15 July 2010

Ramsgarth Dive from Buccaneer 10th July

with last weekends weather looking like classic diving weather I had nothing booked but that soon changed with a text from Chris West offering spaces on Buccaneer for a trip out to the wreck of the Ramsgarth. I hadnt dived the wreck before so I was definitely up for it. A quick txt out to the MD crew saw that with one exception Trez everyone was busy.

so 8am Saturday morning Tez and me loading our kit aboard Buccaneer and heading out to the wreck site. Banks of sea fog drifted across the sea but all was clear on the Ramsgarth. Shot in we were soon rolling over the side and heading down to the wreck.

Built in 1910 this 1.553 ton British Merchantman was sunk on the 28th November 1916. After she was captured she was sunk with explosives by the crew of UB-39.

Once on the wreck we swam of in the direction of the stern and were instantly struck by the huge shoals of bib and pollock that were so thick that at times blocked out the light. With the vis around 5m we swam across a huge cargo winch and came up on the remains of the propshaft tunnel which was pretty much intact.

We were soon at the stern which although was laying on its side still towered above us covered in deadmans fingers. We retraced our dive back to the shot and headed of towards midships and the boilers but time was running out and so was homebody's air.

We found our way back to the shot and started up towards the surface to do our stops.

Once back on Buccaneer the fog decided to come in and with 2 divers still in the water in was all hands to keep watch but the fog drifted off and was well gone before the last 2 surfaced right next to the shot.

Heading back to port we did a slight detour the collect an anchor from the Pentrych which was lost by a fisherman. Divers on a Thursday night dive with Chris (Simon was on that one) had found it and tied a line to it to which Chris had attached a buoy. Chris and Tapsa went in and bagged the anchor and sent it up I think the fisherman owes him a drink.

Another great dive thanks to Chris for the spaces and as always cant wait for the next one.

Video to follow


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