ramsgarth dive on Saturday 10th July from Buccaneer

15 July 2010

Ramsgarth Dive from Buccaneer 10th July

with last weekends weather looking like classic diving weather I had nothing booked but that soon changed with a text from Chris West offering spaces on Buccaneer for a trip out to the wreck of the Ramsgarth. I hadnt dived the wreck before so I was definitely up for it. A quick txt out to the MD crew saw that with one exception Trez everyone was busy.

so 8am Saturday morning Tez and me loading our kit aboard Buccaneer and heading out to the wreck site. Banks of sea fog drifted across the sea but all was clear on the Ramsgarth. Shot in we were soon rolling over the side and heading down to the wreck.

Built in 1910 this 1.553 ton British Merchantman was sunk on the 28th November 1916. After she was captured she was sunk with explosives by the crew of UB-39.

Once on the wreck we swam of in the direction of the stern and were instantly struck by the huge shoals of bib and pollock that were so thick that at times blocked out the light. With the vis around 5m we swam across a huge cargo winch and came up on the remains of the propshaft tunnel which was pretty much intact.

We were soon at the stern which although was laying on its side still towered above us covered in deadmans fingers. We retraced our dive back to the shot and headed of towards midships and the boilers but time was running out and so was homebody's air.

We found our way back to the shot and started up towards the surface to do our stops.

Once back on Buccaneer the fog decided to come in and with 2 divers still in the water in was all hands to keep watch but the fog drifted off and was well gone before the last 2 surfaced right next to the shot.

Heading back to port we did a slight detour the collect an anchor from the Pentrych which was lost by a fisherman. Divers on a Thursday night dive with Chris (Simon was on that one) had found it and tied a line to it to which Chris had attached a buoy. Chris and Tapsa went in and bagged the anchor and sent it up I think the fisherman owes him a drink.

Another great dive thanks to Chris for the spaces and as always cant wait for the next one.

Video to follow


14 July 2010

Meridian Divers Xmas Dinner 2010 ~ Wednesday 15th December

We are in the process of identifying where this years Xmas Dinner will be located, several options are being researched as per the last MD meeting.

I have circulated specific details on the following locations:-

1) The Gun at Gun Hill
2) The Sussex Ox at Milton Street

More will follow. In due course it would be useful if MDers made comments on their preferred location , by adding a comment or emailing me!

Diving The Wreck of The Keryado

Diving the wreck of the Keryado from Buccaneer on the 4th July

12 July 2010

Dry Dive - 6th July Newhaven Arm

To take advantage of the warm weather and calm seas Ernie and I decided to try a shore dive from Newhaven West Arm on Tuesday 6th July.

Unfortunately when we arrived we could immediately see the water was coffee coloured (probably due to the dredger out in the bay).

In line with Ernie's TDI training we decided not to proceed as it would have not been appropriate to dive in such poor visibility. Maybe 3rd time lucky.


05 July 2010

Kerrygo/Keryado Dive 4th of July from Buccaneer

The forecast was for strong winds on Sunday but Buccaneer Skipper Chris West thought that we may still be able to get out and dive before the wind picked up too much. Texts early Sunday morning confirmed that we wre going diving and the go ahead to meet at Shoreham was sent out. The plan was to dive a wreck Kerrygo but there is nothing listed on this, the nearest match was HMS Keryado but the marks for this are listed a lot further East.

TWSAC member Rob King dived the listed marks earlier in the week and believed that it was not an armed trawler like the Keryado but maybe the George Sutton. So with this info we looked forward to seeing if it was a Trawler and indeed the Kerryado.

Boat loaded, MD members Phil, Simon and myself were joined by Tony from Rother Diving Club on for the trip out with Skipper Chris and crew Dave and Roger. With only four of us diving there was stacks of room and the sea, although a little choppy, was still along way off of being uncomfortable for the hours journey out to the site. Skipper Chris decided that the conditions were looking so good that he would go in first and tie-off the shot which left a very envious Roger out of action with an ear infection in charge up top.

With the shot in and Chris down, Tony and I were soon rolling over the side and heading down to the wreck which sits in between 34m and 38m. The Keryado is listed in as being an Admiralty requesitioned trawler built in 1920 and sunk by a mine on March 6th 1941, originally a French minesweeper (ironic that) she was taken over by the Navy in 1940.

