27 July 2010

Spaces for Saturday on Buccaneer

Chris from Buccaneer has spaces for dive on Buccaneer Saturday morning earlyish start but that means you get back early

We have lots of space for the Quail trip on Sat a.m. (Leaving at 07-00hrs. Max depth to the seabed is 40m but most of the wreck stands up 4 to 6m so it's not too bad. Swim through different decl levels. She's upright on the seabed with the bow broken off and pointing upwards, about 10m away from the end of the hull.
Still bottles etc to be found on this wreck and although deepish to the seabed the wreck stands up enough to make it around 34-36m

Please post a comment asap if you're interested

Please note it is advised that you carry a minimum of a 15ltr cylinder and if you have a pony set up carry that as well.


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