We landed on the very impressive bow that stretches up about 4-5m from the bottom at 38m, it was covered in deamans fingers, which would provide a great photo opportunity on a good day. The vis was around 6-8m with plenty of light. We worked our way from the bow when Tony spotted a big edible crab and with thoughts of that's ' supper sorted' then scooped it out from under the hull, but on closer inspection she was full of berry so she was saved from a hot steamy demise by her future offspring. On the way we passed Phil waiting for Simon at the bottom of the shot, quick exchange of 'OK' signals, things were fine and Simon was just coming into view.

Dive Sussex lists the wreck as being well broken-up but the hull looked pretty intact to me. We worked our way to the stern over hatch covers, winches and what looked like a gun mounting although there was no sign of the gun. At the stern the sand had built up to just below the hull with the rudder and prop just poking out of the top at around 34m. We swam back towards midships where Tony released the SMB whilst fighting a lanyard with a life of its own.

With 7 minutes of deco time we were kept amused by a jelly fish and a little fish darting in and out of its tentacles looking for cover. Once back on the surface the sea had started to get a little choppy but not bad enough to make boarding Buccaneer a little more interesting. During the trip back the wind increased and the sea got progressively choppier, we were glad there was only the one dive, although a certain hardcore group did get out on the club rib in the afternoon, RESPECT, guys. Another great day out with Chris West's Buccaneer and crew of Roger and Dave. When's the next one Chris? It just gets better. Thanks Chaps.

Video to follow


03 July 2010

Oceana, Air Show and BBQ - 12th August 2010

There a two spaces with Channel Diver available on the Oceana/Airshow/BBQ out of Eastbourne on Thursday 12th August.

Please contact Steve at Channel Diver if you are interested.

02 July 2010


As some of you know I am also a member of TWSAC (Tunbridge Wells Sub Aqua Club)
Club member Rob King otherwise known Wob has put together a blog after seeing MD Blog and the ease which members can contibute to a blog rather than a standard website
Take a peep its still early days but methinks Rob is doing a great job



01 July 2010

Return To The Wreck Of The Fortuna

Video Clips from Fortuna Dive last Saturday from Sea Zones

29 June 2010

Wreck Dive: Kerrygo from Buccaneer ~ Sunday 4th July

It looks like we are going to dive a wreck called the Kerrygo around 14 miles outsits in around 36m to the bottom havent dived this before skipper Chris reckons this is a really nice dive and wants to make sure we have a great dive hence this wreck.There is also the option for a second dive please let me know if you want to do this or just the 1 dive. With neap tides and flat seas now for nearly 2 weeks fingers crossed for a good one

8.30 ropes off

Divers so far
Chris P
Tony Skipps
Nikki H

27 June 2010

Red Sea Oil Spills ~ Update

An update on the oil spill can be viewed HERE. There is a short video (or three) on You Tube, click HERE.

And on Arab Tube TV there is some pictures and video ... sadly my Arabic is not good enough to give a better account, click HERE for the link to the video news.

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 7th July

Just a reminder about the next MD meeting , same time , same place as usual! Agenda to be sent out soon! Honest!

Gold Class Service

As mentioned in a previous post this weekend saw me embarking on the dive section of a TDI course. This endeavour was not without its problems. On opening the tanks on my twin sets my primary regulator (just been serviced) was free flowing like Niagra Falls. My intial thought was damn, damn and double damn as I struggled to stop the flow by judiciously thumping the second stage. This proved futile so I was about to give up and thinking I would be spending the day topping up my tan on Seazones dive boat, but oh no, up jumps Ian Hanness (TDI Instructor) who pulls out of his dive box a full dive technicians tool kit. He then proceeded to strip down my first and second stages and declared the interstage pressure was off the scale. With lots of fiddling he managed to stop the flow, so I was able to continue with my dives.

On return to Port at 16.30 I phoned Ocean View to find out what time they closed. The answer was 17:00, but to my deepest gratitute Graham said no problem get here when you can and I will wait for you. Once I got my regultor and tanks to him at 17:30, the tanks were then Nitrox filled and whilst this was being done Graham stripped down my regulator with his engineer on the other end of the phone giving him step by step instructions and as suspected he found the problem was a grooved high pressure seat. This was replaced and the regulator was set up again and is now working perfectly.

I would like to say what wonderful service this was from Ian and Graham which saved my weekends diving/training.

Thanks Guys.


Cancelled - B-B-Q 4th July 2010

Due to the change in schedule of 'Bucaneer' from Eastbourne to Shoreham we have decided the B-B-Q is no longer viable so it has had to be cancelled, but never fear we will set a new date (Ernie is waiting to try out his new pinny)

Fortuna Dive 26th June from Sea Zones

I hadn't planned to dive on Saturday as I was hoping to get out on Sunday but other commitments for Sunday left me desperate to make the best of the flat sea's and hot weather. I had noticed on Friday night that Mick Luff had some spaces still left on Seazones for Saturday so a quick phone call bagged a couple of spaces on the hope I could fill the other space Ernie was also booked on to do his first dives of his TDI course. After TXTing out Trez came back first and filled the space apologies to everyone else this was a last minute thing so the spaces couldn't be advertised on the blog.

A perfect day flat calm a real cherry of a diving day got me licking my lips with anticipation. a fire in Newhaven made the journey in a bit frustrating as all the roads were closed and traffic was being diverted but got there in the end.

Boat loaded and we headed out to the Fortuna an old favourite. When we arrived another boat had dropped a shot as was disgorging a deck full of divers "that's the vis gone then" I thought. Soon we were kitted up and it was a relief to get into the water and down the shot. Once on the wreck the vis was a little disappointing being around 4-5m but still acceptable with plenty of light.

We headed to the stern and the steering quadrant and I was hit by how much the wreck is broken up since my last visit. Swinging around the stern we cut back into midships and the holds still stacked full of bags of cement.

We then had a little episode of underwater kit adjustment for Trez before heading towards the bow through the shoals of Bib and Pollack. It was soon time to think about ascending and Trez sent her SMB up but the reel jammed so she had to release it and I sent mine up instead.

Once back on board it was time to tuck into Micks now legendary Seascones and head of towards Birling Gap for a drift but on arrival the water colour was looking very off colour and we opted out of the drift but Ernie and the tekkie team went in to do some skills and guess what a minute later they popped back up not being able to see their hands in front of their faces, although 2 other divers who had travelled down from Bedfordshire decided to dive it out for at least 30 minutes tied together on a buddy line god knows what they were looking at.

Diving over we headed back to Newhaven for a drink and a chat and to find that Newhaven was still closed due to the earlier fire so getting out was very slow going.

Summer is well and truly here England are out of the World Cup but Sussex still offers world class diving. Bring It On.

Video to follow.


Buccaneer Dive Sunday 4th July Changes

Next Sundays Dive from Eastbourne on Buccaneer has had to be changed for commercial reasons. Chris West Buccaneer Skipper apologises for this but we can still dive from Shoreham 8.30am ropes off BBQ to follow at Sheila's and Ernies after.
on the boat so far
Chris P
If anyone else is interested please let me know asap depth will probablly around the 30m mark dive site TBC


22 June 2010

Post Dive Barbie - 4th July 2010

Sheila & Ernie are having a post dive Barbie on the 4th July 2010 (time to be confirmed).

Everyone is invited. All you need to bring is any alcoholic drinks you may want, we will supply food and soft drinks.

Can you please let us know by posting a comment or email if you are coming and with how many.

Sheila & Ernie

21 June 2010

Red Sea Oil Spills !

Thank you to Simon for pointing out this worrying story about big oil spills on the Egyptian coast at Hurghada (and area). Click HERE for the the link.

Any large oil spill in such an area may have a very major impact on the environment and also tourism.

We will 'watch this space' for more information on impact and the areas effected. Marsa Alam is approx 150 miles South of Hurghada.

14 June 2010

Clodmore Dive 12th June from Buccaneer

Trez and Tad the MD contigent joined Ocean View divers for a merry jaunt out the wrecks of the Clodmore and Inverclyde aboard the good ship Buccaneer. The sun was shining and the sea was flat the sea gods were smiling.

An hour out saw Captain Chris dropping the shot and soon we were all walking the plank for a jaunt down to Davy Jones Locker and his bedfellow the wreck of the Clodmore. Trez and me teamed up with OV dive chick Hels and descended the 27m to the bottom where we met with the usual suspects Barry Bib and Jackson Pollack. The vis was a grainy 3-4m but with plenty of light conditions were acceptable for a quick mooch along the upturned part of the hull before returning to a higher part of the wreck to release the blob and assend for a jug of the hot grogg.

We soon relocated to the site of the inverclyde and as the tide was running and we were on springs we did not expect anything special.Hels soon got fed up of playing flags on the line and indicated she was going to surface (good move Hels)whilst Trez and me drop down into the wreck to release the shot for Chris and send it up on the bag.A quick scout around we had soon had enough of fighting the current and popped back up where the rest of the team had eaten all the pies.

Another great day out with the ever jovial crew of Skipper Chris and Roger The Cabin boy and the Ocean view guys.

Reports from my TWSAC contacts indicate that there was 10m vis on the The wreck of the Mohlen Pries in 38m a bit further out on Sunday so get ready boys and girls the Plankton has gone and the vis is picking up.


13 June 2010

Bowling & Laser Quest ~ 8th June

MDers warmed-up for the MD Bowling Championship with a Laser Quest session, that got us all running round like kids playing cowboys & indians , well it WAS a birthday party too! And, there was a cake for birthday girl Tracey, we started to put candles on the cake and after a while realised the cake wasn't big enough!! But she's just youngster in MD! We were joined on the 'Green Team' by two lads , no doubt whose energy brought triumph for the Team ... well done all!

Then came the serious business of hand to hand combat on the lanes! Well, hand to ball, in any case. Some 'Turkey's' were evident , that's three consecutive strikes, but Tracey had an unfair advantage ... she said she could see twenty pins at the end of each lane , but wasn't sure which ten she should aim for! That's one of the downsides of Performance Un-enhancing drugs , well red wine in any case!

It was a really good laugh and helped us all keep our dive fitness up to scratch ... well sort of!

11 June 2010

Dirty Diving ~ Pro Diving Not Always Glamorous !

Saw this article on the BBC web site ... some UK diving, not in the clear, blue or warm waters that tend to make it in the diving magazines. Click HERE!

06 June 2010

Meridian Divers in Malta part2.mpg

Part 2 Of Malta Trip will start work on part 3 asap

The 'Trick' of White Balance

Here are two 'version' of the same shot of yours truly diving on a small wreck in Tenerife. The shot was taken on a camera (mine) that doesn't have an underwater white balance function. The 'blue' version is 'as taken' , the second version is after colour has been adjusted by a white balance process undertaken after the shot (on a PC).

Laser Quest/Bowling - Tuesday 8th June

Laser Quest is booked for 19.40. Meet at Lloyds Lane 19:30 sharp.

Cost for Laser Quest and Two games of bowling is £10.00 per person.

02 June 2010

MD Meeting of 2nd June

The notes of the MD meeting of 2nd June have been circulated by email , please add a comment if you haven't received them!

01 June 2010

Poppy gets off to a flying start.

See meridian-mutts.blogspot.com/ for report

29 May 2010

Next MD Meeting ~ Wednesday 2nd June

Just a reminder that the next meeting will be at the Berwick Inn on Wednesday 2nd June at 7.30pm. The agenda is being sent out! Let me know if you don't receive a copy!

This will be an opportunity to share Malta Dive Trip photos! So bring your memory sticks / drives!

26 May 2010

More Malta Images

Just a few photos from our Malta Trip.

OOOHH !! I do like a good picture show

HMS Moari

This ones for Trez

El Un Faroud
Hope you enjoy these

24 May 2010

Bloom monster alert

On Sunday 23rd May, Ernie & I looked at the perfect weather, perfect flat calm sea and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to do a perfect shore dive at Newhaven West Arm.

After a perfect entry we found arhh !!! the bloom has well and truly started. The viz was perfectly awful, couldn't even read our gauges and after 10 minutes made a perfect exit.


Buddy please 29th May

Hi guys. Anyone fancy buddying up with me on Saturday 29th May? Ropes off 10:15 from Shoreham for a 30m dive on the Cairndhu. Places are available with Ocean View £30.00.
Please let me know soonest as I have been granted a pass!!